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Old February 2nd, 2018 (12:55 PM).
eeveetree9's Avatar
eeveetree9 eeveetree9 is offline
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    CIS female.
    I'm LGBT and relatively tomboy-ish, but that doesn't change my gender.
    I wanna be the very best, like no-one ever was.
    Who cares if GO is popular? Pokemon I still love.
    I will travel across the town, to buy a manga from the shop.
    But then someone confuses Red with Ash *Screams and won't stop*

    Name: King
    Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage
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    Old February 2nd, 2018 (2:47 PM).
    0bs1d1ankn1ght 0bs1d1ankn1ght is offline
      Join Date: Dec 2015
      Gender: Male
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      Male. I never got the whole "cis" deal.
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      Old February 2nd, 2018 (5:19 PM).
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      adventure adventure is online now
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      Originally Posted by 0bs1d1ankn1ght View Post
      Male. I never got the whole "cis" deal.
      the "cis deal" basically means that if you were born with a dick and feel masculine, you're cis male. Cis = same as the traditional norm, trans = different.
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      Old February 5th, 2018 (12:13 AM).
      Pudding's Avatar
      Pudding Pudding is offline
      Hang On In There!
      Join Date: Dec 2016
      Gender: Female
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      Cis female.
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      Old February 9th, 2018 (5:09 AM).
      Exothermic's Avatar
      Exothermic Exothermic is offline
      Keeper of the Hammer
        Join Date: Oct 2008
        Location: Mariana Trench
        Gender: Male
        Nature: Jolly
        Posts: 236
        Cis male

        I'm as cookie-cutter as they come, really!
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        Old February 11th, 2018 (11:29 AM).
        Catnip~'s Avatar
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        4 million years
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          Gender: Female
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          I've been drifting towards trans female for a while.
 Please join I need members ;_;
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          Old March 15th, 2018 (9:28 PM).
          Steven Stone's Avatar
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          would like to battle!
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          I'm much more male than female, and wouldn't mind being physically male altogether if HRT weren't so expensive. Though, I'm also settling with being a lesbian who's just more of a male role, and some days I'm okay with wearing more feminine clothing, or acting more feminine. I've used agender off and on for years, and that's still where I'm at, since how I like presenting can change depending on the day, haha.

          previously known as Drew
          paired to Palamon
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          Old March 16th, 2018 (10:01 AM).
          Mana's Avatar
          Mana Mana is online now
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          Age: 27
          Gender: Male
          Posts: 10,051
          I'm a cis male who still struggles to understand the concept of gender outside of sex. For me, it's easy to think "just because you feel xyz doesn't mean you can't be your sex-gender", but I guess that's my privilege.

          Even though I can't understand what you're feeling, I'll still strive to support you for being who you want to be.
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          Old April 26th, 2018 (4:34 PM). Edited April 26th, 2018 by Enpatsu Shakugan.
          Enpatsu Shakugan's Avatar
          Enpatsu Shakugan Enpatsu Shakugan is online now
          The Unyielding Flame
          Join Date: Apr 2018
          Gender: Male
          Nature: Adamant
          Posts: 1,811
          I personally loathe the term "CIS"; like it needs to exist to further separate people. Nonsense. I won't humor the notion.

          Male. Just male.

          "I'm a talking cat."
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          Old April 26th, 2018 (5:04 PM).
          strangerhypno's Avatar
          strangerhypno strangerhypno is offline
            Join Date: Jul 2017
            Posts: 2,294
            My gender identity is Computer Information Systems Male
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            Old April 26th, 2018 (8:49 PM).
            Min-seo's Avatar
            Min-seo Min-seo is offline
            butterfly soup
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            Location: North America
            Age: 23
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            Posts: 206
            I suppose agendered? But I don't think about this muk that much.
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            Old April 26th, 2018 (9:00 PM).
            MysticalNinetales's Avatar
            MysticalNinetales MysticalNinetales is online now
            Mysteriosity is Beauty
            Join Date: Dec 2017
            Location: Canada
            Age: 17
            Gender: Female
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            Posts: 260
            I identify as a Cis Female.
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            Old April 27th, 2018 (12:38 AM).
            Hyzenthlay's Avatar
            Hyzenthlay Hyzenthlay is online now
            Join Date: Nov 2012
            Location: Aloft on my Loftwing
            Nature: Jolly
            Posts: 4,518
            I agree with Enpatsu, what's with all this CIS nonsense?

            I'm simply female, never questioned my gender identity or sexuality (which is hetero).
            ❝ My heart is stronger now
            . . . because you're in it.
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            Old April 27th, 2018 (1:03 AM).
            LadyJirachu's Avatar
            LadyJirachu LadyJirachu is offline
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            I see myself as my own gender for sure. It just wouldn't be 'me' to live without stuff like make up and dresses and the color pink xD

            However, I hold nothing against people who are trans/see themselves as a different gender overall. I have had several trans female friends, too, and they were very nice people :)
            ~Number One Korrina Fan Girl~

            I didn't make this but its wonderful and beautiful :3 x3

            Hiyo, i'm Jirachu~<3 Kawaii Pikachu and Jirachi cross, though now my favorite Pokemon character is Korrina; and I crush HARD on her lemme tell ya lol :3
            Jackster is a good friend of mine on this forum so be nice to him please.
            I wanna make other good friends here too ^_^
            Being girly is wonderful!!!!! :D

            And Pokemon is forever special to me :)
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            Old April 27th, 2018 (12:17 PM).
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            I have no gender identity, other than what other people keep assigning me I suppose....for me, gender identity has always been about what other people perceive me as, rather than how I perceive myself.

            I identify as an individual, not a gender - my physical characteristics are just something I was born with and in no way affect my personality or the way I perceive myself. I honestly don't care much for it; it's just another label that I don't embrace on a personal level.
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            Old April 27th, 2018 (1:00 PM). Edited April 27th, 2018 by adventure.
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            adventure adventure is online now
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            Join Date: Nov 2007
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            Posts: 30,533
            I did some think adventuring believing I maybe could feel comfortable calling myself demigirl or agender, but honestly I concluded that there wasn't much of a point to that. Because I can just be a female, a girl, because that's what my biology looks like and - like Meyneth says - how people will naturally adress me as when they meet me and assume when they see or hear me, and my gender won't really have to affect what I should like or wear or how I should act. It's just a label for the sake of convenience, biology, medicine, sexuality etc etc. and I can do whatever I want regardless of how I was born. :)

            For example, I was never quite keen on displaying my gender symbol in these forum postbits. Might be awkward if somebody refers to me as a "he" or "they" but it isn't a biggie really, and I'd rather that happen than them assuming I should be a certain way just because there's a feminine symbol next to my username.
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