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Posted 20 Hours Ago

If given the opportunity to train under one gym leader/trial captain/kahuna, who would you pick and why?

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Not Frankie Muniz

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Posted August 31st, 2019
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Burgh, entomologists unite!

𝓟𝓪𝓲𝓻𝓮𝓭 𝔀𝓲𝓽𝓱 𝓛𝓲𝓶𝓮𝔂-𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓷❤


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Posted 4 Days Ago
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Elesa or Fantina, for sure! I would love to learn Fantina's rhythmic dance moves and Elesa's splendid runway walk. Not only are both of these women accomplished gym leaders, but they are fashion icons as well! Tres fantastique, as Fantina would say!


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Posted 4 Hours Ago
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marlon. just because of his gym's soothing ost in the games. actually, scratch that, i will be under the tutelage of the disappearing boss Giovanni. won't mind some extra money, and a membership with team rocket haha


Can't be bothered!

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Youngstown, Ohio
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Posted 4 Days Ago
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Probably Maylene. She seems like she would be good at teaching the art of using fighting type Pokemon, and self defense!
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Sticking by Korrina (i love her :3)
Seen August 5th, 2019
Posted August 3rd, 2019
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Oh dang. Must I answer this?...

I'd wanna train under Korrina, obviously 8D But, I probably would be more suited for Valerie's fairy gym with my girlyness AND I LOVE FAIRY TYPES TOO.....still! I'M SUCH A KORRINA FANGIRL IT ISN'T FUNNY~

Ahhh, being madly in love with a cute lady gym leader who doesn't totally share in my girly interests makes this a tricky question for me lol
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I'm too autistic to be as girly as I generally am....And too bold to care <3 Some 'rules' were meant to be broken, anyways. Who's crazy idea was it that an aspie girl 'can't be extremely feminine' if thats what she WANTS....? I'm me. I'm an ultra 'girly' lipstick lesbian korrina fangirl with autism and very proud of who I am!!! And anyone who says i'm an impossible life form is ignorent~ :P

Calio Critter toys are SO CUTE!!! :D

Kimi is my big sister (on this forum) and i'm a pokemon fan 4 life :3
Please join my forum :D

How odd. This forum no longer allows blingee signatures.....? *shrug*


This is fine.

A cape
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Posted 1 Day Ago
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Pryce seems to know his stuff and be pretty dedicated, he'd be right up there.


New Horizons
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Posted 3 Days Ago
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9.9 Years
I think working with Blue in the Viridian Gym would be interested- it would be fun to train alongside a former league Champion, especially one that defies the conventional type-themed teams.

I'd also like to selfishly work with an older Gym Leader like Pryce or Drayden, and hopefully gain enough knowledge from them that I'd be in line to take over the Gym when they're ready to retire.



Seen June 9th, 2019
Posted June 9th, 2019
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Candice for me as she’s one of the few Ice Type Gym Leaders except I’d bring in some Alolan variants such as Alolan Vulpix and Alolan Sandshrew to spice up her Gym routine. The practice against Alolan Sandshrew in particular would serve her well since Steel crushes Ice and seeing as Maylene typically spars with her, I can counter her Fighting Types with Alolan Ninetales while trying to find a decent counter with Alolan Sandslash.


Lover of Dragons

Sootopolis City
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Posted 2 Hours Ago
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Wallace for sure.

I want to live in Hoenn, it is my favorite region, and of all the places in the region where I could live, nowhere draws me in more than Sootopolis City. I find it the most beautiful and unique landscape in the region. I would never be able to resist going swimming and diving every day!

Wallace is also a star and a gentleman of social graces and sophisticated taste who would teach me all about the glamorous and exciting world of the contests. I am a coordinator foremost after all. I would proud to bring my own Milotic and learn from the master of Milotics. Wallace also just seems fun, crazy artsy and witty. At least I imagine working with him would be super creative and he would be charming and welcoming to his pupils.

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Posted April 24th, 2019
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He may only be the 3rd Kahuna, but he might be the most powerful when he puts his heart into it; after all, he is a Faller, a Kahuna, he is not a coward since he hangs around team Skull, and he might have connection somehow to Arceus, the reason I say that is because immediately after you defeat him, you can start to collect the Elemental Plates. Plus he is also my favorite supporting character from all the generations.


faint attack

the dream world
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Posted 21 Minutes Ago
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Claire, probably. It'd be nice to see the power of Dragon-types first hand and gain experience that way.
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