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Basically the opposite of your usual ‘what grinds your gears’ or ‘whine about your playthrough’ threads, what are some positive things that happened in your playthroughs?

In my Sacred Gold nuzlocke, I managed to get four 5% encounters as my first catch on different routes. Yes really, and there was even a case where I wanted the most common encounter and got the rarest one instead.


magical leaf

the dream world
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a really good friend traded me a good-natured Zapdos so I'm really happy about that :O


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I found a shiny Rattata in LeafGreen right after I got my Pokédex and started my journey!! Thank gosh I had Poké Balls.....

sheep x bobandbill 5ever


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Once in a while... I come across a few shinies. It doesn't happen all that often, but when it does... it excites me!



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I found a shiny Munchlax in one of the sinnoh games don't remember which though.

and 3 female shiny Combee in a row.
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