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5th Gen What's so special about N? [May contain B2W2 spoilers]

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Old May 29th, 2011 (10:26 AM).
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Ok, people. Just like the title says, what's so special about N? Do you like him? Do you more than like him? What's your opinion on him? Why do you think he's so special apart from his looks? Ask yourselves questions like this. Try to make your point on wether or not N is special. Is he a retard or a dream? Give your opinions.

Frankly, i think he's not THAT special, i like his history of being able to talk to Pokemon. But the way he thinks of humans and Pokemon, just a bit exagerated. He's a friggin hypocrit anyway, if he wants to free them so much why does he own them? He wants to make friends with Zekrom/Reshiram? Er...exageration party! And what's up with his name anyway? N? Come on Gamefreak! As if the name "Hilbert" or whatever wasn't bad enough!
But he has upsides in my opinion. Even though he can seem like a total retard from time to time, i guess his motives aren't as insane as covering the world with land/sea. He is als poular among the girls for his looks, but what if he looked like Conway? Would you REALLY still like him? Hm?
So he has upsides and downsides, but he's not the most handsome and amazing character in the Pokemon franchise, and frankly, he has too many female fans.

That's my opinion, what's yours?
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Old May 31st, 2011 (2:17 PM).
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    I like his philosophy, but i hate that he's trying to force it on everyone else...definitely went the wrong way about it. Also, i kinda think he was forced to act and think the way he did because of Ghetis anyways. But you're right, if it weren't for how he looked no one would like him...they'd probably just think he was a freak and ignore him really, exactly like Conway
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    I think his name creates mystery around his character, as if it's a code or Ghetsis didn't love him enough to actually name him. The fact that he can talk to Pokémon also makes him seem much more mysterious. Also, I like the fact his team is inconsistent, and that the Pokémon he has are ones that can be caught around the area in which you battle him, and then are different afterwards, meaning he's caught them, then set them free again. And his room's totally awesome.

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    Old May 31st, 2011 (2:41 PM).
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    I like how N changes his team completely each time you battle him. It's also hard to believe that he started with a Purrloin and ended up with the opposite mascot, as well as several rare Pokemon like Zoroark.

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    Old May 31st, 2011 (2:43 PM).
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      I-iii r-really like N, but I have to agree with you. There's too many fan-girls!!! Between him and Gary, Pokemon is going become 'Fan-girl Central!!'

      N reminds you of Conway? What the..... N reminds me of Wally more then anything! The reason why I like N isn't because his long-flowy-green-hair *drools* Ummm any ways.... I like N because his childish nature. He just makes me wanna hug the poor kid. Yeah his a hypocrite, but so what?! He's was being brainwashed by his own father!

      N's name is suppose to be a pun for "END". The world is at the END with N and it's more mysterious. xD
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      I find his philosophy annoying and his extremist approach even moreso. But the reason all the fan girls love him is that they can do this to him:

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        I like him cause of his philosophy and that he's a deep character. I also kind of like him due to his somewhat lonely childhood...
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        I didn't like him at first, but towards the end of the game I did. His character started to grow on me.
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          He has the innocence of a 10 year old yet he is probably old enough to have kids.
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            I don't think there is anything special about N. I whooped on him everytime I saw him. Just because he beat some champion who couldn't hold his own doesn't mean he is good.
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            Like something that was mentioned, at the start I thought he was the worst character ever, and by the final scenes, I actually kinda believed his dialogue, because really, it did seem believable, by making your dreams come true and all. Though definitely people obsess over him way more than they should. :(

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              Ok, N is absolutely adorable, but I have to speak up about the girl's who are fans of James. N is a close second to James in terms of adorability and cuteness. N's room completely freaked me out when I saw it on my friends game. I was like....0-o this kid has major issues. His name is N. I laughed so hard when I first battled him. N? Really? Who would name their kid N?

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              N is a clueless child, or man-child. He speaks out of things he was only exposed to by Ghetsis, so he's technically a tool as well. In fact, I like Ghetsis more than N. Has some character going on for himself.

              He's a bishie, not to mention quite annoying if you ask me, though I guess that's him learning.

              To be honest...I don't like N. I feel Gamefreak tried a little too hard, as usual, though he;s better than most they've came up with.

              But this doesn't stop me from thinking N is the glorified hippie.
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              Old May 31st, 2011 (7:30 PM).
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                Well first of all, I agree. N has WAY too many fangirls, and I just think it's sad how obsessed some of them are over him. He's just a video game character with an extremely exaggerated back story. Personally, I don't see anything special about N, and like other's said, I'm sure if he wasn't "super hawt", he'd have no fangirls. T_T
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                Old May 31st, 2011 (8:34 PM).
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                I was an N fangirl until I understood what he was saying a la English release. What a creep. No one dares talks to my Galvantula! :(
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                  He's amazing to me; I more than like him.

                  His looks are cool yeah, but how child-like and innocent he is with how adamant he is makes me admire him. He is just utterly charming.

                  Edit: I like how a lot of people think "nothing special" about him besides his looks when they are all drooling over the model Elesa. It's hilarious.

                  Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
                  I find his philosophy annoying and his extremist approach even moreso. But the reason all the fan girls love him is that they can do this to him:


                  *Saves* thanks for the pic ^^

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                    What's so special about N?
                    Well, I personally think that he is weird.
                    I mean, normal PKMN Trainers do not have to ability to talk to PKMN.
                    And yet, he does.

                    Also, his love for PKMN is basically why I despise him so much.
                    Every time he appears, I was like, "Oh god, not that idiot again!"

                    I mean, PKMN is all about power. Not love. At least, that's what I think.
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                    Old June 1st, 2011 (1:28 AM).
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                    N is the coolest hippie ever. I donno, I just really liked him. xD;
                    He's one of the cooler looking characters, though I'm not allowed to point that out.
                    He's one of the few Pokemon characters that actually has a backstory, and I guess I just feel sorry for him, especially since I can imagine how Ghetsis treated him and all. He was also one of the most fun to fight in the Pokemon games, since his Pokemon switch every time, so you don't know what's coming.
                    Oh, and he has green hair. Screw the rules, he has freaking green hair.
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                    Old June 1st, 2011 (1:52 AM).
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                      My opinion on N was pretty neutral. He was an alright character to me near the beginning of the games. But the ending conveyed quite a lot of meaning; for me, at least. And I liked his ideas and philosophy. He's actually one of the most deepest characters in all of the Pokemon games thus far. And the ending was pretty nice. XD
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                        N was a most intriguing and idealistic antagonist, whist fighting him, i couldnt help but want to see his plans come through, but thats not going to happen. he is mostly a weirdo but a graceful one(if there is such a thing). but between all the questions about my motives and "talking" to my pokemon, it was real deep. i think he should have completely told off Ghetsis in the end, with a complete "I'm through being your tool of destruction!" attitude
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                        Let's look at this from a different perspective; N is both a rival (to a degree) and the 'leader' of the Regions' criminal organisation.

                        As a rival, N is pretty weak, until later in the story, but by then, he's pretty much listed under the 'bad guy' category-- though in terms of how the story flows, he still holds you as a rival, as conversations with him tend to stem towards him feeling that your character is a chosen one. He's not all that much of a rival, as all he really wants is to see what kind of Trainer you are, and how you treat your Pokemon.

                        The world as it is has surprised him, as his past was not so clear-cut because of the influence that Ghetsis put over him, only allowing him to be around Pokemon that had been abused by their Trainers and such, leading him down a road that made him believe that all Trainers and by extension, people were the same. In his eyes, Pokemon would only truly be happy when away from people, though as the story progresses, N shows hints that it would pain him when the time came that he called for all people to separate themselves from their Pokemon, with the Legendary Pokemon Reshiram/Zekrom at his side.

                        As a villain, he... doesn't really sit very high, either. Frankly, he's simply a misguided boy who was brought up by Ghetsis to believe that all Pokemon caught by people were mistreated and beaten, all in a plot that would give Ghetsis the chance to declare himself the master of Pokemon-- as no one else would have Pokemon of their own. In the end, N was used by his own father and Team Plasma to gain the kind of influence they wanted over people to force them to part ways with their, in some cases, long-loved Pokemon. Not for the ideals that N followed, but for the plan that Ghetsis had obviously spent years preparing, raising his son so that he would one day liberate Pokemon from their Trainers so that he could be the master of them all.

                        I would say N is an interesting character for the way he acts; though he sees how people truly are with Pokemon, he still seems to have seen too much abuse for it to sway his emotions and his determination. Though I don't really agree with how he plans to go about it, it's obvious that he only has the best interests at heart for protecting Pokemon from the abuse that his Pokemon friends from when he was a small child had endured. He has an air of mystery about him that is never really cleared up-- in particular with his ability to talk to Pokemon, which I would say gave him a rather interesting quality.

                        So... as a character, I would say I liked N. It was always interesting to see what he would come out with when you met him throughout your journey and it was interesting to see his plans almost meet fruition. Sure, Team Galaxy almost got what they wanted, but it was a selfish end; N's plan was something that was not a selfish act, and I guess that's what really makes me like him.

                        ...even if his plan would have been followed by the selfish act of his father.

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                          I don't really like him. He's a weakling for me. My team beat him easily.
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                            After nearly 13 years of having completely flat villains whose goals are pretty much the same-"capture legendary Pokemon of _______ region and take it over with said Pokemon"-It's nice to finally have some story behind the villains and their motives. Personally, I like N because despite his terrible upcoming, he is still honest and true to his motives, extremist though they may be.
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                            I dont understand why he apart of the story line, every time you battle him you win him with ease.
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                              I like how N has so many fangirls XD
                              <--- Lolz!

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