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Old July 7th, 2014 (12:32 PM).
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    Title says it all.

    Mine was most definitely Victini. Was super cute and kicked some serious ass. Also I really enjoyed the Verizion, Terrakion, Coballion Trio because theyre typing was pretty unique for the most part (even though it didnt make all that much sense). Reshiram and Zekrom were pretty epic as well, much cooler legendaries than other gens. What was your guys' favorites?
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    Old July 7th, 2014 (2:34 PM).
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    Mine would most likely have to be Kyurem. It's got two, different forms alongside its regular one, and also has a pretty intimidating design. Plus, I personally find its back-story to be pretty intriguing! Another of my favorites is Victini; it's simply adorable.
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    Old July 7th, 2014 (3:30 PM).
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      I Love Virizion. I think it's one of the under rated legendaries of that gen. & probably of all generations. It just has a cool design imo. I also love Victini & Meloetta.I was never a fan of the Dragon legendaries

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      Idk, you tell me.

      But besides Zekrom, I also like the rest of the Tao Trio, and shiny Genesect is pretty cool too.

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      Old July 7th, 2014 (4:56 PM).
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      Both Reshiram and Zekrom were my favorite legends of the entire gen, hands down. I'm all about black and white, monochrome things, and polar opposites, so doing yin and yang as the concept for 2 awe inspiring legendary black and white dragons was just, music to my ears. If I had to pick one of the two though, also definitely Reshiram hands down. I liked his less rigid more majestic design, with the flowing feather-like appearance, over the stiff and blocky form of Zekrom. (Sorry Zekrom!) Everything just goes his way for me though; I like Special attackers more than physical, and I like Dragon / Fire as a typing more than Dragon / Electric. Plus Blue Flare > Bolt Strike imo.

      (Also, to anyone who's coy enough to look closely at the black / white + black2 / white2 game cases, and pay attention to subtle imagery and cross-generation parallels, I originally chose red version over blue - so again, Reshiram.)
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      Old July 7th, 2014 (7:42 PM).
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      Other than White Kyurem, my favorite Unova legendary would be Reshiram. Its design looks regal and more grand than most of the others from the generation, that and its Blue Flare move is really sick, one of my favorite signature moves of all time. I used to like Zekrom more until I actually saw what Reshiram could do. :o
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      Old July 7th, 2014 (10:38 PM).
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        Hard to say ! All are my favorite. But i will go with Zekrom. Because of Zekrom's amazing Design. I first saw it in Anime. I then tried to sketch it. But nah i am always bad in arts. From that day i loved Zekrom. Zekrom also got a good moveset. Which is sooo useful in epic battles.

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        Old July 8th, 2014 (8:40 AM).
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        My favorite gen 5 legendary would be Reshiram. I mean, it's so regal and elegant looking. Also, it's the Special Attacker out of the duo, so there's some plus points for that.

        Victini comes second because its design is based off rabbit apples, which I find cute and creative, and also for being Fire/Psychic and a symbol for victory.

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        Old July 10th, 2014 (7:42 PM).
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          At first it was Reshiram, but somehow Kyurem took the steal and it continues to be my favorite out of all legendaries. White Kyurem is absolute favorite, as it combines my two favorite legends from Unova.
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          Old July 13th, 2014 (9:08 AM).
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            My favourite Generation V Legendary would be Meloetta after watching it in the anime. It's a shame that Ash was so close to catching it but never did.
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            Old July 13th, 2014 (9:36 AM).
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            Victini just because it's so adorable. I also liked the art design of Meloetta.
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            Old July 13th, 2014 (10:06 AM).
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              Virizion has my favorite design out of them all but my favorite is Reshiram. For one, I prefer the color white over black for some reason, and it looks so royal and regal. Plus I really like Fire types.
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              Old July 13th, 2014 (10:08 AM).
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                KELDEO!!! Water and Fighting are my two favorite types.... And dat Secret Sword tho....
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                Old July 14th, 2014 (7:59 AM).
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                  Definitely Zekrom. Its design is so awesome, a black dragon with red eyes and an electric tail! How can it get more awesome? Also, Electric is probably my favorite type, which is a huge plus for Zekrom in my book :D

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                  Old July 14th, 2014 (2:22 PM).
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                  Keldeo. Never used it, never will have the opportunity to no doubt - I don't have any Gen VI games or 2DS/3DS so even if they make an event I most likely won't be able to join it. But it's design and typing is really cool. Plus, everyone loves d'Artagnan even if he is played by a guy who looks a bit like a girl :P

                  Out of the ones I've used though, a toss-up between Victini and Reshiram - both fire-type, the only fire-type legendaries I actually like. Victini's different typing (i.e. not a Dragon), and being my first Unova legendary should swing it, but despite a Dragon legendary hardly being original, you can't dispute that Reshiram is bad-ass, especially when its' signature move gets powered up by being hit by Zekrom in that pivotal battle with N. The only thing that lets it down is how underwhelming it seems outside of that context.
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                  Old July 14th, 2014 (4:14 PM).
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                  It's difficult to choose, since generation V actually has some really cool legendaries. I'd have to go with Reshiram, it looks like some type of fire goddess. Zekrom and Victini are awesome, too.
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                  Old July 14th, 2014 (6:39 PM).
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                  I believe I showed my bias in the forum splash, there. ;u;
                  Kyurem hands down. Keldeo comes in close for second as well as Zekrom, but Kyurem is just by far my favorite. It becomes the strongest Dragon type by fusing with one of either of the other two dragons, but then even without them he's just so dang cool. An empty shell of a dragon that once was beyond powers of this world, split into two dragons, leaving the dead, decayed body to absorb cosmic energy and devoured the lives of humans to regain part of its strength. that's the most metal Pokemon has ever been, and I love it.
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                  Old July 15th, 2014 (5:25 AM).
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                  Victini and Meloetta, because well I love cute Legendaries. But for the more menacing ones I also love the legendary dragon trio - Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem. They have a pretty interesting theme with the whole yin, yang and wuji motif.
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                  Old July 15th, 2014 (6:09 AM).
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                    Vintini because it's cute and is my favorite two types Fire and Phychic.
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                    Old July 15th, 2014 (7:41 AM).
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                      It's difficult for me to choose because none of them really stand out as being super super awesome to me. Though I guess I'll go with Kyurem, because the Tao trio is my favorite group this gen and Kyurem has a great backstory to it.

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                      Old August 3rd, 2014 (11:10 AM).
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                        Cobalion is my absolute favourite, for design purposes as well as it being the kind of disciplinarian leader of the three musketeer trio, I think his role as a legendary is pretty cool

                        I also like Reshiram and Kyurem for their designs and typings (I even ended up buying both versions of the Gen 5 games that had Reshiram in it haha)
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                        Old August 8th, 2014 (5:17 AM).
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                        Kyurem is bae.

                        I like Kyurem because of the theory that it's just an empty shell of what it used to be, and that its normal form was how it was with the 2 other Tao trio members as one with it. I also liked its unique typing, its appearance and its 2 forms when fused with Reshiram and Zekrom, my personal favourite being White Kyurem. It just looks like what happens if you put a Blue Eyes White Dragon, some red food colouring, some ice, water and some form of fire in a blender. At least, that's what I see it as. cx
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                        Old August 12th, 2014 (4:48 PM).
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                        Zekrom was definitely my favorite. I loved having the combination of Dragon and Electric. Plus he just looks like a badass. I also really like Genesect, because come on robot bug is sweet, and Keldeo (but only in Resolute forme) though I honestly don't know why I like him so much.
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                        Old August 12th, 2014 (9:20 PM).
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                          Victini! Closely followed by Virizion. All of the others were just so... eh. Reshiram was pretty cool though, but not my favorite. I'm partial to Victini because I used it in my first White playthrough and it was so cute and a definite powerhouse to the team.
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                          Old August 13th, 2014 (5:57 AM).
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                            Definitely Victini. It's just a cute little flamey fuzzball filled with psychic energy. :3
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