V Jump Pyukumuku Sidequest gameplay

Started by TheKojo August 21st, 2016 10:22 PM
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I'm not gonna lie...this is hella cute. It makes me like Pyukumuku even more. Can't wait to do this in SuMo!

Edit: Now that I think about it...if Pyukumuku's entry about it being chucked into the sea has some significance in the game..what about other Alola Pokemon? Will we have to beware of Turtonator near Volcanoes? Or maybe we have to hug a bunch of Bewears to calm them down?...and maybe we have to stick a hand through a Sandyghast as a Ghost Trial Captain quest? If this is case, SuMo are gonna be awesome!

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That is some mad bank the MC gets for cleaning up the beach. I had no probpek with raking in cash frm Hotel Richissime in XY, I have no problems with this either. Is this next to the giant hotel on Akala island? Cause this would imply you can loop from there to the volcano area. Whoa. Oh wait, there is a small beach area underneath the golf course and its still blocked off, never mind. Still, that area looks gorgeous

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This looks really cool, I would have liked to seen the character actually carry the Pyukumuku to the sea but it's still a cute sidequest nonetheless.
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I wonder what other pokedex descriptions are going to have actual gameplay?

Does this mean we're going to have to actually rescue Pikachus from being devoured by Palossand on the beach?

(Pyukumuku cries are even cuter outside of battle without the music)
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I actually like how there's sound effects when the water washes up on the beach and also when the protagonist is running. Definitely looks like an interesting game.
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This is pretty cool, I hope there are more side quests like this. One thing I do like about that video is the sound effects, everything about that area is really calming.


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someone found an unlisted video on the v jump youtube channel. IDK if they have more.
Neat find! Cheers for that.

Just letting you know I ninja-edited your OP to link to the Daily article we made based on that information.

As for the video itself, that's an interesting aspect revealed there. Nice bit of world building. =) I hope there's more like it in the game!

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Ok I know they're just Pokedex entries but I'm not going near these beaches in Alola, I don't want the sandcastle ghosts to suck my soul out :p

For real though, this seems like a cute addition, not just the literal quest but the addition of them. Doesn't seem to formulaic now.

Also IDK why websites keep uploading things, hiding them, and thinking fans won't find them. Ok maybe they have more things that we havent found but still.




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I think the lack of music is to bring out the calming sound effects of the beach. If they added music to that particular area it would probably end up drowning out the sound of the waves.


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Who knew that throwing a bunch of sea cucumbers back into the ocean would get me so psyched about these games? I really liked the sound effects and the environment that was shown in this footage, and nice little sidequests like that other than the main story and post-game are always enjoyable to me.
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I'm a little disappointed that the screen just fades to black and we get a splooshing sound rather than actually getting to carry the things to the water and chucking them in ourselves.
I mean, I can see why they did it that way, but it's kind of meh to me.
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Ever since I read the description for Pyukumuku I had hoped there would be an in-game feature along those lines. I'm glad my wish came to fruition because it makes the wild Pokémon lore seem more meaningful rather than just filler text on a website. It's a shame there isn't a unique animation for throwing the Pyukumuku--that cut to black really stands out--but overall I'm glad this feature is included. I wonder if other Pokémon's lores will prove to actually be utilized in-game; it would definitely add to the immersion of the game.

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These really are the Orange Island games we have been asking for.


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I should probably actually watch the whole video, haha. I only watched part of it, whoops.

It prooobably is the final gameplay footage and we'll get an amount similar to that. I was mistaken in thinking that 20000 wasnt enough; that's actually a preeettty decent amount. o_o

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