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Auto-playing ‘RaDiCaL TuNeZ’, large gifs, themed mouse cursor… Relive the internet in the 90s while learning about a TCG release!

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Otter Mii-kun

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The crazy design and autoplay music reminds me of the various Pokémon fan sites I used to visit back around 2002 when I first got Internet at home.

My oh my how web design has changed dramatically over the past 14+ years since I first started using the Internet regularly.

Additionally, the card images on the Cards page coming in with a reverse "dissolve" is a bit of a throwback to when dial-up connections were the norm for household Internet access. (I ought to know since I was on dial-up at home for a whopping 11 years.)


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That site is beautiful I'm not sure what you mean.

Actually though, that's really clever of them. Way to go ^__^
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They should've used Comic Sans, it was common font on bad 90s websites.
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I think this is the best the Pokemon Company have done and will ever do


It's "I Come Anon"

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This probably merits some mention: on their "Animation" page they have the Pokemon: The First Movie streaming.
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