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Posted December 21st, 2018
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Are you planning on obtaining this Charizard?



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Charizard?! pass. It already has two megas and eh, I'd prefer a different starter tbh.


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I probably wont pick it up because Charizard isnt worth the trip to Target, but still kinda cool I guess.

On a side note, the Pokemon website used the same phrase twice in two sentence right after the other. Just thought this was kinda funny lol

"While at Target, be sure to check out the Pokmon TCG: Charizard-GX Premium Collection, where you'll find a Charizard-GX promo card, collector's pin, and more. This awesome collection is available only at Target, so be sure to check it out."


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"3 devastating attacks"


I don't plan on going to target to get one, I just thought this was amusing.
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Target is not in Europe...................
But Target does exist in Australia!

Anyways, I don't see anything interesting with this Charizard since it has two moves that can easily be learned by TM. Given it's a physical set, it would work better with Charizard X rather than Y as far as the Megas go.

Still alright if one likes to collect these kinds of events.
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Of course they would shut europe out again.
It doesn't matter in this case because you can get Charizard like that in the game.
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Do you need to buy the card set or is it a free distribution?
It's a free distribution, just pick up a code from Target.


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I always seem to bother getting these TCG promotional event Pokes whenever my mom decides for all of us to go to the Bronx Terminal Market (aka the big store) just to go and buy stuff from BJs or Target. It's a bit surprising to me that, for once, a quote on quote 'battle ready' Pokémon is actually not in Gamestop, but Target instead. Then again, this is a promotion for a Target exclusive TCG item and stuff, so it makes sense.

I'll probably get it alongside Marshadow if my mom somehow goes shopping over there this month (There's a Gamestop and a Target at the BTM. Very convenient, right?), which I hope she will cause it's gonna be my birthday soon.
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