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No new revelations, but it's a neat trailer at any rate.

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For such a long trailer I expected a bit more, but no complaints either way! I like it. 👍Seeing the legendaries attack at the end was quite cool!!

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i can't help but feel like this trailer is the very last one before release, maybe. seems like this is some kind of "hey guys, this is everything we've revealed so far, we'll see you soon once the games release!!".


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That's what I was thinking too, that it's basically a recap trailer before release day, which is exactly two weeks away at this point. Probably getting a little late to reveal anything totally new.
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I expected Impidimp to be formally revealed for Halloween, never happened...


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The trainer customisations seem very neat! I admit that I'm still on the fence about the game, but they know how to tickle my (not-so) subconscious need for Pokemon.


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And at last... the first trailer that I am slightly disappointed in. Had one chance to reveal starter evos, and they blew it...

Regardless, this trailer wasn’t too bad, but still. Thankfully, I have already predicted which 2 starters I shall get for my 2 games. I can definitely wait until the game’s release for everything.
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The only new thing we could see, though not completely, were the signature moves of the legendary pokemon(Just the beginning and the ending blast). But it is really surprising to see that there haven't been starter evolution reveals so far. At this stage, three years ago(for sun and moon) we knew the entire starter evolution lines, the signature moves of the legendaries, the evil team's boss, a bunch of the new Pokemon and the NPCs. I spoiled myself the entire Lusamine through the leaks Though it is really awesome that they kept the information tight,the starter evos might have been the only new information we needed. Seems like there won't be any more trailers. Just two weeks left, who releases a trailer at this point of time? Maybe more anime trailers..


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I mean for a 5-minute video they coulda tossed one or two new things in. To me it seems like here's a 5-minute video of nothing new. Doesn't make me wanna run over and watch the video.
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A half-hearted reminder that these games exist at best. It kinda feels like they're rehashing the same content over and over again...wait a minute--


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I come to the comments just to feed off of people spouting the usual 'what a rubbish trailer' gimmick :P.

Looks like a good trailer to get people hyped for whats to come :).
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This new promotional trailer basically runs down all of the currently known information about Sword and Shield. Anyway, I'm so hype about League Cards. Must collect them all.