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Pretty impressive turnout so far! What do you guys think?
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In the end, did they had an official announcement for the Dexit in Japan ? :thonk:

I can't say I'm 100% happy about this, I would like Game Freak to really improve Pokémon games from now on and stop this yearly release non-sense (the second part of SwSh is probably rushed because of a dead line) but I'm afraid they won't even bother if sales are just this good.

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In the end, did they had an official announcement for the Dexit in Japan ? :thonk:
It was annouced via Famitsu in July of 2019 - source.

But yay, I like these numbers.
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I mean, it's Pokémon. No matter what, a Pokémon game will sell well.

It's nice to see that Sword and Shield are selling well. I am going to contribute to those sales in a month.
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GOOD NUMBERS, I'm happy the games didn't tank despite the hype or lack-there-of around it!

I do hope they will still improve the third game in lots of ways, though, and not rush it too, like what Marnie said.

I want a third game that actually improves on a lot of the complaints.

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This is fine.

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It was annouced via Famitsu in July of 2019 - source.

But yay, I like these numbers.
That said, details were lacking (also for us too, e.g. no number given). And not all Japanese people read Famitsu. =/

Good sales numbers indeed. Let's see how outside Japan did, and how it continues in the coming months.

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Impressive figures! Looking at the reactions of many fans, I am convinced that the gameplay of Sword and Shield is satisfactory(excluding the animations, that is).

I do have more thoughts about this, though. Not all can be pleased, and I think these sales are the reason Game Freak believes we are happy with what they are doing. What I believe is the truth is that we, as Pokemon fans, cannot avoid buying Pokemon games. No matter how incomplete a game might feel compared to the previous ones, most of us will still buy it as long as the 'Pokemon things' exist.

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Hmmm. This is either kinda meh or really good, and I don't know which. Basically, I want Gamefreak to feel like they need to deliver REALLY well on their next games, so the criticism is necessary, but they need to feel like people are still super interested, so good sales are necessary. I hope the good sales numbers don't nullify the criticism, but if they don't, this is kinda best case scenario.

I wish there were better ways to let companies know about issues beyond just not buying it. It leads to a lot of companies just not caring about the opinions of people who will buy their stuff no matter what.


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I want to add that the digital sales bring the number close to 2 million copies, so beating Sun & Moon but behind X & Y.

In the UK, meanwhile, it's the second best release ever, without accounting for digital sales.

All in all, and for a game that's 50% more expensive than the previous entries, it's an impressive result.


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This goes to show you can't organize a boycott when the target demographic is kids. To say, "it's pokemon, therefore people will buy it," is to say Gamefreak is "stealing candy from babies." And you know that's what Gamefreak—no—Nintendo thinks every time they release a lazy game for 60.00 USD. Sure, it might be fruitless to suggest a boycott would succeed against a company that grosses off of children.
BUT, there is one thing we can be optimistic about: this controversy has served as an entry-level lesson in corporate greed and malfeasance, which transcends beyond The Pokemon Company. So get out there and eat the rich, zoomers. Go on.

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