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fleeting assembly

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Hi everyone, I'm here to announce that PokéCommunity finally has a new badge system! If you've been hanging out on our Discord recently your forum PM box might just have been graced with the sudden appearance of a random pair of sunglasses. Well, this is no random erik destler-ism, but actually one of our new set of badges! Badges are handed out to members for participation in various sections and events.

But, you ask, isn't that emblems? There's a big difference - badges that you've received will appear on your posts and can be customized to fit into your flair! Badges also come in four different tiers - bronze for members who meet the requirements, silver for those who excel, gold for members who go above and beyond, and the ancient and obscure "off-colour" badges whose conditions for acquiring are shrouded in mystery.

The following is a list of badges and conditions for obtaining them. This list will be updated as more badges are created. Conditions for granting are subject to change and at the discretion of the moderators of the relevant section(s).

Welcome Wagon New!
This member makes an effort to welcome other Pokéfans who join the community.

Pro Greeter New!
This member makes PC a warm and welcoming place by befriending lots of new people!

Champion's Sigil
Handed out to true Champions in Pokémon Gaming Central

Frontier Symbol
Given to users with high activity in Pokémon Gaming Central over a long period

Trainer School Graduate
Handed out to the top Graduates of Pokémon General

Trainer Cards
Given to users with high activity in Pokémon General over a long period

Previous Gens Contributor
Given to those who make consistent, quality contributions to Previous Generations

Glorious Casteliacone
Granted to those who make fun posts throughout PokéTrivia! It'd be wise not to eat it, though...

The Collector New!
This member can help with anything you need to know about collecting Pokémon cards.

Artist Pro New!
This member regularly shares their art with PokéCommunity!

Master Critic New!
This member takes time and effort to make wonderful critiques for the artists on PC.

Brilliant Actor
This member has achieved fame as an amazing roleplayer!

Master of Imagination
This member is an amazing roleplay game master!

Master of Insanity
Given to roleplayers who manage to finish roleplays. May or may not be impossible to achieve

Active Attendee New!
This member is part of many clubs! Keep having fun!

Club Owner New!
This member has opened many clubs for PokéCommunity to enjoy!

Good Smiles
Given to members who make amazing contributions to PokéCommunity

Given to fun members who participate in PokéCommunity Discord

You can see a list of badges you've obtained in the "Badges" tab of your profile.

So, you've obtained your first badge! Now how do you display it on your posts? You can choose up to four of your badges to display on your posts - to choose your badges, visit the flair editor. You'll see an interface that looks something like this:

(Note that you will only see this menu if you have at least one badge.)

You can choose your badges there and mess around with the solid, light, and colourless options to find the one that best fits your flair style. If you don't want to display badges on your posts at all, simply deselect all of them. They'll still appear on your profile!

That's about it! Enjoy your new badges everyone~ if you have any feedback on this feature, the Developers or Admins would love to hear it! Keep an eye on this thread as we'll be updating it with new badges as we go along.
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erik destler

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Well, this is no random erik destler-ism, but actually one of our ten new badges!

I'm super excited that they've officially been revealed! Can't wait to hand out some more :D
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I love them


Take my hands now

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Waaaah, this is so sick. I was surprised when I logged into a badge PM...

Love this!

edit: oh god, christmas time it is for our names, i see..

also just saw the profile bit about how Emblems are dying in 3.0, r.i.p emblems... we had good times.

Looking forward to seeing what badges come around, though!

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Wait a second....

I can't see my badge if I'm using Forever Standing.

Boo :(
Time to join the dark, modern side, boo ;)


Negative eight!

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Posted December 5th, 2019
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Badges are an addition worthy of a Pokemon forum. Love it. Great job to all involved!
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That's cool...
will there be more badges in the future?
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fleeting assembly

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Posted 3 Hours Ago
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the list has been updated with a new set of badges! good luck in your collections everyone~
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