From the Staff Black Lives Matter.

Started by Sheep June 1st, 2020 4:26 PM
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Hi everyone!

We know it's been an extremely rough week for the world, and some of you have been using PC as an escape during these stressful times. But unfortunately, those of us most vulnerable and least protected cannot escape this horrible reality and every day–not just the last week–can be a struggle.

PokéCommunity condemns the killing of our Black neighbors. We stand in solidarity with the fight against historic oppression, White supremacy, and systematic racism. We will continue to make the community a place free of racism, sexism, bigotry, and all other acts of hatred. To our Black members, PokéCommunity will continue to be a place where you can feel loved and accepted. Today, and every day.

We're inspired by the many people using their voices to be heard and make a change and also encourage you to use the voice you have been given, no matter how small, to speak up. We cannot stay silent while the Black community continues to suffer from racism, injustice, and discrimination. Black Lives Matter.

If you're interested in contributing or donating, check out the following resources for additional information: - A good starting point on how/where to donate. - A thread on Twitter with information on donating to bail funds.
A crowd sourced Google Document with information on bail funds.
An article with a list of donation resources. - An organization dedicated to fighting for racial justice. Founded by Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American supreme court justice. - Informative channel for international racial justice movements. - As per their website - "Color Of Change helps people respond effectively to injustice in the world around us."

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As a black guy, I want to thank you for taking a stand. You could have easily decided to remain silent, since this is not directly relevant to the pokemon fandom. However as a member of this community this makes me appreciate it all the more. Thank you for being inclusive and helping your PC members of color feel that this is a welcoming space for them


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As a black man, I just want to say thank you for this!


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I'm really glad PC made a statement on such an important issue for our time. It's 2020, we shouldn't have to let the color of our skin dictate what we do or do not get, or the opportunities that are presented to us. I'm very happy to know that I've been a member of such an inclusive community for so many years and that in such important times the community has never lost its goal or its sights - to be a community that is inclusive and all-encompassing.
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But the winds that blew across the green fields of Hyrule brought something other than suffering and ruin.

I coveted that wind, I suppose.

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I'm also someone who is black, and I appreciate the stance and message this community is taking for making us feel welcome!
Thanks so much for this, truly!

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I'm glad to see that Pokécommunity has taken a stance during these times. While I'm not black, my engagement in creating Rap music definitely means I hold hands with my black inspirations and friends. Thank you, Pokécommunity, for always making these forums a zone of equality.


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Good statement, I appreciate that Pokécommunity has taken a stance during these times.

It's 2020, we shouldn't have to let the color of our skin dictate what we do or do not get, or the opportunities that are presented to us.
So much this, Mewtwo tells the truth in the first movie:
I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
In the same movie, Meowth gives important advice as well:
We do have a lot in common, the same earth, the same air, the same sky. Maybe if we started looking at what's the same instead of always looking at what's different...well who knows?
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Very well said, Sheep, and talk about leading by example... I'd be curious to see a count of all other online forums and how many chose to, or chose not to, make a statement. Those who wouldn't, should look at this community as an example for many reasons.
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I'm glad you're speaking up, Janna (and staff). Remember that it's not over, we must fight for change.


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Thank you, I also think black lives matter as much as white and others.
And that's why I hope you'll all trash your smartphones, since the batteries are made of uranium and stuff like that which is find by african kids in mines. Since their lives matter a lot to me I don't have any smartphone, and I hope everyone will follow me in this way of life.
Thank you :)


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I've been away for quite a while but randomly popped in today and just wanted to quickly mention something here. It's great to see the staff standing up for what's right but what really strikes me is the community's response. I won't go into specifics but we made a statement on our own site and at least half of the responses were misinformed at best or outright hateful at worst and it was pretty jarring to see so it's great to see such a positive response here. There is never a wrong place or time to speak out against the violation of human rights.