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Wow, this was quite interesting!

you gotta admit, zero_one is a pretty good album


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I think I had heard before that the Ralts Wally encounters can be shiny, but not that the Zigzagoon can be too, or that it can actually KO the Ralts
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The S.S. Tidal having a cutscene was something I never knew. That's a pretty neat fact.

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i have seen the hiker when riding the cable car and i've gotten the ss tidal scene. i was aware that the wally encounter could have shinies, though it's never happened to me...def didn't know that he could accidentally take out the ralts lmfao that's so funny...
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I think I had heard before that the Ralts Wally encounters can be shiny, but not that the Zigzagoon can be too, or that it can actually KO the Ralts
...I once saw that Zigzagoon shiny. I was extremely not happy.
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I didn't know there was a chance to see a hiker climb the mountain while you were on a cable car! ....inb4 every single Poketuber on the planet makes a video about it. :x

Also, I didn't know about the thing w/your rival having alternative dialogue if you skip out on the Rustboro battle. These are definitely cool facts!
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I encountered someone on Cable Car, but it was really a long ago and I don't remember if it was Hiker or Camper. I also knew about shiny Ralts, Zigzagoon and even that Zigzagoon can KO Ralts and I knew about special dialogue in Littleroot, but had no idea about the one at Mr. Briney’s cottage. It's pretty neat. I had no idea about the rest.
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I've seen both a hiker and camper while on the cable car, the rest is stuff I never knew about either ^^;

Definitely really cool that we're still finding more and more stuff about these games, years later.
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