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It happened!

Updating the article... but discuss the general trailer from Pokemon Presents here, feel free to make new threads on specific things like characters, the starters, etc.

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Not going to lie, I have a much better feeling from this trailer than I had from the first trailers of SwSh, BDSP and PLA combined.


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Twas such a huge shock to me when the starters got revealed lmao. Genuinely thought it was just gonna be another DLC or something to PLA / SwSh until that point.
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Idk how to explain it but I was like yeah cool so on Pokemon Day they'll release Gen 9 - for the time being I'll just enjoy PLA and PoGo. Like to me it was fully expected because when they talked about it they kind of hinted at Gen 9 by having that blank gap. Or maybe I dreamed it I dunno but I actually wasn't surprised... just surprised we got new Pokemon announced honestly. The fact that they are amazing helps a lot too.
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It seems like a lot is happening in the Pokemon games, but new generations have been announced every 3 years for a while.. so not too big of surprise. I love the game feel for Arceus, so I am interested in seeing it incorporated in modern time with gyms, cities, elite 4, quests...etc.

The crystal star image above the names of Japanese names for the games is intriguing.. we can only hope for something good along the lines of mega evolutions, dynamaxing, alpha mass outbreaks....

The starters are will be interesting to see what secondary types they become.
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Can't wait!! The trailer looked great.


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This will be good I hope! I do plan on pre-ordering one of them, but unsure which version...
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