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A Pokémon Daily article about the Pokémon that you can use in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet that can make your playthrough better.

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Read this article earlier and I largely agree - especially with Gallade. I hadn’t realized how good he was now that Sharpness was introduced. Great addition!
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Oh, I thought Sharpness was a hidden ability for Gallade. I ended up having two of the Pokémon listed - Meowscarada (my starter), and Azumarill (my first tera dungeon encounter). I do use Tinkaton for a lot of raids, however.


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Its a cruel joke that one of my faves - Gallade - only gets a new ability in the generation after its home region’s remakes!

Perhaps could have been worth mentioning that before it evolves, Meowscarada’s line also has a killer combo of Bullet Seed and the held item Loaded Dice. Guaranteed 100 BP, but because its multi-hit you can have crits, break substitute / disguise etc.
I also have a Charcadet and Finizen in my team when I return to Violet - had no idea about Palafin, just wandered out to the see and “OMG they finally made a DOLPHIN!?!”, bred a bunch until I got a half-decent nature with Bounce.

It sucks that Protean got nerfed, I really couldn’t decide between Fuecoco and Sprigatito, the hope of eventually having my starter with that ability wrecking things was the clincher! Especially when it gets a far more varied movepool than your average Grass-type - Thunder Punch! A Water-type attack! Plus it seems unfair that we’ve had a Water and Fire starter get to wreak havoc with it, but they nerf it when they finally bless a Grass-type with it.