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Celebration: FCG's 2 Year PokeCommunity Anniversary!


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    🎀Happy 2 Year PokeCommunity Anniversary Fact Checking Gardevoir!🎀

    FCG's 2 Year PokeCommunity Anniversary!

    You've always been a wonderful friend to me and the other members of this community. You always take the time to greet new users joining the site, and you always do so in the friendliest way possible. And you always go out of your way to try and help make those of us who are hurting feel better! I know I'm not the only one who's happy to see you around and posting, and this is the thread for anyone and everyone else who wants to tell you as well! I hope you are here to celebrate many more anniversaries with us, FCG! ^^
    (and sorry about my total lack of CSS skills)