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Golduck Vs. Venomoth (Crystal) :o Yes, I thinking of changing my username.

So I was just mucking around in Crystal with my Venonat, Paras, and Psyduck, and as I was defeating a level 15 bug with the level 18 duck with surf (haven't got the eighth badge yet, and accidentally sent everyone before then to Pokemon Home except those three oops), I realized....Golduck could be better than Venomoth. This is the moment of truth Pokecommunity. Will I change my name to something Psyduck/Golduck related, or will it remain the same? Will Golduck (when Psyduck evolves) be the hero to help me get me the 8th badge and lead me to victory, or will it be topped by an eventually evolved Venonat (Venomoth)? The vote is yours. Comment down below thanks.
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Seems tough for both. Expects it to be a team effort. Leans towards Golduck with Ice Punch doing the most. Cursed Venomoth with having a high Special stat, but two physical types. Learns Sleep Powder at 42, which may be beyond what it will have for the battle.

Questions how Golduck deals with the Dragonair with an electric attack, though. Maybe Double Team stuff (with the expensive TM from the Game Corner) alongside a paralysis from Venomoth for setting up?

Sees an alternative strategy for Golduck with Double Team, Headbutt, and Screech. Ideally dodges basically everything between evasion and flinches. Downside: Will likely not outspeed Kingdra. Shares a base speed stat of 85. Gave Clair better DVs than the other Johto gym leaders (13 on Speed versus 8 for most others, out of 15 max). Likely needs to be higher level than it.

Good luck with however you approach it.


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Not quite skilled or knowledgeable enough at Crystal's mechanics to say on that front, but I'm hoping Venomoth comes through. Not enough love for that line going around IMO.