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[Showcase] Kory's oc Drawings Thread


Silence is Purple
It's Friday, so here's the next update. Good news is, I finally got my 150 colored pencils, so I finally have more options for skin colors. Although, because I didn't want to wear the points down too much, I drew a little less this week. There's about 19 drawings in this update.


Starting off with Deigr in a strawberry themed overalls from Shein and a paint smock I saw on Google I suppose it's weird for a woman in her thirties to wear things like this, though, isn't it? She's a miner/construction worker depending on which verse she's in, so she needs a lot of overalls.

This one has... well. I'm going to put this one in a spoiler because there's uh. non descript shirtless nudity in it.


Linggui, shirtless in otter form swimming on his back floating on water. The line beneath his chest is representing a top surgery scar, as Linggui is trans. I drew this because I wanted to show his progress to happiness.


More early transition Loba wearing a mini dress from Emmoll but she's wearing pants because she doesn't feel ready yet to wear stockings as she doesn't want to be called "a boy" which, she isn't. I really enjoy drawing Loba in multiple different points during her transition.


Parisa in some stock footage dress, oh boy, holding a polearm that I based off of Primordial Jadecutter, but made it indigo. It is not the same polearm as that one, and is probably her signature weapon.


Naofa in a corps of thirty uniform, the first one is inspired by the... leaks going around and I will not be posting sources to keep myself from getting in trouble with the hoyoverse people who may be watching me. But, it's based off a Fontaine thing.


Siorc wearing a shoulder dress and an "anime dress" whatever that means, I don't know. Honestly, I haven't a clue, really. But it's really just overalls, if anything.


Two attempts at Linggui binding his chest. Fun fact, this was colored in with my new colored pencils that have colors of the world, which are advertised as use for skin colors and real world hair colors. I think these are pretty good, but I suppose I should press harder next time so it's not too light.


Lewod in a long flowing red dress and with some new colors, ultra violet I never had this shade of purple before, and I think it's nicer than orchard. I may use it from now on over it on Leah's hair.


Liath in these particular dolls clothes I just saw it on Google and figured I'd draw it in this. Don't have any other particular reason beyond that.


Siorc in a magical girl outfit and cat dress, to be honest, I need to press harder with the royal purple colored pencil, but it's new and I'm scared of the point cracking too soon, you know? The second one was done with crayons.


Loba with me trying out the very deep almond color of the world colored pencil. And a short, white dress I saw on Google. I honestly think the darker skinned colored pencils just look better than the lighter ones, but that's just me.


Garran in the jean jacket look. I also tried out the "very deep golden" colored pencil for their skin, which I think looks pretty good in terms of shade.


This is one of my new ocs, Argenta Casur. I decided to draw her so I could make tem (yes, pronouns are tey/tem/ter) ahead of me writing tem next sunday. Those, by the way, are Ruin Grader legs. Argenta has robot prosthetics for legs.


Finally, this is Plata Casur. Any resemblance to Omori was not intentional. I've never played that game.

At any rate, that's it this week. I'll continue to draw every day I can. I still am drawing every day at the moment and feel more motivated to use my new colored pencils whenever I feel up to it. I just hope I don't wear out the points too quick.
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Silence is Purple
Okay, so, honestly, this week there might be a lot less sources listed because Twitter shadowbanned me for no good reason last week, so I just posted my drawings on an account that's private for three days until the shadow realm was lifted away from me.

Not much this week, tbh. Think...18 drawings? With some mistakes I accidentally colored in, so those will be included, too.


We're starting off this update with Tegne in a suit, the usual attire he wears. I tried out him crossing his arms around his chest to lukewarm success, we'll say. Also, I don't really like the color I ended up using on his hair. It's a little too light green. I'll try a different one next time.


Rede in a suit, as well. To be perfectly honest, the colors of the world pencil I used on his skin came out a little too light for my liking. I think it's because I'm still not pressing/layer it enough to be the shade I need it to be.


I drew Soie as a Jester similiar/inspired by The Circus Set from Love Live! School Idol Festival. Well, sort of, but not really, to an extent. The hat on her head, if you will. She's pointing to her tail because she claimed, "she can make a lizard tail appear out of nowhere!" much to Velour's dismay...


This was in my shadowban era tm, so I didn't leave a source, but... I suppose I didn't need to because I drew Savon in an outfit like this before. Anyway, this is Savon summoning terribly drawn Tridents of Fire since she has a Pyro Vision and can do that with her Vision. I tried a slightly darker color for her sea lion body this time, it would seem.


Yinlong holding a Xiao Lantern. I drew this and didn't post a source because I can't link a private tweet it won't be visible to anyone. Apologies for that, I suppose, but this is a custom outfit, anyway, so the source is me.


No source for this one, either, sorry. This is Kouneko in a fancy maroon suit. ...Also sorry if you see my hair in the photo here. It just fell there. Ignore it, please. Don't have much to say about this one, really, just wanted to draw Kouneko.


Forgot to post the source for this one, too, but Strix in a white suit. I feel like Strix's hair is often very inconsistent when I draw him, so I've been trying to draw him more to get better at keeping it consistent? But, I suppose it varies still from the time to time the size of it.


Bogart in a gladiator dress. I ended up having to draw this one...twice because I messed up and ended up coloring them both anyway. But, one is colored in with colored pencil, the other with crayon to get a feel for what color I want his hair to be from now on. So, one of them, his hair is dark blue, the other navy blue. We'll see what I end up doing for here on out.


Siorc in pajamas and a cat hoodie from Madokawa although, I didn't end up actually drawing the hoodie part...and the skirt came out less well than I expected. I really want to redraw this particular piece, I don't think it came out to my liking at all.


While watching a video about the history of Starwberry Shortcake... I had this itching urge to draw Lewod cosplaying Raspberry Torte from Berry Bitty Adventure. Please don't judge me, as an ex-brony, sometimes I recall the other Hub Shows that aired and watched a little of the Berry Bitty Adventure Show...

I want to ask anyone who sees this, are Siorc and Leah easy to tell apart? I leave a square out of Lewod's bangs, and all, but sometimes I wonder if they look "too much the same", you know?


Two attempts at Aega wearing a rabbit suit, to be specific, the one Mikuru Asahina wears. I feel like I failed cleavage this time around. I guess bunny suits are just difficult to draw for me...


However, Nousagi, an actual rabbit in a rabbit suit looks good, in my opinion. By the way, it's the year of the rabbit. I have an excuse to draw Nousagi and Kouneko more now. /joke. ...No source for this one, as I took basis from a Yuri on Ice fanart. And I'm not going to repost other people's fanart.


Decided to draw Linggui before he came out where he had long hair and was wearing a women's qipao, obviously not by choice. He is holding scissors, ready to chop off his long hair. But, whether he went through with it at this point in time remains to be seen. He eventually did obviously cut his hair, since I draw him with short, spiky hair almost always.


Feng wearing a women's qipao with a phoenix on it. He's also wearing blue lipstick. Slay, queen. "Why a phoenix?" Feng means phoenix, thus I drew that on his qipao.


Finally, Siorc wearing lolita fashion that I saw on Devil inspired. I think this website has a lot of outfits that inspire me to draw, so I have once again gone on this website to draw him in these outfits. I think my sparkling white crayon is dirty, though, that white doesn't look too great...

Anyway, I'll probably continue swapping between the new 150 colored pencils, and my other crayons. I think both have their benefits, so I'll keep using both. I have decided to forgo buying the special effects crayons for now, by the way. I feel like, for now, I no longer need them.

That's it for now. I don't know what next week's update will bring.


Silence is Purple
Alright, okay. Here we go. This week, honestly was my nostalgia week for a tv show I barely even watched, so almost everything I drew this week is mostly a random Strawberry Shortcake Berry Bitty Adventure au I just had to draw. So, almost all the sources this week will be links to fandom articles of the characters. Although, there's some outliers I drew just because.

There's eighteen drawings this week, let's get this going.


It's been awhile since Kaiser has made an appearance in this thread. Honestly, drawing drag is pretty difficult and takes a lot of detailing. At any rate, Kaiser is wearing a peacock dress. I think it's explosive enough to work as an outfit you'd see on a drag show. I ended up using my metallic and glitter crayons to make this one pop off the page more. That might not come through in the photo, though.


Last week, I drew Soie in the circus, so I decided to draw Velours in a circus suit as well. As you can see... ze is not very happy about Soie joining the circus, and is giving a pouty face. The first one I've ever drawn. It definitely helps I only really draw anime lips.


Qiulong in two different dresses. I think one of them is a Qipao. I never really know usually and I feel a little bad about it. You might be wondering why I drew her twice, but I messed up her hair a bit the first time, so I decided to just draw her again.


An angry Ceir with frog feet (she's a frogupine, after all) dressed in all black. Yes, I know, another black dress again. I just sometimes, drawing black on more occasions than others.


When I was looking up herbalist outfits again that were Chinese, this one came up again, so I decided to draw it and make it blue for Jiaolong. I ended up giving him a Man Chin/Bleach Chin because I think he looks better with a triangular chin than my usual round one.


Shenlong with her pigtails a little lower in her hair in a pretty white dress. Again not sure if this is a Qipao or Cheongasm, I think it's the former over the latter.


And thus, my nostalgia was kicked into full overdrive. This is Loba as Orange Blossom from the 2010 Strawberry Shortcake show. With some mild modifications. She is not holding shopping bags for example, and the second orange blossom is not on the dress. I also gave Loba an alternate hairstyle, as you can see.


I also drew Siorc as Plum Pudding from the 2010 Strawberry Shortcake show. Normally, I don't tend to do alternative hairstyles on Siorc, but I didn't think having his hair down suited this particular piece. I will be honest in that I don't like ponytails on him, but I do like how this came out.


Kylling as Blueberry Muffin from Berry Bitty Adventures for no particular reason other than the fact she has blue hair. However...these two girls couldn't be anything more than the exact opposite of eachother personality wise.


Lang as Lemon Meringue who also...couldn't be more of the opposite of the character I drew her as! Lemon, by the way, in the show runs a hair salon. But, apparently in the bad 2021 show, she's a tomboy. But, I don't like the new show, and won't draw an au for it. I wonder if blue lemonade exists....hmm.


Nathair as Cherry Jam. Cherry Jam was a pop singer, and Nathair is a former bard, so thematically this really fits xem. I tried to emulate the pose as well to match, not sure if I pulled that off, though.


Should be obvious, but Parisa is Strawberry Shortcake just without that hat because I just can't draw hats very well, so I drew her based off the dvd cover where she isn't wearing the hat. I opted to make Parisa Strawberry Shortcake because she has dark pink hair like Strawberry does, and green eyes, too, so color wise, she matches. Personality wise though... yeah, definitely don't at all.


Xena as Sour Grapes who was... in the fourth season of the Berry Bitty show? I don't know anything about this character, really. Sour Grapes went from being a villain in the 80s to not...being a villain? Really have no idea how that transition must have gone in the Hasbro ideas room.

Some people may notice Xena's highlights aren't purple this time. That's because I decided to make them green to match sour grape's hair a bit. Lore wise, Xena's hair highlights change color depending on what element she's resonated with, but this is not a lore thread, it's a drawings showcase thread, so we'll leave it at that.


Irpa as Sweet Grapes who is Sour Grape's twin sister... Who is just...Flutteryshy as a berry lady. Really weird, if you ask me. I made Irpa's highlights purple instead of icy blue to match the theme of grapes.

The pose she's in the pose in her 2D artwork figured it works out since Irpa wears glasses, anyway.


This AU comes to an end with Linggui as Huckleberry Pie... his existence in Strawberry Shortcake baffles me. What's a man doing in my girl show with Girls Only? Definitely only existed to create drama, or something... I don't know. Anyway, it felt weird to not include him, so I just did that.


Been watching the last season of Stone Ocean, so I thought to myself, I wonder what kind of Stand Siorc would have, and then it came to me... his Stand would be named Strawberry Fields Forever and be some sort of strawberry like thing that can turn nearby fruits and vegetables into bullets. I know stands can sometimes be rather over the top and wild, but I don't think I want to use my brain power for that right now. He's wearing Yamagishi's outfit, but the blue violet came out a little too purple. I also tried making his freckles more visible by coloring them in this time.


Finally, Siorc in a mango dress completely unrelated to the Strawberry Shortcake au. I just really liked this mango dress and drew him in it with an attempt at drawing the twin drills hairstyle on him. Halfway through, though I switched from my colored pencils to crayons, it might be noticeable.

That's it this week. Will nostalgia come back to bite me and I draw more aus? We'll see. I never know what I end up wanting to draw until the moment of, usually. Maybe I'll draw more ambitious stuff like sitting on couches again? Who knows. I'll keep drawing on a daily basis until I run out of ideas or notebooks.
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Silence is Purple
It's your weekly updated that will be viewed by absolutely no one, hooray. Hello, no one reading this thread, it's Friday again, and you know what that means, it's update day. This week, I mostly focused my attention on drawing my ocs that have multiple entries to their family, so there will mostly be a lot of that here, there might be an overall lack of Siorc, though, shocker.

Without further ado, let's go.


To start us off, I drew Gris in a peppermint dress. I modified it a bit because the original design of the dress was a bit too complicated to draw. Well, it wasn't, I suppose, but I just didn't like it? So I changed it up to be peppermints.


I drew Argenta in ter scorpion form since I wanted to draw little bits of metal on ter legs. And, this is the result. For the most part, I think it came out alright. I'm better with drawing bodies like this than a four legged creature.


I also drew Plata in eir scorpion form I think this came out pretty nice, as well. Much better than my first attempt when I drew Liath all the way back awhile ago when I drew it for the first time. Though, I feel like Plata has a goofy face? Aha. But, that's just me.


I drew Raven in a gothic black suit I drew this in a rush on Sunday because I have a 3pm writing start deadline, so I just colored it quickly and threw it out in public. I also drew Raven's vision on his collar this time.


Eau in an angel dress. Not sure why I drew her crying, it just came out that way, really. For the most part, I think my glitter white crayon comes out...yellow? I don't know why, maybe that's just my imagination, if anything.


Pira in yet another biker jacket, except I made it a shady of red known as Mahogany. Yes, that town in Pokemon. It's a color, as well. I just didn't want to color in in black again for the thousandth time, I guess.


My friend gave me the number 19 when I asked for a random number between 1 and 58, so I drew Konig. He's wearing a vest and he's holding lipgloss as well as wearing false eyelashes. Yeah, that's his secret, he likes a little makeup now and again. Oops.


I wanted to draw the rest of the Gefrorens, so I ended up drawing Regina in a dress as well because I wanted to draw drawing her with her hair down again with my updated technique of not drawing all of it, but wrapping it around/perspective.


I drew Prinz as well, this is a direct reference to the Moriarty the Patriot, but I just gave him a teaching stick you'd often see back on tv in the movies and whatnot since Prinz is a prodigy that is a tutor and teacher at a rather young age, and I often feel like his design is inspired by these things. Heine from the Royal Tutor since his name means prince in German and Moriarty, I mean.


Hollander (Holly) in a long flowing dress I saw on Devil Inspired. This website just has a lot of lolita fashion I like drawing on my ocs, so why not?


I also got the number 43 from someone so I drew Feng in a hanfu and a different hairstyle since I often just draw him the exact same every time. I think he's getting more confident in his femininity with every drawing. I'm not sure.


Should be incredibly obvious what Siorc's wearing, but if not he's wearing the turtle school uniform from Dragon Ball. As for why... I just felt like it. I don't always have a reason behind my drawwork.


Siorc in a green dress and an alternate hairstyle! I don't like Siorc in a ponytail, so I don't really tend to draw him like this, but I guess it came out okay.


Siorc in a punk aesthetic okay, so originally this outfit had the stomach exposed but Siorc doesn't like that so I didn't draw him with his stomach exposed. Also, new hairstyle for him! Usually, it's only the Girls that get that treatment in my drawings, but Siorc is my favorite and gets included in stuff more so, yeah.


Siorc in some sailor seifuku I think that's what it's called in Japanese anyway... with some Ghibli elements to it. And yet another alternative hairstyle. I feel like I rarely get to explore Siorc's hair even though it's shoulder length. Also, yes, if you see the stuff underneath the page, I had reached the end of my notebook. Wooh. So many drawings.


To make up for the lack of Siorc all week, I ended up drawing him in a raincoat and attempted drawing him holding an umbrella, but I still struggle to correctly draw my characters holding things. Maybe I should look at hands more and learn how they work in relation to an object...


I saw this outfit while looking for drawing inspiration, and what can I say, it came out pretty good, honesty. I used a color called oatmeal for the white which is apparently a new colored pencil according to Crayola.


Outrider Siorc, reporting for duty... okay, obvious this my take on how Siorc would look in Amber's outfit, but since he has a visible scar on his chest I took the liberty of drawing it. I suppose in the actual version of Amber's outfit less of her chest is there, but /shrugs, I do what I am capable of.


Last, but not least, Siorc in a punk aesthetic 2, electric boogaloo. He looks a little mad in this one, I suppose it's because I drew him with an exposed stomach, which he doesn't like. Yeah, he has a scar on his stomach, too. I tried drawing him shirtless once with scars, but I never published or colored that drawing in as I need to get a better feel of how drawing scars works.

That's it for this week. I don't know what I'll be drawing next week, because Twitter might Die or Something I don't know, people are being annoying about the paid api thing (which won't affect us normal people) so who knows, maybe the Website will go Down because the current ceo doesn't know the consequences of putting the Api behind a paywall. I anticipate damages to everything.

Maybe I'll experiment again, though, with more background stuff around my characters rather than just drawing them in White Space. We'll see.


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hello kory!

just wanted to chime in and say that i appreciate how dedicated u are with drawing and posting on a consistent basis. it's sort of my fault for not commenting the amount of times i visit, but i do want to say that i check out ur thread (and others!) frequently. i hope u dont feel like no one is looking at ur art, because i definitely do!

anyway, ur oc's are very nice to read up on, they have a colorful set of personalities! i noticed a few weeks (maybe months?) earlier you did mention something about wanting to work on your anatomy. would you like feedback on that? it'll just be simple advice, something i think will accent quite well with the kind of style you're aiming for!


Silence is Purple
Well, in terms of anatomy, I just need to keep looking at anime proportions, since I cannot do drawings based on those How-To-Draw book style guidelines. I just draw the shapes and go from there. I do wish I was better at drawing chests, though. But practice makes perfect.

So, Twitter hasn't died yet, but who knows, it might be close to getting there because February 8th happened, and what do you know? No one could tweet for hours. Letting a car ceo run a social media company was a bad idea.

At any rate, there might be less drawings this week...because there's two I don't want to post in here, as it was a concept for an oc that's not yet public. When I make them public, though, I'll just say the date I drew it and post them in here.

Meanwhile, unrelated to my current ocs today, I found the comic books I drew in 2009. I don't know if I've improved at drawing at all in 14 years, but that certainly was a find, let me tell you.

Okay, seventeen drawings, here we go.


Starting off this update I drew Loba in another African style dress. Trying to draw different hairstyles on here. Also, I may have forgotten to color in her earring. That's was an accident and I didn't bother to go back and color it in. It is what it is, I suppose.


Krysi in a red dress. I don't know, red is just aesthetic, if you ask me. So, I'll take any opportunity I get when I have the sudden urge to draw her to put her in these kind of outfits. It's rare I draw her, so why not, am I right? But, I messed up with her hands when trying to draw her pointing. I guess I'll have to learn finger anatomy and continue to improve in that area.


I drew Rede outside his usual type of clothing because it was the day after his birthday the day I drew this. When I looked this up it was labelled as "goth" but not really sure if that's what this style is. You all may be wondering "why does Rede always have a facial hair in his drawings"? He's a goat. And thus, he grows facial hair faster than a normal human's. Weather I ever draw beards or moustaches, though...probably not. Unless anyone wants me to, but I don't know.


Braincells? Did you know that Hase has nun? I'm sorry, I had to make that joke. Anyway, I drew Hase as a Nun from the Church of Favonius in Genshin Impact. Although, whether she was actually ever one, I don't know. Probably not.


Varg drawn in two different t-shirts and his hair down. But, I feel like I messed up on his hands and arms a bit too much in these drawings. Some days I just can't draw hands and they come out too cartoony. So, the first one is Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd yes. That album that was recently 50 years old that conservatives freaked out about. The other one is inspired by the The Red Hot Chili Peppers band. Maybe in the Project Sekai universe, this is the kind of music he listens to.


Now, I don't usually draw Coiote because she's a 34 year old lady, and I am not really good at portraying people in that age group since I'm kinda...still in my twenties, lol. Anyway, while I was looking at "Pepper shirts" I looked up pepper pants, too, but let me tell you. Those are not peppers on the pants. Whatever the are, they're definitely not that. I honestly think I like this drawing of Coiote much more than her original. I'm not going to link that, just go into the Pokecommunity search bar and search: "Coiote" and you should be able to find the original if you scroll for awhile.


Since I drew Coiote the other day (the day before these three drawings) I decided to draw more of Lewod. I don't know if anyone peeks at Lewod, but I've been worried about something...can people tell Siorc apart from my drawings of Lewod? I'm worried they look too similar, even if that's what I intended--for them to look similar.

At any rate, in the first drawing, they are wearing a modification of this gothy bunny dress I just edited out the gun because I don't want them wearing a shirt with a gun on it. Also drew a nice long dress but changed the colors up a bit because I don't want to leave it white. Along with this red dress because I liked how it looked on them. I also gave them a different hairstlye.


Wednesdays are always the day I write the first draft of my Sunday chapter, so I just rushed out a Siorc in a black dress which seems to be my go to low effort sort of thing. So, I don't have much to say.


We're about to see a story in two pictures, I guess? So, Bogart in a Turkish dress stuffing his chest to have fake boobs to more like Dehya (having breasts). Anyway, Waiola told him they look extremely fake, which led to...


Dolling her up in a dress! Feat: dialogue. This is bridesmade dress, by the way. Anyway, Waiola is not enjoying this, for even a moment. She does not want to be apart of Bogart's fashion queendom whatsoever. In the corner of the page, that's supposed to Bogart's hand.

And, now... some experiments! It's been awhile, so I'm going to not group these together under one entry.


Not really an experiment, but Siorc wearing a lion costume if that comes up too small, I'll just link the tweet at a later point. I wanted to draw Siorc in a costume today, but not the whole thing, so this was the result.

Now, onto the experimental pieces.


While I doubt anyone has read my fanfiction, this drawing is in reference to a scene where Siorc collapsed in the snow. This is not the outfit he wore in the chapter, he was in his uniform. And, I'm not going to post spoilers to my fanfiction here, but. Yeah. At any rate, he's wearing this lolita coat just I changed the color to mauve purple. I won't say I haven't drawn experiments like this before, but it's been awhile since I have.


Siorc sitting on top of a brick wall. Man, coloring these bricks took awhile. This is based on a stock photo I saw on Google and just decided to try my hand at drawing it. But, I suppose his legs are a little...uneven? I might draw him sitting on other things in the future to try and improve this, though.


Finally, Siorc sitting on a bench. Yes, again, it's based on stock footage. Although, the bush in the corner could have been drawn better. I believe I said last week I don't like Siorc with a ponytail. Still don't tbh. But, /shrugs, he looks cute in this drawing, I guess.

That's it this week. I don't know if Twitter will Die on Monday but one thing I do know is that the Free Api will cause the Botapocalypse or something, I don't know. I'm a normal person, but I'm currently worried about the website I write my fanfiction on, so I might cut back on experimenting again and just draw normal things again for awhile.

We'll see. I hope the site I use to write my fanfiction doesn't Die on Monday. Because I don't have many other options. So, if The Death Comes I'll probably be busy being down about that, or something. But, I'll continue to draw daily and write every Sunday.


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ah, thats fair! i wont delve too deep in advice then.

my only suggestion is that since youre using lined paper, you have natural guidelines! u can use those lines to help you understand how long to make things like arms and legs. for example, normal anatomy tends to be "7 heads tall". you can therefor use that to your advantage and know how long your legs should be, which is around 4 heads. substitute each "head" for about 4 or 5 paper lines and i think thatd help a lot with anatomy :)


Silence is Purple
It's that time of the week again, my weekly drawing dump. This week, I just drew whatever, really. Mostly what I wanted to without conforming to a theme. Twitter still hasn't Died Yet surprisingly, but I am not confident it will live to tell the tale by the end of the year. It's a real shit show right now, tbh.

Anyway, without further ado.


Starting off with Parisa in another uniform. What can I say, it's just the aesthetic. For Parisa, anyway. I guess I just have a hard time imagining her wearing anything else despite being a runaway from the Akademiya in her canon, but details.


Garran as Luke Fon Fabre one of my twitter mutuals gave me the number 12, so I decided to do some Tales of the Abyss cosplay, if you will for Garran since they are in the Abyss beneath Teyvat, after all.


I also got told 25, which is Gloine, so I drew him as Sync the Temptest from Tales of the Abyss, too. I drew him older instead of small, so this isn't canon, or anything, really. This was fun to draw, although I wish I had some darker greens.


Liath in a rather fancy outfit drew this as quickly as possible on a Sunday since that's the day I write. Sorry if there's some white spots, I don't always double check if there are any.


Linggui in a men's cheongsam (I think, if anyone is Asian please feel free to correct me) and holding a fan. Well, an attempt at him holding one, anyway. I modified this to be yellow and have turtles on it so it's not the exact same as the version in the photo since I feel like I don't use the color yellow all that often on the clothes I drew. The turtle earring also makes its return after a long absence.


Aega in a sexy(?) dress I saw on Devil Inspired. I made it shades of violet red instead of straight up red, though because I like how that looks far more than the deep red. I also attempted to draw boobs again. It's a work in progress.

I also gave her a different hairstyle, as you can see.


Soie in frilled neck lizard form again. I just wanted to give it another go since it's been a long time since I drew her that way the first time. She's just wearing a simple fancy white shirt. But, maybe the orange and brown aren't as vibrant as last time? Might be the lighting of the room I'm in, though.


Velours in a sweater vest from SHEIN. I just like hir in vest suits and the vest aesthetic. Velours looked up to hir brother's fashion sense so much that ze copied it, even after he has been long since deceased, so I just cannot imagine hir wearing anything else. This was also me attempting to draw a feeling of "fabric" on the clothing. Like, a texture by doing specific shapes in succession.


It was Valentine's Day the day I drew this, so Lang and Kylling wearing a matching couple sweater I just had the colors swapped between them. I did mess up the arrow on Kylling's version, though... how unfortunate.


Siorc wearing pink and fuchsia for Valentine's Day. I don't remember where I found this dress, but I drew it as is, with some differences, and I also left the second one mostly as is when drawing it.


I feel like I don't draw Yinlong nearly enough, so I drew them wearing a button shirt from Shein with the colors changed and putting Jueyun Chilis as a design point so it's not plain. I'm also trying to not just draw black outfits over and over again. I have 150 colored pencils, and I should be making use of them, right?


Faxi in a steampunk aesthetic viking outfit. I also tried something new with the skin tone here by mixing the rose tint colors of the world colored pencil and "light medium almond" to adjust the tone of the skin a bit. Not sure if it worked, to be honest, but I think it helped with layering.


Uxi in armor from Temu. I just wanted to try drawing armor, really. I feel like Uxi always comes out goofy when I draw him, so I barely draw him. Probably the eyes, cheek and mouth. I will likely work on that in the future.


Cloch in a crop top. Don't think I've ever attempted to draw a crop top before, but I decided to go with the idea. Original tweet has an alt text poem, and I think people should read it. As this is a character I barely write, I don't draw her much, either, so I wanted to have some insight on her, so I wrote a 1,000 character acrostic for her in the process.

If I had to pick a favorite non-bias piece of all the drawings this week, I'd tell you this one, by the way. This one is my favorite one of all of them.


Marble's ghost appearing older and crying. Yes, this is basically just Marble as Menma from Anohana. Read the alt text on the original tweet, by the way, for a short drabble. Now, don't get me wrong, Anohana is one of the most melodramatic anime I have ever watched and I don't like it. But, I wanted to draw this since I never draw Marble since she's an extremely minor character and is just the catalyst to Garran's story that isn't told often upfront and center.

I really like how this one came out, though.


The return of goth Siorc, dressed in all black featuring the stomach scar and a necklace this time. And black nail polish. #/SilentQueen. I'm not sure if Siorc would ever actually dress like this. But, I don't draw him in pants all that often, and just wanted to do that.


Siorc in a fairy costume. Yes, I've drawn him in a fairy costume before, but this one is far more ambitious than the last one. I also drew a flower crown instead of hairpins for this particular piece and used metallic and glitter crayons on the entire outfit. The only thing that wasn't is the hair and skin. I still kind off want to buy more special effects crayons, though so I can do more than with what I have, but someday.


Siorc in a sort of low bun style and a type of dress I might have drawn before? Definitely have drawn this particular style of dress in the past, but different month, different ideas. He's also in his full hyena mode because I just wanted to draw his hyena limbs on at least one drawing this week.

Sorry if there's white spots, I guess I missed the edge of his paws when coloring.


Siorc wearing a recolored version of this Stocking cosplay from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. Feat: twintails again. Drawing Siorc with alternate hairstyles always feels...weird to me. Not sure why. I just don't do it often for a reason, I guess.

Now, this last one is kind of a lore heavy piece, and I'm going to put it in a spoiler for now as I'm likely about to update my chimera lore thread before I go to sleep.


That's it for this week. Not really sure what I'm planning for the next week going forward. Sunday, I'm writing somethin much more mild, so maybe I'll write more Angst in the Alt Text or something? But, next week, I'm very likely to post the drawings I withheld of my ocs that aren't yet public because I'll be unveiling them a week or so before their debut when I write them the Sunday after the one coming tomorrow. So, yeah, some of the stuff I post in here next week will not be drawn the week of, but two weeks back. It's just five drawings, really, nothing major.

But for now, that's where things are. I don't know if I'll do anything experimental or ambitious. It's a week by week thing.


Silence is Purple
Well, my computer was misbehaving a lot this week, so it might be a miracle if I can even post this update in here because I might land in "Page Unresponsive" hell over and over again as I try to update this post. I don't know why pngs/jpegs take up so much memory on my machine that's from...2008(?) but is Windows 10, but yolo. tidbit that doesn't matter in the long run of it all.

At any rate. Nothing especially groundbreaking this week. Although, there might be a few more drawings in this update as I'm making six drawings in this thread public that I drew some weeks ago at this point already. But, they'll be clearly labelled. However, there won't be any sources attached to the outfits drawn as I forgot to post them when I made the drawings public.

Without further ado. (Listen to Useewa btw).


Kouneko in a blouse suit. I'm also trying out drawing more of the tails in between the legs as of late. Although, in this instance, I think it doesn't work. For rabbit tails, I usually draw them on the side. I may go back to that in the future for Nousagi and Kouneko specifically.


It occurred to me that I haven't drawn Robin with his wings in quite a long time, and I wanted to try my hand at it again. I still honestly have a lot to learn while drawing wings. I also drew him in a fancy outfit I saw on Google and gave him hawk talons on his feet instead of his hands since he can control where they appear on his body when transforming. Needless to say, this still could use some work. I'll keep practicing.


Riyad in yet another middle eastern robe as he is, well, from the region that's supposed to be the Middle East. To be honest, this was just a quick rush and push out Sunday drawing, so his horns are smaller than I'd like them to be. I also don't care because I don't like Riyad. So, he can deal with it in my headspace that I drew his horns wrong.


Okay, sorry if the way I took this makes the photo look slanted. Can't be helped. Qiulong in a pink hanfu and a a pink hanfu with silky sleeves. Qiulong only wears pink, and thus, I will only ever draw her wearing pink. As for why I drew her twice, I thought I messed up her hair and I thought it'd be a waste to not finish the drawing anyway when her hair had already been finished, so I ended up just having two completed pieces in the end.

I always feel like I mess up her ponytail when I draw her... maybe it's my imaginaiton.


I ended up drawing Eau twice, as well because I thought I messed up her hair? Anyway, she's wearing a shirt suited for the beach in the first drawing and a dress suited for theater in the second one as this is the Project Sekai verse. Although, she looks really sad here. Troubled by something, if you will. I feel like she's a character I've never drawn smiling.


More double of the same character here. I rolled a random number and landed on 16, so I drew Gris. In the first drawing she's wearing I guess plastic breasts and a dress suited for theater. Also hair extensions as her hair isn't that long, honestly. Second dress is apparently called a beer girl dress. I don't see it, personally. Also, this was me envisioning her with a full head of indigo hair before it started to become grey.


This is Niesha Hakimi, Aega (and Goma {character profile pending for who knows how long})'s partner. I ended up having to draw this character twice, and honestly? This drawing is from a couple of weeks ago. I just don't show drawings of my ocs that aren't public yet. But, she's public now, and here she is.

When I colored her in, I used the darkest possible colors of the world colored pencil for her skin color. I think it looks pretty good. For my darker skinned ocs, I try to make all their shades of brown distinct from one another. I do the same for my lighter skinned ocs as well, of course, but still.

I think I have the source for Niesha's swimsuit on my priv account somewhere... but I can't see it on browser because I'm not logged into it atm. I'll edit the source in here later.


This is Pulao Baise, whom I'm very excited to write on Sunday. For the most part, I based this drawing off her picrew, which you can see in my "Kory's Big Chimera Oc Thread" in the Writer's Lounge. I'm way too lazy to grab that right now because I know it'll bring me to Page Unresponsive Pokecommunity.Com hell. So, you'll have to make due with no sources for today for thing I didn't put a source on on the original tweet I put it in.

Anyway, she's a crybaby, so yet another oc who isn't smiling, I guess.


This is Chiwen Baise, and I think ae came out pretty nice. I put a lot of effort into the twin ringlets on the top of aer hair and will have a lot of fun describing how ae look in Sunday's chapter. Ae is wearing a qipao, I think. But, I forgot to link the source to what I drew again. This is usually why I do not draw my new ocs early.


This is Qiongqi Baise. I didn't realize how close his name was to Qiongji location in Genshin, by the way, but... too late now, oh well. At any rate, he's a competitive otter dude and I looked up "tiger print shirts" when I gave him his outfit. Much different from his picrew, I guess. But there's a reason, as he's supposed to represent "Byakko" of the four gods. Baise means white, after all, and Qiongqi is a tiger with wings and is one of the four perils.

His hair, though... if I draw him again in the future, I hope I don't mess it up.


Naofa with lynx paws in a blue suit. I want to say that cadet blue doesn't really look all that blue to me. It never really has, tbh. Always looked kind of grey to me. Don't have much to say about this one, though. I just drew it on a whim.


Siorc. Tm. Okay, anyway. I'll try to quickly explain these as I go. Siorc in a 1920s style French Dress I wanted to give my apricot colored pencil a go, so I did. In the second one, it's just another outfit from Shein, nothing special. But, I wanted to experiment a little, and drew him in a mermaid costume with Ariel's pose used as a reference. Finally, the last one is just a lacy shirt I wanted to draw him in.


Last but not least, some experimentation pieces. Siorc in a retro watermelon dress, a dress with daisies on it. But, I drew two experimental pieces. I wanted to draw a merry go round horse for weeks now, so I did. I feel like I failed to draw a merry go round when I tried a week or so ago, and I wanted to right the wrong by drawing a mechanical horse. This was a struggle to draw, let me tell you. And, finally, a picnic. I figured out a trick with lining and that's draw the character first, do the lines second. It works much better. Now, there's no lines going through Siorc's face, hooray.

That's it this week. I want to work on drawing backgrounds. I really want to buy erasable pens so I can erase the unnecessary lines in backgrounds and stuff. It is rather frustrating I do not have a pen eraser, I really need one. No, I won't go back to pencil. Graphite is messy and smudges, no thank you!

I will keep trying to improve my drawings a best I can until then.


Silence is Purple
Going to be honest. This isn't going to be a super big update this week. I don't lack motivation, or anything, I just have been extremely bothered by screen burn on my phone for the past few days. It has been rather bugging me. But, it is apparently only noticeable on a blue screen, otherwise the burn-in is rather not noticeable.

So, that's fun...I hate how bothered by things I can be.

Anyway, there's twelve new drawings this week and that's really it. But, I'm about to start a new notebook, so I'll probably draw more next week. Without further ado.


Strix in a sweater, because why not? I wanted to try and draw Strix's hair the way I did the first time. I think it came out alright this time around. Although, I feel like I go rather back and forth with her hair color and that's because I just can't figure out what shade of green I want for him. It is what it is. I don't want his hair to be the same shade as Pira, Hase and Varg. I feel like I like fern on him, and maybe Granny Smith Apple on Varg. We'll see what ends up sticking.


Leah (Lewod) in a sparkly prom dress. While I don't think they'd get to go to prom in a dress in any of my current verses, I'd like to imagine this is a timeline where Lewod was able to express themselves femininely in high school. I used glitter crayons for this dress, but I feel like the glitter did not come out well. Keep in mind I don't have an excellent phone camera and the lighting in the room I sit in isn't very bright, so it is what it is.


I was watching a show called Seven Senses of the Reuinion recently which has a surprising amount of hate for being "an Anohana Sao copy" when Anohana sucks anyway. I won't take it back! Anyway, I drew Regina as Asahi Kuga because I liked her outfit. I don't get the hate for this show other than that nothing was resolved. Oh, well. Haters gonna hate, I guess.


I drew Jiaolong in Arknight cosplay question mark? I don't play Arknights, I just wanted to draw him in more herbalist attire because he is an herbalist, as I have probably said before. Probably.


Ceir in in archery ranger gear minus the bow because I just didn't feel like drawing that part. While drawing this, I accidentally gave her a line in her eye, which I am not supposed to do. She has frog eyes which don't have any of that. This is my bad, honestly. I'll be more careful next time.


Zephyr in "fantasy military clothes". I'll be honest in that I only drew this because I rolled a 54. Rng truly gave me a number for an oc I only could write once. I don't have especially much to say about this piece as Zephyr was a one time oc I wrote for a summer ghost story chapter, so yeah.


Kigyo in ancient greek clothes based off of clipart. I rolled a 3, Kigyo is that number in my head numbers, so I drew this since I didn't feel like rerolling. It came out as is. I messed up the shoes, if anything, but I think it looks like the Clip Art with my own Kory style.


Waiola, in who's even surprised? All back again! Because take step in this woman's closet and it's pitch black as midnight in there. I really liked how this looked while browsing Google and wanted to draw Waiola in it after rolling the number 41. I'm also trying to draw alternate hairstyles for some of my female ocs. I like her in a ponytail much more than I do Siorc, lol. (Who isn't female but still).


Out of anger that there's an npc named Parisa in Genshin Impact, I decided to draw my Parisa who came out and existed way before 3.0 mind you, so I drew her in the Hyakkou Private Academy Uniform from Kakegurui. Gambling makes you gay /hard joke. Second drawing is her in a pleaded skirt I found on google. It came out as expected, really.


Finally, Siorc in two random dresses featuring the Mailed Flower from the 3.5 Genshin event. I don't have a whole ton to say about these. I just drew what I felt like.

Above all, I'll probably draw more next week. I'm still extremely bothered by the screen burn thing. I've only really had this phone for a little over two months and I don't know why the screen burn has already started and it bothers me quite a lot. I'm going to just have to ignore it, I guess. OLED sucks.

For now, that's all.


Silence is Purple
Well, here we go. Honestly, another week where I just drew anything that came to me. I feel like a lot of my drawings will have shadows on them again, but that's the fault of the lighting in the room I'm in, I guess. It is what it is. I can't (and won't) promise anything in this particular department improving as I have a phone camera and we all know how those can be. Maybe in the summer when it's brighter for longer this won't be a problem for awhile.

Okay, alright, anyway.


To start off with, Bogart in Collei's outfit except it's gold. Which, by the way, Siorc wore canonly in a chapter, but it is not yet public. This was a pretty difficult outfit to draw, but I think it looks near similar to the real thing. I suppose all I'm really good at is drawing outfits anyway, aren't I? But maybe I'm truly not.


Nousagi in two different suits that I saw on Google. Sometimes, I don't feel satisfied with my first attempt and end up drawing the same character again and that's what happened here.

Also, the downside of using lined paper is you can always see the outline of my last drawing on the next two sheets of paper after it...but I draw on a a budget of what's available to me and it can't be helped.


Pira in summer wear. I admit that the original outfit had a design print on it but I was too tired to draw it. Drawing that Bogart must have taken a lot, or something. I don't know.


Hase in a short black dress from Shein. Black is I guess my go to "in a rush color" because it requires little time and though, really. I don't often draw Hase because I don't have all that many ideas in my head for her in terms of what I think she'd wear.


God, the shadow on this one is absolutely awful. I'm sorry. Tegne in a casual suit featuring me attempting once again to draw arms crossed and failing. I feel like when I drew this, I was just...doing that wrong? Well, I'm learning, I guess.


Rede in a casual shirt as well although, it would seem the light blue looks lighter than I thought and his hair is too light for me, as well. I used olive green, but from the shot of this photo it nearly looks yellow. I don't like it. I will definitely do a different green next time...again.


Why didn't I retake this photo, I colored in the white spot... Alright, anyway, Shenlong crossing her arms. I found a helpful reference for it and I think I got it this time. I think I drew her in a Qipao, but I never remember which is which. I will try and remember so I don't have to put a question mark next to it.


Ending up drawing Chiwen in a Cheogasm question mark and with aer otter feet because, Chiwen is an otter chimera. This is when I decided to draw a floor underneath aer so aer not just floating on the page. I am going to try to do this more when I don't want to draw a background.


Pulao also in a Qipao or Cheogsam question mark with butterflies. I must say using the color oatmeal is much nicer than pure white because it's essentially a dark white. I've been using this shade a lot more lately, so this colored pencil is already wearing down, aha.


Yet another drawing of the Baises, yes. Anyway, drew Qiongqi in a Changshan (male equivalent to a Cheongsam) but drastically altered it to have a tiger print as it fits with his naming: Qiongqi who is one of the four perils in Chinese mythology.


Niesha in a black and red swimsuit In no relation to Dehya's outfit, just a coincidence if the top looks similar. I definitely messed up the bells in her hair, though. I probably should have drawn them in her pigtails instead of near them.


Irpa in a medevil dress. Although, I messed up when coloring it and had to go over some parts with black crayon to fix the mistake I made. Usually, I color her other parts of her hair sky blue, but I did "turquoise blue" (crayola stop calling it that, you're embarrassing yourself.) to signify she's resonated with the Anemo element a this point in time.

Okay. Grouping all these next four together because I didn't have sources attached when posting.




These are Shunko Hougo, Isamu Hougo, Shiroka Hougo, and Hatsu Hougo. A Miko, If you want a closer look at a Miko uniform, here. (Shunko and Isaumu are both mikos) and Omyoujis respectively. Hatsu's outfit is inspired by this one in particular. If I had to say my favorite introductory character designs I've come up with and drew myself, I'd tell you Shiroka because I'm really happy with how she came out. I think she looks almost exactly like her picrew. These drawings are from a few weeks ago, though, but I made them public only this week.


Wanted to draw Parisa with the Aranara because she can see them. As usual, the pleaded skirt aesthetic for her. As this is all I can imagine her wearing for some reason. I also may have drawn her antlers in the wrong direction...my bad.


Oh my god guys the imgur link in here is cGeoWnr See Geo Winner oh my god Geo is a winner. /joke No one is reading this far into the thread, are they? Well, anyway? Xena (when she was still Sylvie) Wearing medieval clothing. Also gave her blue highlights this time to show she's resonated with Hydro at this point in time. Also gave her a heart headband. What are those things called that a girl wears in her hair anyway... They are called headands, right? The things that go behind the ears and in the middle of your hair? I always hated them they hurt, so I forget if that's what they're called.


Drew Plata because I rolled her number. I forgot to post the source for this hoodie, though, and I think the lighting in the room made this really difficult to see. I really need a three way lightbulb in here to make this room brighter for when I'm drawing to take the photos.


Soie as a mime. I am going to say this is probably the Project Sekai universe where she's determined to be in a circus of some kind. I also think she'd make an awful Mime.

Siorc would be a good one, though, he doesn't even talk.


Finally, because I always draw Siorc on Fridays, the Siorc drawings dump. I really need to draw him more than once a week I feel odd when I don't have at least eight drawings of him. I'll probably resume drawing him again more in the coming weeks.

Anyway, first two are self explanatory. Siorc as a UA student plus the gym/exercise uniform, too. I got a survey about BNHA in Roblox and decided to draw him imagined as a UA student. No, I'd never write a BNHA au. Don't ask! But, his quirk would obviously be "hyena". In the third one, that's supposed to be a leprechaun dress. Really feel like I could have done better on it, though. Finally, the goth aesthetic tm. Just par for the course.

I will draw more Siorc next week. Some days, I just want to draw my ocs that aren't the protagonist since I pour the most effort into Siorc as is, you know? Maybe I'll draw him on Sunday before I write the most recent chapter (a fun one this week btw, it'll be about a rumor spreading fast around Liyue Harbor while he retrieves Mini Ruin Guards, so yeah). on Sunday. We'll see.

For now, that's it.

I don't think my drawings are going to improve, or anything, but I'm trying what I'm capable of since I am incapable of switching to digital.
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I'm finally on a new page, so this thread won't crash my browser. But, that's not saying much, really, if I'm being honest. My laptop is extremely old, so it's a miracle it even works, I guess, at its ripe age of whenever it came out. (Look, I got this thing used.)

To be honest, rather average week for drawings. That's all I can really say. I had to switch to another pen and this one bleeds, and I hate it. So... I guess if stuff looks lower quality my pen decided to bleed onto the paper and ruined my day. (exaggeration)

Okay. I lied. I got "oh, snap, the page is out of memory"! So, as I say in my fanfiction: "luck and the archons were not on his side."


I feel like this is probably the tenth or so time I've drawn Siorc in a punk aesthetic, but it works and I like drawing it, so too bad, there's more. /sarcasm. Whether or not Siorc would actually dress this way? Who knows. I sure don't. Featuring a star dress as well because Black and Grey are My Lazy colors.


I very rarely draw Olann because he's dead. But, for the sake of it, I'll say in most of the drawings of him they are likely when he was alive, or an au where he did not die. But, since I quite almost never draw him, I decided to in another vest suit because that is the only thing he wears...wore, rather. He's dead.

Speaking of "I don't really draw him..."


I don't really draw Kaiser in drag much, either. But, that's because I find drawing extremely extra and explosive outfits very difficult. It very much is. Drag requires... a lot. Like, a lot a lot. I have no idea how much time it takes to put on those kinds of outfits, I'm a trans guy, lmfao, I do not partake in the...sport(?) and only look at it through the lens of I draw and write a lot of dmab characters who explore femininity, you know? They're taking mine that I don't want.


I drew Hollander (Holly) in a German dress really quickly on a Sunday. This is yet another character I rarely draw because 1.) She's <18, so I don't really feel like it 90% of the time if I roll her number (22). 2.) She's a very minor character in the story, only appearing sometimes. And 3.) The Gefroren's eyebrows are annoying to draw. So, this is a rare appearance of her in this thread.


Drew Loba in a short dress. Now, Loba is someone I want to draw more. There's many things I'd like to be able to draw her in, but I feel like I never do, or almost rarely draw her. That needs to change. It's weird, she's one of my favorites.


Aega in a....a...a... night romper *dies saying this*. I don't know what that is, but it sounds...like a sexy nightgown? That was embarrassing to say...[/size=1]. I am again attempting to draw breasts, or at least the "breastline", what have you. It is a time and half, really. I'm trying. Breasts are not easy. I always mess them up, or just am unable to convey them.


Liath in yet another fancy shirt I heavily simplified. I don't know what went wrong here. I guess I just didn't have the energy to draw the entire design?


Gris in a candy dress I saw on Google. I feel like it's noticeable I was drawing a lot of sibling pairs this week. Yes, indeed, I was doing exactly that. I had no real reason in particular for this. It's just what I felt like doing for most of the week.


Should be obvious that this is Siorc in the Mitakihara Middle School Uniform wearing Madoka's ribbons. As someone who used to take heavy inspiration from Madoka Magica, this was bound to happen someday.

One day, I'll actually draw Siorc in his Puella Magi form.

"But only girls can be Puella Magi!!"

I don't care.
Siorc is an Honorary Girl.
He looks like one, anyway.
(That's the point, he's supposed to look feminine).


The other day, the 16th of March was National Panda Day. As such, I had the perfect excuse to draw Yinlong in a Changshan. I hope I got that right this time. I always mix the names up, I feel.


But we're not done with the pandas yet, because obviously, I have more where that came from. Sorry if this one is dark and hard to see, but Jiaolong in I forgot what this kind of outfit is called and I didn't say what the shirt was called when I posted the drawwork originally... rip.


Also drew Qiulong in a yukata. Yes, a pink one. Because that's all she wears is pink. I used the glitter crayon in some spots, but my camera doesn't really capture that. I wish it did.


I drew Shenlong in an Ao Dai. Which is a Vietnamese dress. I think typically for weddings? I am not completely sure. I do know they're gorgeous, though, at least the real thing, anyway.


And, finally. Siorc in a green dress for Saint Patrick's Day. Because I will never miss an opportunity to remind you all Siorc is Shark in Irish, and "Ingne" is Irish for nail. So, yeah. Second one is the Black Parade outfit from Welcome to the Black Parade (listen to this song if you want to feel old/nostalgic it's 17 years old now). And a fruits shirt. It was originally just strawberries, but I changed it up a bit for the fun of it all.

As usual, I do not know what will be in store for next week. I'm writing another wild chapter in my fanfiction about harvesting energy from the youth to create a god, so that's fun. So, I don't know what I have planned, or if I'll experiment again. I do want to try drawing backgrounds again or chairs, or something. And, I'd like to, but some weeks I really just don't feel like it...

But, I'll keep drawing, I have been every day for almost six months now...I think? I think, yes. My stack of notebooks is piling up. I might need to start storing them somewhere in the future, aha.

That's it for now. I still don't have any idea who looks in here, if at all, but that's fine, I guess...whoever looks in here looks in here.


Silence is Purple
New week, new drawings. Although, it is again <20 new pieces. It's honestly... been a week full of drawing mistakes, I guess? I feel like I made a lot of mistakes while drawing, and my pen bleeding all over the paper contributes to this, if I'm being honest.

"Bet those are just excuses." They're not...this pen really is just wetter than my last one. But, that's life.


Okay, to be honest, I have no idea where to start, and honestly. When I drew this, it was Savon's birthday. So, I drew her in a dress. I don't normally think or remember most of my ocs birthdays. But, I saw it was Savon's on the day that was March 18th, so I drew her.


I also drew Waiola in a dress and yes, you guess it, it's all black. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, though. But, I also tried to draw her with a different hairstyle.


Ended up drawing Rys in two different outfits because I feel like I messed up the first time, so I just had to draw Rys again. Not really sure it helped anything. I honestly feel like I messed up the face...eh. It is what it is.


Ended up drawing Velours in a winter vest because what is fashion, anyway? I finally wrote hir in the fanfiction, so I feel like I had a valid excuse to draw hir, you know?


Ugh, the pen bleed here...I drew Eau in two swimsuits, although, I didn't source the second one for some reason. To be honest, I made a few mistakes in her hair, and I don't really...like how these came out? This is honestly why I draw every day, so I can improve what I don't like.


Drew Hase in sweatshirt from Madokawa. I will say I like this website a lot for ideas for fashion for my ocs and that's why I keep coming back to it. Maybe in the near future, I'll draw Siorc in the same outfit.


Okay. Leah as a princess. She is the number one princess in the world.... Um, I mean, what? Well, anyway, I just wanted to pose their hands in such a way that it'd look haughty. So, here that is, I guess. I still hope people can tell Siorc and Lewod apart. I don't know.


Lang in a women's suit. No, there's no follow up drawing with Kylling after this, I only drew Lang. I think this suit looks good on her for a...2d drawing. Yeah.

Next one I'm putting in a spoiler.


I drew Linggui playing water polo, but he's shirtless so, yeah. Going to keep that one in a spoiler. I know I already drew water polo before, and all, but I wanted to draw it again with another one of my characters, so go figure.


One of my twitter mutuals gave me the number 37, which is Tegne's assigned number. So I drew him as Thoma, from Genshin Impact. Considering how similar these two characters are in both being from Mondstadt but now in Inazuma, this feels like a fate drawing. However, I removed all of the Thoma specific details and made this outfit green for Dendro.


Feng in a hanfu. He might have had a dream where he was a girl and was happy. Somehow, I feel like he's getting more confident in his femininity the more I draw him... I'm happy to oblige, I suppose.


Kouneko in Edo period style clothing, which apparently, Inazuma is based on. Whether that's speculation or fact? I haven't the foggiest of ideas. But, I figured I would draw her in this style of clothing at least once.


The lack of Siorc this update feels weird, but I always will draw him on Friday, and always will. To start, I drew him in a golden dress that was partially black, which is always a fun time. But, I also wanted to experiment, so I drew Siorc playing basketball and he's wearing the uniform for that. I also remembered the concept of tye dyeing shirts. Who even does that anymore? Is that something of the past these days? I remember the times I tye dyed shirts fondly. Also drew a happy bunny shirt on him. Can I just say though...

what a mean rabbit, jesus christ. Not sure if these are supposed to be funny. I know when I was a kid, teens loved this stuff, but I just find these in poor taste and mean.

Never drawing this mean rabbit again!

For this week, that is...it? Not sure what else is planned. I will draw as I usually do, and write like I always do. Sunday is another main story chapter rather than a wild branch off, so who knows how long it'll end up being? Probably another 10k+ banger, or something...

I'm thinking of maybe doing another theme week. Maybe Love Live! School Idol Festival Outfits because the game is in its last week of existing now. But many of those are hard to draw. So... I don't know. We'll see.


Silence is Purple
I am posting this a day late because my computer decided to be crappy all day yesterday after I went on Dreamwidth for the majority of the day to toss all my drafts on there just in case Twitter/ the website I use to post my fanfiction on (for private drafts) dies or something this month due to api changes. Who even knows what's happening anymore? Everyone is always acting like that's the case.

Doomposters are so annoying, and all that.

Anyway, SIF has died, and I didn't end up doing a SIF week, I just drew whatever and rolled random numbers, so that's all that most of this is going to be.


Starting this update off, Varg is wearing a I love the Beatles shirt because I now use him as "he wears band shirts" sort of thing. Even though, I don't know what kind of music he likes. Probably doesn't have the same taste as me.


Nathair in a strawberry nightgown. "But, Kory, you've drawn xem in one before." Okay, so? Xe likes to wear things like this, so I obliged. I also haven't drawn xem in a long time, and decided to do so.


Kylling in a steampunk dress...bang, except she's not holding a gun because I don't want to draw one. There's no follow up Lang drawing since I didn't roll her number. I only rolled Kylling's.


Ceir in a mother like sweater shirt, I guess? That's what came up on Google when I searched this up. She looks unhappy, but she's a stressed young woman who has to act like a mother to her youngest siblings since she died years ago. So, yeah.


Siorc in a labcoat. This is likely the Tokyo Mew Mew universe. I don't know if I'll ever write it, though. The anime was very disappointing, tbh.


Isamu in a kimono, but made orange because he probably doesn't wear pink? It'll be awhile before I write him again to know for sure.


Shunko in uniform style casual wear as this is something I feel like she'd wear when she finally gets to see her sister again. Since Shunko and Isamu's mother and father are divorced.


Shiroka in casual dress. She's worried about Hatsu. I feel like I need to draw Shiroka more, but she's a much more recent oc, which makes it difficult to do so and figure out what to do next with her. Maybe in the coming months.


Hatsu in casual wear as well, and he looks kind of sad about it. The look of dysphoria, if you will. I know it's just a drawing, but I don't know, I can feel a major sense of depression from this picture.


Parisa in a knee length pleaded skirt. But, I don't like how the shirt came out because it just came out...not too well, if I'm being honest? Oh, well.


Naofa back in its Khaenria'hn days. This is viking style clothing as that's how I picture most of the regular citizens to wear, Norse style clothing. As most, if not all of the characters we know of have Germanic song name schemes or Norse names. So...

Also, Naofa's hair highlights are white as it is not resonated to any element during this time.


I drew Regina in German(?) dress, this was labelled as Octoberfest. I don't know if that holiday originated from there, or not. I'm writing her again on Sunday, so maybe I'll have her wear this.


Krysi in a Czech clipart dress since I couldn't really get behind the actual photos, and ended up drawing the clipart version. By the way, reminder, her name means Rat Race in Czech.


Velours in, you guessed it, another vest, surprise! No. I will never draw hir in anything else, it's the vibe.


The day I drew these was Trans Day of Visibility. And the day after SIF's demise. Rip. So. I didn't describe any of these outfits in detail... Anyway, drew Siorc in a heart dress with a blue skirt, but the quality of the source is terrible. I apologize. A blue lolita dress with a bear ribbon. I might have drawn this on another character, don't remember. A long, olive dress, that I feel came out terribly...I don't know. And, finally, the non-binary flag shirt. Because he's non-binary.

I haven't drawn yet today, but I'll be back next week. Who knows what's going to happen, and what I'll draw? And whenever people stop doomposting about twitter's "death".

In the meantime, I'm looking for something to fill the SIF void. It's so weird and bizarre I can't play it anymore...but tomorrow, I'll be busy writing anyway, so... Alright, I'll be back next week. Goodbye.


Silence is Purple
Okay, to be honest, in internet land, this has been a pretty bad week. Twitter is buckling down on their paid api bullshit money making scheme, SideM as a franchise is toast, so my entire timeline is upset about that, (way to go Bamco, you've outdone yourselves yet again) and more trans bans around the country. So, honestly. The world is a crapshoot tvtropes page.

There's not much this week, sixteen drawings. And, my computer has been a piece of crap all week, so I don't even know if I'll be able to post this.

Alright, anyway.


To start this update off, I drew Strix in a sweater, but I spilled soup all over the rug and didn't feel like drawing anything else that day. So, this is all that came out of April 1st. I wanted to draw some fun joke drawings, but I got too distracted by the rug stain to want to do anything.


I ended up drawing Nousagi doing kung fu because I feel like they'd teach their students martial arts, I don't know? I drew them wearing karate gi, so why not, right?


I rolled an 8, so I ended up drawing Raven in some sort of brown suit. I tend to not draw Raven all that often because I don't feel inclined to. But, I guess this one came out alright.


And with Raven comes Robin in a jumpsuit. I really need to sharpen my black colored pencils, I'm just lazy to do it, so the black comes out lighter than I intend it to. Eh, oh well.


Also, Kasane Teto is getting a new voicebank for her 15 anniversary, so I drew Deigr as Kasane Teto. A momentous occasion, if I'm being honest since Kasane is a chimera, and well, Deigr is a chimera and they both have twin drills. This drawing was a match made in heaven. Ended up doing the pose, too.


I drew Coiote, too, since I rolled a 33. I drew her in a dress I found on Shopify, nothing special, really. To be honest, since she's in her thirties, it's hard for me to give her outfits I think fit her age...since I'm not thirty yet.


I also drew Jiaolong in a "princely outfit" whatever that means, and 1/4th of an umbrella because I'm an idiot and I'm bad at drawing. I probably should have drawn the umbrella first, but eh. Next time.


It's been awhile since I've drawn Bogart, so I drew him in a Turkish Dress which I think looks worse than the source since the real thing is much prettier, to be honest? This is why I don't allow myself to say I'm an artist, because I'm clearly not allowed to say that about myself, right?

I don't know. I think I could have tried harder to make it look like the photo...


Also drew Aega in a "sexy" dress that's black. When I drew her, I wanted to draw my poc ocs on this day in particular because I feel like I don't showcase them enough, especially not Aega.

Breasts are still pretty hard, imo.


I also drew Garran in something advertised as a detective outfit featuring: frog feet because, reminder, they're a frogcupine chimera. Tried also drawing them holding the tie with mixed results.


Riyad is wearing a poncho, but god...that smirk. I hate this man. Who let this man be my oc? Oh, wait... I did. I made him in my brain. He looks like Happy Bunny, save me god.


Okay, so Cardcaptor Sakura hit 25 years this year with its anime adaption. So I decided to draw Siorc in multiple of Sakura's outfits just because and this is how they turned out... I think my peach colored pencil needs sharpening because it's been coming out far too light lately? Well...que sera, sera. Another time. Even when I do, it doesn't seem to sharpen right.

Now, for a big one, (I guess).


Decided to draw Siorc in the Puella Magi au since I honestly think he'd be one. Before anyone says "only girls can be Puella Magi" I don't care. Siorc doesn't identify as either male or female. Anyway, this is the inspiration of his dress. For the soul gem, I looked at the main five from the original series to draw his and it's purple and green instead of one color because his theme colors are both purple and green and I couldn't just do one. His weapon is inspired by this I saw on Google, it's inspired by the pole weapon known as "The Man Catcher". I know I've said Siorc doesn't do well with pole style weapons, but this is a completely different verse altogether. So, he'd probably be alright with it.

As for what Siorc would wish for: he'd wish to be able to communicate without talking and instantly become proficient in sign language.

By the way, his hairpin is where his soul gem is. It's the green part. Similar to how Mami's are in her hair ribbons on her head. Her soul gems in the movie cracked when she was beheaded btw.

Anyway, that's it this week...I started a new notebook, and don't know what I have planned going forward. But, I'll be making more ocs public, so my number will be inflated by four drawings that aren't actually new next week.

...That's all for now.


Silence is Purple
At the time of writing this post, I'm sleep deprived. Last night, I didn't sleep because my phone was being weird and being slow when on the internet when my other phone was connecting fine. Ended up deleting Genshin for a whole two hours because my phone was being stupid and wouldn't redownload it. Have no idea what that was all about...

I'll attempt to keep this concise. I'm really tired, so I'll see if I can summarize in like a few sentences each. I know I don't have to explain since no one even looks at this thread, but I will anyway.


Starting off this update with Linggui in a men's hanfu. I didn't know these existed, but I guess they do, so there we go.


Not sure if this image is working, but if it is, that should be Loba in a sports hoodie. She's early on in her transition, so she's feeling dysphoric and awkward & not yet confident.

(As of this point I have now slept). (Thanks, autosave)


I drew Qiulong as a ballerina because I want to try drawing more hands by the sides posing. And, yes, you guessed it, she's wearing pink. That's her color.


Gris is wearing a frog dress I think green looks pretty good on her? I know some of the green looks very yellow here, so sorry about that.


Not every Sunday can be Easter, as Green Day would say. But I drew Kouneko on Easter. In a half green, half white suit. I was slightly lazy when I drew this, though, ngl.


I also drew Pulao in a plus-sized Cheongsam? That's how this was labelled. I don't know whether she is plus-sized or not (probably not, but why is this stopping anyone from wearing anything anyway) I colored this in green, guess it's green season this week.


I drew Feng in a French Fairy Dress, someone called him a princess, and he's over the moon about it. Also, that's supposed to be green, but the glitter made it yellow looking...rip.


I drew Hase in a pink low skirted dress and a necklace. Sorry if the other drawing underneath casts an outline. I should probably start holding the picture out so that doesn't appear...


Ended up drawing Uxi twice because, honestly, I don't like his design. But, I figured out the problem! It's the neck. So, I drew the hair behind his chin after drawing the neck, not before, and it came out so much better. I'm going to do that from now on.

He's wearing norse clothes again, go figure.


Drew Faxi, too. I don't remember what this outfit is, think it's an alchemist coat. I didn't say in the original tweet...bad Kory. I'll try to do so next time.


I ended up drawing Argenta in a cresent moon hoodie, but as you can see, I am very terrible at that shape, so it never comes out right...I don't know how I can improve that. Any tips?


This is Onur Saber, ve's now a public oc amongst my big roster. Good for ver. I don't have much to say because I won't be making a post for ver in the thread until I make the last three public.


The day I drew this was a very special day, April 13th, Homestuck day. So, I drew Parisa as the troll of her zodiac sign,
. That was a fun thing to draw! Good thing she has horns (antlers) so it was easy to imagine her as a Homestuck troll!


Next is Rede as Eridan as Rede's an Aquarius. Whether that fits a goat...who knows! I had fun drawing the cape, even though purple is for Siorc's family only usually.


Stepping away from my horned ocs, I drew Yinlong as Kanaya. I don't remember anything about this particular troll, though, rip. I should have given them fake horns, but I got too lazy to do that.

And finally.


Just Siorc.

Just kidding. Siorc is wearing Something similar to Venti's outfit, just less details because I drew this on a day I didn't sleep, so I was tired, I guess. And yes, Siorc as Monika. Maybe he deleted everyone silently in DDLC, heh.

Anyway, that's it this week. To be honest, I'll keep drawing even if no one looks in here, or pays attention. And I'll try to keep improving best I can. I was going to update this last night, but my computer went to Unresponsive Land, so I gave up and passed out, so I came back this morning to post this.

My computer hasn't been behaving lately, tbh, so posting much of anything here has been pretty hard. I'll be back next week with around the same number of drawings, though.


Silence is Purple
Okay, so. Before I begin this update for the enjoyment of whoever is actually looking, it has come to my attention that Imgur is going to be deleting images that weren't posted on an account, which means, well.... rip to over 400+ photos, I guess?

In the future, I'll likely just post a link to my Google Drive of all the backed up photos, though. Maybe just pretend you don't see the name of the drive account.

Going forward, I have made an Imgur account. So, everything seen here will be from my Imgur account. I find it rather annoying they've decided to just burn like millions of files. Oh, well. I was going to just link search links to specific ocs and my Twitter username, but it seems Twitter search is now disabled for guests. Making it useless to link them if people viewing this thread don't have a Twitter account. But, maybe I'll do it anyway in like four weeks.

Alright, with that all out of the way, this update isn't anything spectacular. Mostly random number generator decides what I draw or people on Twitter gave me a number when I asked for some.


Starting this update off, we have Lewod in a lowcut Kuromi and My Melody dress. Probably shocked how low-cut it is because their tail is out in this picture.

I'd like to apologize again for the outline of the next picture appearing in the current one. I'm trying to figure out how to prevent this from happening? Maybe I have to hold the picture up a bit when I take the photo.

I always draw first, then color. Originally, I'd take the photos after coloring everything, but I've tried taking photos of the drawing after finishing coloring one, then doing the rest, but I don't think either case helps get rid of the outline of the next upcoming picture, either.


One of my good friends gave me the number 7. So, I obliged, and drew Robin in hiphop getup as you can see. I removed some elements, though, like the heart and changed the m into an R because that's the first letter of his name. I normally pair up Robin with Raven, but I didn't feel like drawing him too, honestly.


I think I drew this on Sunday. I just drew Gris in a sailor school uniform and called it a day. The original one was white, but I made it green because that was just what I wanted to do with it. I also pulled her hair down instead of drawing her usual braids. And...also forgot to draw her loose indigo parts amongst her grey hair, so I haphazardly just colored that in, tbh.


I rolled a 39, so I drew Savon. I saw this cute outfit on Madokawa, so I drew them in it. Normally, I don't really think Savon would wear things like this, she's a sea lion, after all, and usually wears light clothing. But, since she's a chimera that transforms, I'd imagine she'd have to sometimes wear full clothing like this.

This is most likely in the Project Sekai universe that I'll write someday if I can get my hands on Miku V4X. Eta: who knows, probably not in my lifetime. Rip.


I also rolled a 52, but rolled it up to a 53. Yes, I know rounding below the number 5 means the number stays as it is, but I don't care.

Anyway, I drew Cloch in a surreal looking dress with a strange looking pattern. I wanted an excuse to draw her again since I rarely do and this was how that came out.

I really like her design, I wish I could do more with her in the story, but she's introduced too late in for me to do anything meaningful with her. Maybe the final book, eta: 2024. (Rip).


I was given the number 20 when I asked for a random number between 1 and 66, so I drew Regina in queenly attire. Literally, the name of the website is queenly. This was advertised as a prom dress, so I figured I'd go get the metallic crayons and this came out pretty good, if I'm being honest.

By the way, Regina actually means queen. The more you know.


It's been awhile since I've drawn Loba. I think a few weeks. Not keeping track, personally. Anyway, Loba in a swimsuit, a two piece one. I'm sorry if the anatomy is terrible. And in a lacy dress simplified a bit. I also drew her with a perm. This was likely earlier into her transition, so her hair is shorter, and she's not as confident with herself yet.


I rolled an eleven, so I drew Liath in a lace shirt. I apologize if the outline of the next drawing is visible here. I'm going to try, in the future, maybe lift up the paper before taking the photo so that's not visible anymore.


I drew Qiongqi in another tiger print shirt, but it seems I forgot to color in his eyelashes... apologies. This picture feels rather unfinished, but the premise of this was to show his scars and where they were. Maybe I'll redraw this one.


Ugh, another outline is visible. Anyway, Chiwen in a shirt with tree branches in it. the original is better, though, tbh. But, I'm trying my best.


I also drew Velours in a kirby vest. Just simplified because I couldn't be bothered to draw the entire thing.


And, finally, SIorc in a Sanrio dress, a wedding dress, a lacy dress, and then cosplaying Nezuko. Sources later and explanation later because my computer is still being slow as I type this out. Here they are, the sources. Anyway, most of these I drew from inspiration from Google, but Siorc as Nezuko is perfect because neither of them talk much, you know? This is what I thought fit.

That's it this week but next week is Siorc's birthday. So, expect much more Siorc and less of everyone else. I'll try to figure out how to make my photos look clearer & not have the outlines of the next photo showing in the first photo.
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New week, new drawings. Before I begin, though, this week is Siorc only, so that's all that's going to be in this post. With three notable exceptions. I decided to do a Siorc birthday countdown, so all of my other 69 ocs were pushed aside for the time being. But, they'll be back in the next update.

Since it's all Siorc, I'll be grouping posts by the day I drew them as some of them follow a specific theme.


If the theme is not obvious, the day I drew these it was Earth Day, and five days before Siorc's birthday. The first one, he's standing by a tree. In the second one, he's watering a plant that's taken from clipart, I'll admit it, I also ended up drawing him laying in a flower field. He's wearing a small sundress, and I think this is the happiest I've ever drawn. And yes, in the fourth one, I regret to inform you all, I drew Barry B. Benson. You all have to live with that cursed image. Feautring this dress.


On Sunday, I drew Siorc wearing camaflage (man, I hate that word, I don't remember how to spell it) or, tried, rather. I think I didn't color it enough for it to be considered that.


Siorc's birthday countdown continued, and it was three days until the day when I drew these. These aren't specifically themed, he's just wearing multiple kinds of dresses I saw on Devil Inspired and other websites. Devil Inspired is where I get most of my inspiration for Siorc's and my other feminine oc's outfits. That's not going to change.


When I was drawing these, I was watching SuperCrooks. So, I ended up wanting to draw Siorc in a Romanian dress, I ended up simplifying it a bit, though. But, I also drew him as Snow White the "most unrelatable Disney Princess" or something. I tend to not draw my ocs as Disney Princesses, but it was inevitable at some point.


When I drew this, the countdown to Siorc's birthday was one day. And, I ended up drawing Siorc as Leaf/Green/Blue...whatever her name is. I don't know, it's annoying, she has three different ones. I don't even know if Leaf and Green are the same or different characters. Anyway, I like how this one came out. But that skirt is ridiculously short.


And, the day had arrived, Siorc's birthday the only day that matters. I drew Siorc in Dawn's Valentine's Day costume from Pokemon Masters and this outfit , which I find really cute.


These are the final Siorc drawings for this week. But, of course, there will always be more. In the first one, he's wearing a vest, then he's wearing a a witch costume, a punk aesthetic and cosplaying Sayaka Miki. Not sure why I wanted to draw him as Sayaka, I just did.

Anyway, that's it for Siorc, but here are the three exceptions. None of these three drawings below this warning here were drawn recently, but were made public recently, rather.


This is Goma Frama, he's Niesha and Aega's boyfriend, Cloch's (and two upcoming ocs)'s brother & the estranged cousin of Garran, Ceir, Marble, Gloine and Mioatal. And he's a boxer. I don't have the source for his outfit on me, and for that, I apologize.


And this is Wren Truand. Robin's estranged cousin. I definitely think she came out pretty good when I drew her...months ago. I kind of forget when I drew her, but I'm finally writing her now that Girdle of Sands is out.


Last but not least, Dove Voile. Raven's estranged cousin in the Girdle of Sands. Sorry if I don't have a source for the outfit, it's on my locked account and I don't feel like logging in on desktop.

That's it this week. I think I'm going to be doing a PokeWeek at the beginning of May, so once Sunday comes around, that'll be the end of the Siorc birthday week stuff. For now, I'm going.


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man this thread is popping huh

to the no one that is viewing this.

So, this week's update should be a fun one. I decided to do a Pokemon themed drawing week. But, some of Siorc's birthday week stuff will leak into this, but most of this update will be Pokemon related. So, I won't have to source much from my Twitter account this week. Only the first few.

Without further ado, let's go. Please if anyone actually looks at this post say something I feel like no one ever even look in here except bots and guests.


Starting this update off, we have the rest of Siorc's birthday week stuff. I was looking up specific decade for ideas for fashion for my ocs, and came across the 1970s decade of dresses, and figured... why not? Looks good. On Siorc, anyway. There's no way I'd wear something from fifty years ago. Second drawing is Siorc in Retro Diner wear because, honestly? Why not? He's an Honorary Girl. And I think he'd rock a diner outfit. Not a diner job, though, because that requires talking. Third one is A plaid matching outfit. I'm trying to do different hairstyles on Siorc lately. But, I think some are hit or miss.


This was... alright, honestly? A rush job. Siorc in a very... heavily simplified Keroppi dress. Next time, I'll try to draw the entire outfit and not just...part of it, but Sundays are busy and I don't have time to draw, really.

And now, begins the Pokeweek section of this thread. Most of these will just be linked to Bulbapedia articles to make things easier. I cannot promise any of these will look like the outfits, and I'm sorry if I do not meet expectations.


Wow, the url for this one has "qt" in it, yet I don't think this is cute at all. I don't know if it's obvious or not, but this is Savon as Misty. It is not a one for one since Savon has cream colored hair and grey-pink eyes, but, yeah. There she is. I did mess up a bit on the outfit and the colors... but, honestly, I could always redraw and try again at a later date, you know?

Sorry if the eyes are uneven.


Originally, when I envisioned a Pokemon week, I didn't think I'd draw generic npcs. But, The black haired Furisode Girl npc is in Pokemon Masters and I didn't see a reason not to. So, Parisa is a Furisode Girl. With her usual hair ribbons, but not her buns that I usually draw her with. Came out alright, I suppose?


Why did my browser say it's time to run out of memory at this exact point... Tangent aside... Ceir as ris. Pre champion era, of course since, I'll be honest, don't know if I can draw the champion outfit sounds like an investment in time that is definitely beyond me.


Sorry if this one is hard to see all the colors. I drew Lang as Falkner. I think that might be text highlighted...or something because Google did that. Rip. Not really sure why this came out the way it did, I need to color the skin in harder with the colored pencil or layer it, maybe? I don't like how light the skin came out.


I also drew Gloine as Hop because I feel, for, whatever reason, it's just...kinda fitting for him? This is a character I almost never draw, so it's hard to think about what works for him. But, I think it came out nicely.


I suppose I just wanted to draw a lot of the Gym Leader outfits, you know? So, I ended up drawing Eau as ORAS Roxanne. Since Eau has a Geo vision and Geo = rock, and Roxanne is a rock type gym leader it honestly just fits and works out well for her. Except the annoying shadows in the photo from my camera. That's always going to be there.


Continuing this Important Pokemon characters extravaganza....here's Nathair as Phoebe. I tried drawing the pose, as well. Came out pretty good, I suppose. I'm still awful with drawing people holding things, I'm sorry.


Not sure if I've drawn this particular outfit before, but maybe I have already...anyway, I drew Krysi as Lyra. Feel like I've drawn this before, though...maybe not on Krysi but Siorc. Maybe not? I can't check because it's impossible for me to since I can't load into this thread anymore.


This one might be difficult to see the resemblance, but this is Prinz as Riley, but I think I didn't do a good job with this outfit. It came out terrible, in my opinion. I could have made this look better.


Finally, of course, I'm not leaving Siorc out of the mix. Have to include him too, you know? First, I drew him as Dawn, because I figured I'd try doing a workaround with hair where I don't draw the lines through other lines. Him as Hilda, as well since I just wanted to give that a go, also. Rosa, too, because I felt like it, and finally, him as a Team Magma grunt.

I don't have much to say at the end here because my browser keeps crashing over and over and over again so I just want to press submit reply and leave. I'll probably continue Pokeweek, but I don't know. I might have to switch to a lighter browser just to post these updates, or something.



Silence is Purple
With every new update in this thread, it's getting harder and harder to actually post in here. I wish there was a way to disable the "topic review" feature entirely rather than hiding it from view so I can update this easier.

Yolo. Let's go.


Continuing with Pokeweek, I drew Pira as a Galactic Grunt. Yolo. Looks good, I guess, or whatever.


I also drew Garrán as Grimsley, Unova. I guess it came out fine. Que sera, sera.


Strix as Elio because number generator gave me s thirty, I guess or something.


Soie as Summer from Pokemon Ranger. That franchise is as dead as my stupid computer that can't even transfer data from imgur long enough to load a damn webpage.


Shenlong as Evelyn. No one knows who that is. Who even liked XY?


Varg as Yellow from Adventures. But, no one is reading pokespe for Kanto these days, I'm sure.


Shiroka as FR/LG Erika. I know. Enough Kanto. Whatever...


Aega as Nessa. Sorry if the coloring is choppy or whatever. I used crayons.


Feng in a maid dress. I will not elaborate.


Goma as Crasher Wake. Insert too much water jokes here. (I don't care).


Onur as Brock. Good for ver, I guess.





Tl;dr: Siorc as Fantina, Caitlin dp, Kate (Platinum frontier brain) & Serena (XY).

Bye I'm mad I had to force this post through and edit on my phone.

I'll try & update next week.
I don't know.
I need a new computer.
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