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[Showcase] Kory's oc Drawings Thread


Silence is Purple
So, it seems like I still get "out of memory" when I try to post in here, so I'm really not sure what to do in the future.

Anyway...not much to say, some of these will be from Pokeweek which I ended. So, most of these in the earlier part of this post will be related to that. Rest of these will be whatever I drew. I'm now trying to draw all my ocs at least once in my composition books.


Starting this thread off Raven as Larry from S/V. I'd say this fits him because Larry and Raven both look really normal, you know? He's my least anime looking oc of all my ocs. Brown hair, brown eyes? Real people things.


I tried my hand at drawing Wren as Whitney in her HG/SS art. For the most part, for this particular drawing, I messed up the shirt. I can probably try this one again to get a better feel for it.


I ended up drawing Dove as Roxie and, after writing her wanting Wren all to herself...yeah, Poison type fits her now, I don't know what else to say. Too bad there's no Poison/Flying Pokemon besides the Crobat line. ...Can she be an honorary one?


This is Laine Piosa. I'm going to admit something that I drew this months ago, and I'm just making her public now. This isn't the original drawing, though, I think I drew her one other time and I hated how she came out, so I redrew her. This is the redraw. Even then, I really don't like how this came out. At all.
I'm going to attempt to redraw her again and fix up her hair.

Originally she had a back ponytail and part of her hair down, but I ended up having to scrap that hairstyle because it looked horrible.


This is Laine's sister, Cordon Piosa. In case you're wondering, yes, they're twins. I don't have a weird fixation on twins, nope. What makes you think I have a thing for twins? I totally don't... what? So...anyway. I also had to redraw her because her original drawing just looked terrible. I will not subject anyone to that one.


I believe this is...the last Pokeweek drawing I did? I ended up drawing Robin as Sun/Moon Red. I won't say this was meant to be, or anything. Robin talks. Red doesn't. But, I don't draw Siorc in men's clothing. It's not the vibe.

Now that Pokeweek is over from this drawing onward, all my sources will probably link back to twitter photos.



It's been awhile since I've looked at Madokawa, so I drew Shunko in a dress from there. Tbh, the original is 10x better. Sometimes, I think I don't draw the designs on the clothes I'm getting inspiration from correctly. Since I have to look at what I'm drawing while drawing it, maybe I mess up? My phone is only about six inches.


I'm not going to elaborate this one much because it involves Lang and Kylling's relationship behind closed doors. We'll leave it at that. So, this is Kylling as a Sherrif. Use your imagination. I cannot say why she's dressed like that on a forum that's PG-13.


With Kigyo lore coming up, I felt it would be injustice to not draw the person. I have again taken this opportunity to draw Kigyo in Greek clothing again. While Kigyo is a Hungarian name, I have it in my head the gorgon is dressed in ancient Greek clothing. (I don't care if there's no real Greece inspiration in Genshin). So, that's why I tend to draw that kinda stuff on the medusa.


Anyone think I should cosplay Joe from Blues Clues? No one? Well...that's alright, I can make Hase do it in my drawings instead. Don't ask me why I drew this, I had the sudden urge to at my ripe ass age of 26, I thought about Blues Clues on this day that was May 16th. (The day I drew this picture).


I also drew Waiola because it had been, I think, an entire notebook since I had done so last time. I'm embarrassed to admit I've probably drawn this dress multiple times already, but it's universal enough I feel like it doesn't matter if I'm repeating sources.

I wanted to draw her in her original hairstyle since I write this character more often now. I think I won't be writing her as much come September, though, since I'm moving onto the Fontaine book by then? So, for now, I want to refine her original hairstyle.


Man, okay...story for this one? I don't really draw Hollander because she's one of my younger characters, but I made the decision to draw all my ocs at least once when I start a new notebook. So, I ended up drawing her.

I ended up making her a Pierrot and, let me tell you. She giving some really weird Harley Quinn energy in this drawing. I barely write this girl beyond her sometimes being with her older sister. (She's the youngest of five) so, coming up with stuff I want to draw for my minor (both literally in the sense that she's a minor and minor in the sense she's not one of my priority characters) characters is difficult in every sense of the word.

This is why you don't really see drawings of my ocs like Cloch, Zephyr, etc because they were minor (not main, supporting, secondary) characters amongst my ever growing roster of them.


...God. Bad hands again. I'm sorry. I drew Loba in a dress again. I still feel like I don't draw her nearly enough.

Also, I have a question about my darker skinned characters. I hope they aren't...too light? I try to make sure my dark skinned ocs (and light skinned ocs) have diverse skin tones from my skin tone pencils, but it's probably difficult to tell? It truly is what it is, I just worry I'll get hate for some of them """not being dark enough""" which is nonsense. I think.


Anyway, this is Valaha Tuzes. I drew this a month or two ago, but I don't post new oc's drawings until it's their time to become public. This is actually a redraw, though. I will have to dig out the original drawing because it's behind my personal account.

But, the original doesn't look much different, I just didn't like the hair, so I had to redraw the entire thing.


And this is Elenk Tuzes. Also a redraw. Sometimes, I don't get things right on the first try. I don't remember how the original looked, but the neck was kind of crappy, and I just had to redraw this character. So, this is the one I went with making public.

I will say I rarely don't post what I draw, but if it looks significantly bad enough in my eyes, I don't color it in and it just rots in my notebook.


These next few drawings are for my never coming project sekai au. Since all of these outfits come from the same source, I'll just explain below this.

I wanted to draw a matching band outfit for Spiked Blue Venom. This is Regina's. I wanted to try my hand at once again drawing lower hanging hair. This time, a low hanging braid. I'm trying to figure out how to draw the hair and the lines so they don't overlap with eachother. I think what I have to do is not draw the lines where the hair is going to be placed so the lines don't overlap?

But, optionally, I should invest in erasable pens.

I just don't have the money for that right now...


Also drew Liath in a crop top from this same Amazon listing. I'm trying to learn how to draw stomachs and torsos, so drawing a crop top is the way to go for that.

I want to apologize for drawing a human hand on it last time. I didn't realize I did that, but that's not supposed to be a thing. Liath's right hand and arm are completely skeletal. I can't believe I drew it with two human hands last time.


I also drew Garran in a crop top from this listing, too. If I have to be honest, I think this is the best of the three stomachs. No extra lines, no curving in my lines, etc.


I can't remember the last time I drew Linggui. I recently learned gui is pronounced goo-aye and I'm mad at myself for pronouncing Linggui as Lin-goo-ee, so this is honestly me frustrated with my gross American mouth pronouncing a Chinese word wrong. Nothing special going on with this art. I just drew him as I usually do, and in the same outfit I usually do.

That's it for the other characters. Now, you know who's coming.


Friday is the day I only draw Siorc. So, let's get to the explanations. I had this itch to draw Siorc in a rainbow skirt. If you look closely, you can see I gave him the non-binary colors on his painted nails. Trying to be more open with showing Siorc's non-binary now? Not like I ever wasn't.

I also drew him in one of Reona/Leona West's main outfits. Who is also a gender nonconfirming character who's dmab. Honestly, similarly to Reona, in other aus, Siorc would be an "exception" when it comes to only girl things. Ie: I have an idea where Siorc would be an exception and get to contract with Kyuubey, would be a Mew Mew on a girl team, etc.

I have no idea how I haven't drawn Siorc in one of Leona's outfits before they're both extremely feminine characters.

Third... It's apparently Mermay. Or something. I have taken the liberty to draw Siorc as a mermaid again. I know I have ocs that are sea lions and I can draw them any time I want but, I don't draw my other ocs on Friday. That is Siorc's day. Always.

Finally, I drew Siorc in another silk shirt, but I feel like... I've drawn him in this one before? I would go search my username on Twitter and Siorc, but I say his name probably thirty, if not fifty or more times a day... so I don't think I can look and find if I did.

That's it this week.

I have learned I can now shrink the thumbnail size of my photos by using the letters s, m, or l so I'm going to try doing that from now on when posting in here until the inevitable Xenforo update comes and I can't post in here anymore.

I think I'm going continue trying to draw the rest of my ocs I haven't drawn in my notebook. On Sunday, I'm writing Valaha and Elenk for the first time, so I might even draw them again.

I also really want to fix up Uxi's design a bit... I believe a few posts ago I said I don't like how I draw him. But, I can't look.

Alright, that's all folk. (Insert non-existent looney tunes gif that'll crash my computer here).
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I appreciate that you're still enjoying your drawing endeavour and continue to post regularly! :D

Maybe some things you could try to help with your memory problem:
- turn images from older posts into links so your PC doesn't need to load them all into memory
- experiment with smaller image sizes just to see how much smaller you can go without losing quality


Silence is Purple
Well, yeah, using the thumbnail trick is what I'm planning on doing (using the l letter at the end of an imgur url) to reduce the size of my photos since I can't open up Photoshop these days, honestly since it either doesn't open (and I have to hard shut down my computer to force it to), so I'll have to go the roundabout way to resize through the link thing.

As of writing this post I have been I have been sent to the Shadow Realm on Twitter and none of my tweets are appearing in searches...joy.

Anyway, this week is a big week in fanfiction world. I finally don't have to write Naofa anymore, thank god. ...That has nothing to do with these drawings, right.

This week, I continued to draw all my ocs in my notebook so they have at least one drawing in there. As of this point, I think I have about 35 of 74 to go that haven't been drawn in my current notebook. But, this is just so I can improve each and every one of them.

The only exception to the rule is Siorc who gets drawings every Friday, but I decided to switch to looseleaf paper for this Friday aside from one drawing so I have room to draw my other ocs in that notebook. Anyway.


I feel like I have some...explaining to do for this one. Kind of trying to work on drawing stomachs more, I guess? So I drew Yinlong in a binder. Think I've attempted to draw bandage binding before, but I wanted to draw an actual binder. So, that's what this is.

I don't have much to really say about this other than that Yinlong is not cisgender. That's all.


With Yinlong comes Jiaolong (I am very bias over the panda chimeras). I drew Jiaolong in an outfit labelled as academic clothing...whatever that means? I don't know how casual clothes can be considered more "academic" than others if it's not a uniform. Anyway this is probably women's clothing, but I gave him pants.


You guessed it. With Jiaolong comes Qiulong. No, Shenlong isn't next. I drew her towards the beginning of this notebook. As usual, she's in pink again just like that stupid fake story time video about this woman who had this weird fixation with the color pink. I will never draw this character in any other color. At some point, I'll probably write her bickering about it. We'll see. She is going to be in the upcoming chapter in the next book.


Apparently, I don't draw Nousagi a lot... not that I can look right now. I'm in the shadow realm. (Well, I can if I search up from my own account, but I usually prefer to search from my personal but anyway) I drew them in a cropped jacket, but I decided to swap the colors from the original to something else. Sometimes I don't like the original colors and just change them.


At this point, I don't think it's unusual to see Parisa in some sort of uniform style clothing. It's just to be expected from me at this point. It's par for the course, really.


Going to just...group these three together since they're... basically the same thing? Ended up drawing Savon and Eau sitting on rocks... well, tried to, rather. I don't think I pulled it off really well. I'm not really sure what I can do to make it look like their sea lion tails are sitting on them. Maybe drawing the tail first then the rocks? I'm not sure. I find it difficult to say either way.


And Riyad in another robe but I don't care about him, so we're moving on.


It's also been a long time since I've drawn Kouneko, so I drew her as Reisen Unongein Inaba... what a long name. Well, they're both rabbits, and they both wear suits, so that makes my free career as a drawer that almost everyone skips over and ignores much easier.


Now, originally, I had attempted to draw Gris in some sort of poncho, but I drew sleeves when there weren't any and had to give up on drawing it, so I just drew a terrible custom outfit. It came out pretty bad, though, didn't it? I definitely don't think this is one of my best works.


You know, I think I can count the amount of times I've drawn Krysi on one hand. That's how sparingly I've drawn her. So, here she is in a red russian dress, this is probably stock drawing/clipart for that source, though. However, I'd like to say I took inspiration from another slavic language for Krysi's name as it's czech for "rat" because... well, you know what's happening in the world....

I hope real Snezhnaya takes inspiration from other slavic languages, as well.


Somehow, I feel like I'm repeating myself a lot in this thread, but I can also count how many times I've drawn Rys on one hand. Haha, now that Kirara is playable, my pyro cat girl here who says meow feels like one of many.

But, anyway, I drew her in Polish clothing since her name is Polish. (Another Slavic language). I will admit I don't have a lot I want to draw for this character and I only write her and Krysi in chapters where they help Siorc gather robot parts, so they're secondary characters, honestly. So, that's why you don't see her often in this thread.


Hoo boy. Going to admit something that Feng is transition from mtf throughout their drawing saga. That wasn't exactly originally what I had planned, but that's how things ended up going. Feng is wearing an outfit Inspired mostly by this N card from School Idol Festival (rip) with colors completely changed and details simplified.

I even drew the bun covers.


Because I rarely write Chiwen since the area aer supposed to be for never released, I'm stuck with what I want to do with aer. But, I can at least draw aer... so I drew Chiwen wearing a heavily simplified version of that same character's outfit from SIF. I couldn't draw the dragons, though, and gave up on doing that. But, for the most part I only really took inspiration from it, anyway.


I drew Pulao in an open leg Qipao, I just made the color much lighter on it. Also didn't do the whole design. I also didn't draw her tail this time because I couldn't find space for it.

I'd like to do more deeper and sadder expressions with this character because I don't think she smiles all that often, but that's for another time and another notebook.


This drawing is a bit on the silly side in terms of outfits. I drew Qiongqi in a yinyang donut shirt with baggy pants just a dumb outfit I found on Google and I just had to do the thing. While I take my drawings and hobbies seriously, sometimes it's fun to let loose and draw jokes here and there.


Finally drum roll please...

Insert Drum Here (too lazy)

The Siorc drawings.

Someone keeps calling my icon Patchouli Knowledge, so I drew Siorc as her. I think this is the first... and only drawing I'll do where he doesn't wear earrings in it. Just pretend they're covered up by his hair. I think this came out pretty good because I used looseleaf paper instead of my notebook for this one, so I had more space.

Also drew him as Pareo from Bang Dream. Apparently, people headcannon that character (Reona) as trans. Not sure I agree, but to each one's own, I guess?

As well as in a goth aesthetic again because I said so, I'm the person who writes and draws him. Third one is a srine maiden outfit based on I think Hyperdimension Netpunia not sure if it's her sister or Purple heart, though. I never played those games.

Finally, I drew him in a white dress that I colored in golden instead. Just another thing I felt like recoloring.

That's it this week. I'm going to continue to draw the remaining 35 ocs I haven't yet. As of this update, I only have 45 sheets of paper left. That'll leave about ten extra for Siorc stuff, I guess? I think, anyway. Unless I make annoying mistakes on some drawings, which I do sometimes.

Okay. Goodbye.

May I be released from Twitter's shadow realm. let me out.


Silence is Purple
Good news? Google Chrome brought back the experiment tag to disable hover tab previews. So, it's a great week for my computer. And in other news, the person I commissioned finished the chibi I paid for in the time span I haven't updated this.

So, anyway... not much to really say this week. I'm still working on drawing all my ocs in my current notebook at least once. I've now managed to get that down to the last 18 or so. I think. So, I should be all finished by next Friday.

Bad news, though, is that some of these photos were taken on...kinda a slant? My fault for the angle, though. If anyone looks in here, please let me know if the way I took the photo is strange. I try to let my notebook sit straight.

Also, since it's Pride Month, maybe I'll draw some Pride month stuff. Although, I can't promise anything, I'm still dedicated to the "draw everyone in my current notebook" which, once I hit 90 ocs by the end of this year, might be impossible. But, I'm looking for notebooks with 400 pages instead of 200 so I have more to work with.

I'm also considering switching to a sketchbook without lines, but those have less paper, I think.


Starting off with Lewod in a strawberry dress. Strawberries is the trans girl fruit. /joke. Please don't hate me for saying strawberries are feminine. If it feels like I've drawn this before, I probably have. But, I definitely haven't on Leah.


I ended up drawing Pira in a summer shirt with shorts. I'm going to apologize if his hair looks darker. My parents door was closed when I was coloring this in, and I didn't have access to the "spring bud" colored pencil at the time, so I had to just use the crayons in the room I was in.

Sorry if my colors aren't always consistent. I remember most of them, but I have a lot of ocs with green hair, and try to make them all be a different shade, but...alas. Next time, I'll use the right one. I just couldn't at this point in time.


With Pira comes Nathair. In terms of my numbering head system, Lewod is 27, Pira is 28, and Nathair is 29, so I drew them all by number assignment. Any, Nate's in another nightgown, I guess? I feel like my ocs all have like one aesthetic associated with them, or something.


Here's Strix in some sort of summer dress. Not entirely sure what to say about this one. It came out as expected and looks kinda awkward, if you ask me.


I think I draw Deigr so rarely I can count on one hand how often she appears in this thread. as usual, she's in her worker clothes. Typical Deigr, I guess.


Same can apply to Coiote. Just have nothing to draw for her, and whatnot. make due with this tbh, she's just in a normal shirt. Nothing too wild or out there.


I don't nearly incorporate Pokemon into my drawings even though I really should. So, here's Argenta in a pikachu sweatshirt...hoodie. Both, maybe? Probably. I don't know what else to say.


I also drew Plata in a Clerfairy hoodie just to match because , why not? Also, eir hands are now fully bones...yup. That's how life goes.


It's Velours in hir typical outfit, you guessed it a vest wow so new and exciting (not). I will never draw hir in anything else.


Yeah, don't draw Zephyr much...if at all. As they are dead in the canon, so I technically have no reason to. I am unsure how to describe their outfit, though. It's just military wear, really.


I ended up drawing Isamu in a sweater because I wanted to draw one on him. It came out as expected, if you ask me.


Whew, this photo is kinda slanted, sorry. I ended up drawing Hatsu in a jacket and skirt. I think he looks sad in this picture rip.


Cloch is wearing a boxing outfit again. Don't have a lot to say about this because I don't have a lot to say about Cloch, really...


Here's Kaiser in pink dress and not drag this time because that's effort I didn't feel like putting in at the time. Drag is a lot and takes awhile to draw.


Konig is in a suit with coattails I closed twitter so I can't grab the source, sorry.


Prinz in a suit as well which I'll edit the source in later for.


Olann as a circus ringleader. Figured I'd complete the set since I drew Soie and Velours as circus members in the past...you know?


Siorc in various outfits... Mostly dresses again.

That's all this week. My quest to draw everyone again continues.
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Silence is Purple
Okay, I honestly don't have much to say for this week. This update will mostly be all the characters I had not yet drawn again in my notebook. That's all done now. So, with all that finished up, that's mostly what this is going to be.

I'm not going to do a whole entire spiel (is that how I say that idk), so let's go.


Starting off with, an older Marble wearing idol clothing because she wants to be one. However, she is very sickly, even in the pjsekai verse, so it's likely not possible for her.


I also drew Cier in a prep school uniform opting to, obviously, change the A to a C because her name doesn't start with an A, obviously.


Drew a slightly older Gloine wearing a soccer uniform. I don't know if a soccer team would have, like 25 players, though. I assume not.


And here's a slightly older Miotal in a suit. This is probably stock footage. By the way, Miotal is pronounced as metal, it's just spelled as the Irish word.


I feel like I rarely draw Niesha, and that's honestly because I'm pretty stumped as to what I should draw her in. So, this is what I went with. I'm going to just link the tweet for the source, but I've marked it so it's hidden. I definitely don't think I pulled this one off, though.


You know exactly what I'm about to say. Lang in a suit again. The only thing, ever. I don't think I have to explain myself on this one it's just what she wears, and I draw what her fashion is.


Wow... second appearance of Valaha in this thread and she looks almost exactly the same. I hope. I don't know if my drawings are even consistent. I'm not really sure how to describe the source I drew, but I probably looked up Hungarian dress for this.


I also drew Elenk for the second time. I think he's in military wear. I'm not 100% sure on this one. Most of my ocs have particular things about them that I draw them in.


It's been a hot second since I've drawn Tegne. I believe I drew him in a kimono, but I lost the original source I drew so that's gone. But, yeah.


Ended up drawing Rede, too, and man has it been such a long time since I have. He's in a rather heavily stylized yukata. I think this is Demon Slayer cosplay...but I'm unsure. But, that's not my intent with this drawing.


(This was taken on an angle, sorry). I drew Naofa in Norse clothes (again). "How many times are you going to do that, Kory?"


...Moving on.


God, alright, I really should have lifted the paper up a bit more on this one so the other picture underneath wasn't visible. Anyway, Faxi is in a steampunk scientist outfit thing, because why not? It fits him, in my opinion.


I also ended up drawing Uxi in some plated armor again, but not that much since the original didn't have a lot in it. I think I finally nailed his hair, but I still think his neck is too long. I'll have to keep redrawing him multiple times until I get this right.


I also drew Irpa in Norse clothes, but I feel like I messed up this outfit far too much and really want to redraw this. ...Sometimes I feel like the only thing I ever get right is hair.


And of course, Xena is here, too. Yes, it's that outfit again that I've drawn a million times at this point. Here's the millionth and first time I've drawn it, I guess.


With sword, comes shadow... Um, I mean, Bogart in a warrior outfit. I really need to draw Bogart more and find a good head size because I always manage to mess up that. This is why I probably don't draw him a lot.

Next two I'll group together.


Laine and Cordon in lizard form and in very similar outfits because they're twins, so they wear the same things a lot of the time. I definitely messed up on Cordon's picture, though. Forgot to not draw the mouth underneath her hand...but I'm a mistake prone drawer, you know?


And, finally, Siorc. First and foremost, I drew him in a butterfly dress. This was pretty difficult to draw, and I probably failed to convey it correctly, didn't I? Second one, he is in a uniform style outfit I've definitely drawn Parisa in before, but I think he looks good in it, too, so I went wild with that idea. As well as a pink dress because that's just the way of life. And a Shrine Maiden. No source for this one because it was a deviant art source. I think I've already drawn this and I just don't remember... oh well.

And finally. The last one.

This is concept of Siorc in a Honkai Star Rail Au that I decided to draw him for. Here's the inspiration for his outfit. I haven't played hsr yet, but eventually I will, so when the time comes I'll expand on this later.

That's...it for this week. Um, I think I might just draw whatever again for the next while. Maybe a Honkai Star Rail Au for the next few weeks. We'll see though. I'm writing a Shrine Maiden chapter in my fanfiction on Sunday, so whatever I want to do, we'll see.

Off I go. Until next week.


Silence is Purple
Okay, to be honest? Didn't draw a whole ton this week. Just some small things here and there because I did two drawings instead of my usual four. Some weeks I just don't want to draw a lot. Also didn't start the HSR au. I'm probably not going to just yet.

With that being said, this is about 14 drawings. This week, I'm writing a Mondstadt chapter, so I might just draw my Mondstadt ocs after this one.

Alright, let's go. If some drawings don't have sources, they're lost amongst some other screenshots swimming around my drawings.


Starting off with Hase in the old Otinokizaka(?) (I have no idea how to spell that I'm a fake love live fan) uniform from 2010. I don't have the source for this as I didn't post it, and honestly, I can't be bothered to look it up. Just look up the old muse music videos on Youtube, and you'll know which one this is.


Here's Parsia in preppy clothing featuring: knees! I know, they're just ovals. Bad ovals. Lazy ovals. I'm not sure how to make knees look like what they're supposed to.


I hope this photo isn't distracting because of the thing it's sitting above. I drew Feng in another Qipao question mark and holding a hand fan. I'm trying to get more feminine outfits onto them as I continue to draw Feng's mtf transition. I hope they look softer than previous drawings.


Okay, tbh, I really don't like the paper in this notebook like, at all. I think that's why I'm drawing less? I don't know.

Anyway. I took it upon me to look up Chinese accessories and saw this, and decided I'll draw Shenlong wearing it. This is the Hanfu I attempted to draw. Sorry if my coloring is bad here. The material in this notebook paper feels...lighter and more fragile than my last one? I don't know. The scratches are thicker on each page when I draw a new piece, and it feels like the colors are more...light? Idk.


I drew Shunko in a shoulder dress, but I changed the color a bit. I again apologize if her hair is lighter, I didn't press that hard when coloring her hair black. Next time.


Mr. Jiaolong Jinzi the man that ruined my life (affectionate) here he is in a male aoi dai question mark. I think I could have drawn this...better tbh. Maybe I simplified it too much.


I drew Hatsu in men's casual wear and I think he looks much happier and free in this than when he's in women's clothing. But, maybe I'm exaggerating.


I feel like I don't draw Leah as much as I'd like, but here she is wearing a bard outfit. Can I be real with everyone? I hate how this came out. Ugh. The cape is too short, what was I thinking when I drew this? And maybe I could have colored it a little darker brown? I don't know what it is about this one particular drawing but I just /don't like it/. I really want to redraw this.


When I drew this, the black didn't come out that great and my pen bled onto the wax in my crayon and I'm really kinda just... yeah, don't like this one, either. It's ruined. This drawing is ruined because of that.

Anyway, Regina is wearing a pink dress, as you can see. If my pen didn't bleed like it did, I think this would look neater. Meant literally here, it wouldn't look like such a mess.


I also drew Chiwen in a Qipao question mark I really forget which one is which, I'm really sorry. It was originally bright red, but I made it more orange so it wasn't a direct copy of it.

Wow... we're already at the end almost.



Here's Siorc stuff.

Starting off, I drew him in a blue dress with rabbits on the skirt, but it's been simplified a bit. Another maid dress because why not, some sort of gingerbread dress, and a cyberpunk outfit.

I will never miss an opportunity to draw Siorc in a lot of femme outfits because I can, and I will.

Sorry if these have the next drawing underneath it and it makes it hard to see... I'm really not sure what to do about that? Should I put my hand underneath the photo so it blocks it out? I color after I've drawn everything not individually after the first one is done. I really can't figure out how to make sure the next drawing doesn't show up on camera when taking my photos.

That's it this week. I don't know what I'll be drawing, probably just going to do whatever until I can figure out what I want to do with my hsr au.

With that being said, goodbye for now.


Silence is Purple
Just before I came here, one of my drivers decided to corrupt for no reason, so that's fun. (My usb driver, or whatever). But, I fixed it. Hate when that happens. Well, whatever, anyway.

I'll be quick. Or, try to be, anyway.


Starting off with, I drew Nousagi in a I think this is like a middle school blazer or something? I'm not completely certain on that. It is what it is.


Ended up drawing Kouneko in a blouse suit as well, I guess. Not 100% sure on that, though. I didn't say that in the original post.


I feel like my pen is bleeding a lot lately. At any rate, here's Soie in a circus costume again because...why not, am I right? Trying to draw her in more circus clothing, tbh. Sorry if this looks kinda gaudy.


Why does this page look crinkled... Someone on Twitter gave me the number 55, so I drew Lang in a vest. I just changed the colors a tiny bit so it's not the exact same.


Honestly, I'm terrible with sexy stuff. I decided to draw Aega in skimpy skin tight clothing, but I just don't really have what it takes to draw this, do I? I try my best, but it's just not enough.


Recently, I commissioned someone to draw pride month icons for Linggui, and Feng. But, despite that, I still want to draw my ocs myself, and always will try to improve my craft even if I'm not getting any better. Here's what he's wearing, or what I drew, rather in a simplified form.

Speaking of Feng.


Here's Feng in a feminine Qipao with a hair accessory. I really like how this one came out, tbh.

Speaking of gender.


I couldn't go pride month without drawing Loba. She's wearing a floral dress. Some of the colors have been changed a bit, but only the shirt part, really. I'm trying my best to draw the heart hands. It might take awhile for me to perfect that sort of thing, though.


This is pretty simple, if I'm being honest, but here's Liath in some sort of Oktoberfest shirt? I have no idea. That's just what I ended up drawing and what came up when I was looking up "german shirts".


Yes, I know, Strix is missing a shoulder. I'm sorry. That was a mistake. Ended up drawing some summer dress in a rush since I think I drew this on a Wednesday. The draw something fast and go sort of day. Apologies for my awful errors.


I drew Qiulong in a pink (yes again) butterfly dress. While the original had a white overcoat thingy... I don't have gel pens to make that happen. I'm currently thinking of buying gel pens to make other colors pop out more. But, those are really expensive...you know?

I also need higher quality paper than that, don't I? Because those will definitely bleed through. Next time I'll just use the glitter crayons for stuff like this.


I drew Yinlong, as well. Not sure what I'm supposed to call this kind of shirt, though. Man... a lot of white this week. Guess it's my Lazy Colors Week. I don't think I portrayed the pattern right, though.


I don't really draw Isamu that often, but this time I drew him wearing a sweater with a purse underneath his arm. Only difference with the original and what I drew is some of the colors, I suppose. Also, I apologize if the lines aren't accurate as to where they should be for a purse strap. When I draw these sorts of things, I draw around the other things so they don't exactly...line up.


I drew Shiroka in a ruffle dress. It'll be awhile before I write her in particular again, so I felt like drawing her for the time being. I think this dress is cute, and I lowkey want to draw Siorc in it someday.

Speaking of Siorc.

Here he is. Incoming.
Speed of light
Keqing noises


First up, Siorc in another gothic lolita outfit because I will take every opportunity I can to draw him in these sorts of outfits. Also drew him in a mexican inspired dress because I like the colors on him. A red ribbon dress I feel like I've already drawn something like this before, but I've drawn over 500 pieces since last year, so it's difficult to remember at this point what i have or haven't drawn before. Finally Siorc in another sailor uniform.

That's it this week.

I don't know when I'll do the Honkai Star Rail Au, maybe at some other point when I feel like dedicating time to that specifically. I have to study the fashion of all the characters in that series anyway and fill in all 49 combinations. That'll take awhile.

I'll probably just draw whatever I want again for the next while. Maybe some soft things since I'm writing an extremely painful chapter on Sunday.

Alright, bye.


Silence is Purple
Well, it would seem that now you have to log in to view tweets, so if my sources linked don't work, that's probably why. I'll try to see if they work in a roundabout way by just linking them as they are. But, I don't know if that'll work, either.

I don't have much to say for this update. It's going to be as expected.

14 drawings this week, and some of these were taken on an angle, so apologies for that.


Starting off with, we have Waiola in you know exactly what I'm going to say, all black again. The only color she wears ever. Also recently I learned black panthers aren't real and to be honest, reader, I don't care to do anything about this information . So, yes, the black panther in all back. The usual.


...Continuing on, here's Gris in a turqoise shirt. Sometimes I wonder what colors would look good on my ocs, but I feel like I rarely use turquoise/teal etc. I might try to use this color more in the future.


I ended up drawing Pulao in I think these is a Vietnamese dress. I think. I seem to have forgotten to label it. Some days, I just don't feel like doing that. Guess that day I drew this was one of those days.


For some reason, my brain likes the idea of drawing Argenta in Pokemon clothes, so I drew tem in a squirtle outfit. Without the hoodie because I just didn't feel like drawing that part. Sometimes I just don't want to draw the whole outfit.


I ended up drawing Ceir in a grey dress. I ended up coloring this in with metallic crayons so the grey pops out more. I am thinking of making her dark circles more refined and noticeable in the future, by the way. Maybe I'll use the black ~glitter crayon~ to make that pop out more.


...There it is, that "angle" I mentioned. I took a photo of this while my phone was plugged in. So, here's Bogart in a maxi dress which, in context, he wore in the last chapter I wrote. So...yeah. That was fun. The original source without the monkey sticker had a hood, but I didn't draw that part, anyway, so nothing is really lost from hiding the face here.


I drew Riyad in yet another robe because I just can't really picture him wearing much of anything else. That's just all I want to draw him in, and tbh, I don't really care about him as much as my other ocs since he's an asshole, so yeah.


I drew Project Sekai Verse Marble (who is a little older but constantly in the hospital) in an idol costume because I felt like it I just changed the colors, is all.


Meanwhile, I also drew Cloch in a small summer dress, of sorts but I think I should have colored it a bit differently. Oh, well, too late now, I guess.


And Naofa in a vest I have published the Naofa book as of the 29th of June, so I figured I'd draw it as a treat... well, not a treat, but yolo.

how am i already at the end of this update after posting the Naofa... that's what happens when you only draw 14 pictures...

...Anyway, finally, Siorc.


Just four simple things, so I'll be quick about this. First drawing, he's wearing a sunflower overall dress, in the second one, he's wearing Marisa cosplay, hiphop aesthetic clothing, and last but not least, a checkered dress even though I did the pattern a different way.

I don't know what's in store for the next week. I'll continue to draw whatever I want.

I might publish the Naofa book here in the coming weeks, though, I just don't know when I'll do that here.

Bye for now. Until next week.


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I feel like every time I update this thread I have some new fact to share about Twitter doing something really stupid, don't I? Welp, apparently, they applied this "rate limit" on reading or whatever, but it hasn't really... affected me since the day it happened.

But, in the future, if I do get rate limited, I might not be able to link to sources because when rate limtied you literally cannot view any tweets at all, so that's fun, I guess. Not rate limited rn, so I should be able to link sources today, at least.

I don't have all that much to really say. Still just really drawing whatever I feel like it. That'll be how it is here, too.

In any case, let's begin.


Here's Qiongqi in an orange shirt. I didn't feel like including the dragons in the design for this one. Most of the time, if something is too complicated, I skip over it. That was the case for this one, too.


I ended up drawing Onur (I guess this is when ve goes by Jamila though) in a middle eastern dress. I must admit I find it difficult to find what I want to draw for Onur and often opt out of drawing ver for that reason. I'll try and figure out what I'd like to draw for this character in the future.


For some reason, when I was coloring this, the pen bled again...ugh. It's honestly really annoying when my pen bleeds whilst coloring my drawings, it just ruins it for me. Anyway, this shirt is uh... orange swirl abyss, according to what I screenshoted. Weird name. In any case, pen bleed ruined it.


Not sure why, but this was labelled as vampire clothing...what about this screams vampire? Well, I drew Faxi in it anyway. I really tried my best to get the zipper right. The eyes might be incorrectly colored as I didn't feel like grabbing indigo when I colored this in.


I feel like, no matter how hard I try Uxi never looks right. I feel like I've failed with this character in the design department. I know, I've designed a total of 76+ characters at this point, but I feel frustrated with Uxi, for some reason. In any case, he's a Millelith this time. Might be spoilers for the next book, though, oops.


Sorry if the eyes look terrible. I usually use grey and pink colored pencils for this, not crayons, but I was lazy on the day I drew this. At any rate, Savon is in a lacy dress from Shein. I think I used the glitter crayon for this one, so it didn't come out white. I guess that crayon kinda yellowed over time, who knows?


I also drew Eau, because of course. she's in a small beach dress. I decided to not color in her hair with a white crayon or colored pencil this time, so it's basically been left blank here. I drew her barefoot because these two probably never wear shoes being mostly in their sea lion forms. I'm not too bothered by exaggerated anime feet, though, so I think they're fine not looking realistic.


I rarely, if ever draw Deigr, so I drew her wearing this completely random metronome shirt. Please don't make Among Us jokes, I don't want to hear it, thank you. I suppose this shirt looks a little blurry in the screenshot, though, but that's just how it was when I found it? ...Oh well.


I almost never draw Parisa with alternate hairstyles since it's solidified in my mind she wears braids and buns all the time. So, this feels a bit left field of me not drawing her in what I usually do. She's in this strawberry dress I found on Shein. Google can sell my data and show me Shein all it wants, I guess, I'll always click for drawing ideas.

Like I said, this is rather unusual for Parisa as I can only picture (I can't I have aphantasia) her in pleaded skirts and not dresses like this, but I figured I'd draw her like this with her hair down. I have to get out of my little same as always box every once in awhile, don't I?


Welp. I have some explaining to do, um. Kylling is playing the role of the the robber since Lang and Kylling play cops and robbers before <censored as this is a Pokemon forum>. Use your imagination, I will not actually say. Just know that what happens in their love life is no one's business.

But, now I'm just thinking about drawing Kylling in a ton of cop outfits but I went for the robber this time to shake it up.


Finally, Siorc.

Starting with, I drew him in a ballerina costume because honestly, why not? Not sure if he'd do ballet, but I figured hey, sounds fun, so why not? Some sort of lab coat I saw on google, I just colored it sand brown. In (incorrectly colored) Sanae from Tohhou's outfit and finally, this pink dress.

I'm probably going to draw more Touhou cosplay going forward because I have completed my ten year procrastination journey of not playing Touhou. I recently picked up Touhou Lost Word and it's a fun time, so yeah.

Maybe next week, I'll finally have something more... ambitious? I don't know. Not until this pen I'm currently using stops bleeding on my paper, I guess.

Alright, that's it for now.


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Well, it's a new week, so here's a brand new update. I don't have a whole lot to say. I'm falling deeper into Touhou hell, so more and more of my drawings might fall towards my ocs wearing Touhou cosplay until I finally play Honkai Star Rail to actually draw up that au.

For now, here's what I drew this week. Most of it is just what's to be expected. But, there'll be some new ocs here, too. Those drawings are a bit old, however.

Also, a couple experiments with drawing backgrounds again.

With that said, let's go.


Starting this update off with Laine in an orange blouse. Since all her clothes are hand-me-downs from when Zephyr, I imagine she wears this a lot. I also didn't draw her in lizard form this time.

...I really need to draw my ocs in animal form more often. Maybe I'll make that a goal for August?


I also drew Cordon in a maid outfit...to be honest, I should have drawn this on Aega. Maybe I'll revisit that idea in the future.


I ended up drawing Nathair in a bard outfit. Well, Natalie, xe now goes by Natalie since the last time I wrote xem. In any case, this is supposed to match Leah's outfit. You'll see later in this post I did this to Pira, as well. Matching bard siblings. Fun.


To the surprise of no one, Velours is, yet again in a sweater vest.That's just how ze dresses, and I don't think I want to draw hir in anything else. Well, maybe I still will. Someday. If I feel inclined to.


I feel like it's been quite awhile since I've drawn Robin. I don't draw him often because he's just someone I don't have a lot of ideas for. And his wings are hard to draw. But, I think I'll draw him a lot more when Fontaine comes out. Anyway, he's in whatever this outfit is... I'm not sure. I think it's historical. I guess people can easily google lens it and find out.


So, I feel like I don't really draw Krysi all that often either? Feel like I can count how many times I've drawn her on one hand. Anyway, I drew her as Nazrin from Touhou because I'm addicted to Touhou Lost Word now and watching the doujin animes. Nazrin is one of my favorites at the moment along with Reisen and Clownpiece, so I'll take any excuse I can to draw my ocs in Touhou cosplay. Speaking of which.


Here's Rys as Chen. I apparently called her Bakaneko in the tweet...but no, it's Chen. Yes, me drawing my bobcat oc as a shikigami catgirl. What? It's easy to do that, you know? I may as well.


Speaking of characters I don't draw a lot, here's Varg in a watermelon shirt. Just because. I have no in depth reason for this. Just wanted to use my wild watermelon crayon.


Anyway, moving on from that silly drawing... here's Irpa in a green shirt with a compass on it. I don't have any particular reason why I drew this, tbh, I just felt like it. Wanted to broaden my horizons a little, I guess.


And here's Xena in a norse dress, I guess. As well as a pink headband this time. Honestly, Xena feels incomplete if she's not wearing a headband, so I'll always draw her with one. I just feel like it's her signature thing.


Here's Niesha in a sexy...bathing suit. Anatomy has failed me yet again, if I'm being honest. I really need to learn how to draw breasts better. I'm trying my best, but I'm still not really good at it... I feel like I've failed this character in so many ways. But, I'll keep striving to improve.


...This angle is awful, sorry. Here's Coiote in a well, this is certain an outfit. I forgot what this came up as when I googled it. I also didn't draw the cloak. Tbh, this was something I just drew quickly on a Sunday, so it as what's expected of it. So, I don't have a lot to say.


So, this is Rasa Casur. I'll be posting their entry in my oc thread later. I'm not going to say anything other than this drawing is months old at this point.


And this is Lechi Casur. Another oc I'll be introducing properly soon. Ne is living in the Veluriyam mirage and is a wheelchair user. But, let's save that for the thread for more info.


And this is Mysi Zavod. Another character I'll be introducing soon in my oc thread. She's a rat chimera. But, yes, her name means mouse. I know.

Anyway, one more of these and I'll be moving on.


This is Ulka Razem. Another character I'll be writing in my Veluriyam Mirage arc this Sunday. I drew this months ago, though.

Okay...moving on.


Here's Hase as my favorite ever Touhou character that isn't a rabbit: Clownpiece, and fun fact, I pulled her in Touhou Lost Word a day after I drew this! I can't believe drawing your ocs as your faves actually works. But, it does. Drawing this was a lot of fun, btw. I love this asymmetrical outfit.


And, of course, like I mentioned above, here's Pira as a Mondstadt Bard. That's now three for three. I will proceed to not want to draw this kinda thing again for awhile.

Finally, drum roll please.

Drum Emoji
Drum Emoji
Drum Emoji



So, I drew him using this stock footage. So, in picture one, he's walking on the sidewalk in a park. I wanted to do some experimentation with drawing backgrounds again, and this is the result. But, I suppose it doesn't end there, as I also drew him sitting on a rug inside a room without the bed because I couldn't be bothered to draw that. After that, I drew him in this gothic outfit because I wanted to I hope it came out alright. But, the last one I failed to draw baby shark correctly. Apparently, it's shark awareness day. ...Whatever that is, so I drew Siorc with his shark teeth, something I've never done in almost two years of writing him.

But, that's where this update ends.

Maybe I'll do more experiments...? We'll see. I'm deep into Touhou and I want to draw more of my ocs in Touhou cosplay. We'll see where that goes.



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I'm honestly tired, so I'm not going to do my usual before update spiel. Just know that I've been frustrated with my compooper (my crappy computer) even more so lately. Eh. As long as it works while I'm writing on Sunday, I don't really care.

I'll go ahead now.


I guess this is Wren in a v-neck shirt? I don't really have a lot to say other than that I tried drawing her Ruin Guard core in the center of her chest.


I also drew Dove in a blouse. But, I think I made the freckles too small or too close to each other because her dot nose is hard to find now.


I ended up drawing Plata in some sort of sweatshirt with flames on it. Feat: bone hands again because eir body decomposing (while alive) is an ongoing issue. So, the more I draw em, the more bone I'll draw, *arms and legs only, however.


Seems I drew Hollander wearing some Finnish dress, apparently? I sometimes wonder if what I'm Googling is accurate, though.


I drew Raven in some suit based off this black and white photo and colored it however I wanted. This photo is during the 1920s/1930s era, I believe. I'm not sure when color photos were invented, but I do wonder what this photo source looks like in color. I guess we'll never know.


I must admit how I labelled this drawing is terrible, but I drew Tegne in some sort of "Western Japanese" casual wear, or something like that... /Shrugs. I don't have a lot I want to say about this one.


And, of course, Rede is dressed in a similar manner. Although, I messed up his feet somehow. I drew them too far off the page.


Seems all I said for this one is that Olann is being fashion forward. So, I'll report as I said it I guess.


As usual, Zephyr is in some military clothes. That's it. Moving on.


Same old song and dance, Kigyo is in greek clothing as usual.


I drew Valaha in a white dress. I'm too tired to explain.


Elenk in his usual outfit. Sorry, not elaborating.


Siorc in many outfits.



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I feel like my computer has gotten worse lately and it's getting even harder to use it, so if I have some things here that don't have sources listed my computer went to page unresponsive hell. In any case, I don't have a whole ton to say. Mostly drew Siorc this week because it's you know Shark Week and in case those are unaware, Siorc is the Irish spelling of the word shark and is pronounced Siorc. So, I used that as an excuse to draw him mostly. Also, I don't want to start my next new notebook yet, so most, if not all of these after a certain point are drawn on loose paper or copy paper.

Okay, I've rambled enough, time to dump the drawings for the week.


I ended up drawing Prinz in a vest. Not really sure if this looks "preppy" enough for him since he's supposed to be a prodigy who is already a teacher, but I don't know I guess it looks academic enough?


At this point into my notebook, I was finishing off the characters I hadn't yet drawn in there, so I drew Gloine in this shirt, or rather tried to. Galaxies aren't my forte in the drawings world. One day I'll buy those space crayons, though, or something.


I also drew Miotal in overalls. Since he's a minor (both in the literal sense of the word (<18) and the figurative sense (he's a character I do not write in the story beyond the one time I did) character, you really aren't going to see him in this thread often, if ever. Only when I challenge myself to draw my growing roster of ocs. (I'm currently at 78 btw).


Here's Goma in boxing shorts. As to why I drew this, it's because I wanted to better learn how to draw a built body. I'm trying my best, but you know. Practice.


Yet another character I barely draw. Not sure what to say about this one, it's just Konig wearing this outfit. ...Not sure who this is. I think it's Andrew Jackson. I'll look it up later, I guess. We'll see.


& Here's Kaiser in This Shein outfit. I just said he as lazy when I posted this, so we'll go with that.


When I drew this, I accidentally drew the eyes kind of lopsided. So, sorry about this horrible drawing. Anyway, Rasa is in a sleevless top. Can we just pretend this drawing doesn't exist? I'll try to draw them better next time.


Ended up drawing Lechi again in this blue shirt. I'm still not really good at drawing characters holding things. Suppose that's another work in progress.


This drawing is...a bit of a mess, but here's Mysi in a winter coat. But, I feel like the mask is a little messy. Maybe.


I also drew Ulka in this sweater, I guess? I don't have a lot to say about this one.

From here on, everything else is Siorc. So, most of these will be grouped by the day I drew them.


First one is based on this strawberry swimsuit tweet...xeet...whatever I saw, so I just had to draw Siorc in it because I'd never wear it. Tbh, he wouldn't either, but whatever. Second one is this strawberry dress I've probably drawn a few times already, but I can't look up to see as I have over 500 drawings in this thread by now.


I think in this one Siorc is wearing some sort of hanfu. I don't know. With this, I was trying to do different hairstyles with him. But, I don't like that little knot thing I drew feels weird that I put it there. I think I was trying to do the Xiangling braid, or something.


Drew all these on the same day (Thursday) so, first one is him wearing this short yellow dress I saw on Shein. Second one is this dress I saw, and third one is a gothic dress because I felt like it.


+ everything else. here is the sources for all of those.

Idk who looks in here but sorry if I'm not improving much.
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Alright, it's the next week, so here's a new update. Twenty drawings this week. Siorc here and there, but I finally started the Honkai Star Rail au. So a majority of this update is going to be that. & Some experiments here and there since I finished up Shark Week.

Let's get this update started.


These are all the Siorc drawings I drew for the end of Shark Week. First one is a dinosaur dress I failed to draw correctly. I was watching Fancy Lala at the time of drawing this, so that's why this is here, I guess. Also drew him in a fairy dress. A far more simple one than the time I drew a complicated one. A pink surfing outfit. No, I haven't seen barbie, by the way. Siorc sitting on a bench. And... the last one... uh, Siorc in one of the Digimon kids outfits on one of the dvds. I was mad the day I drew that so I just posted without explaining, so I also don't know what to say to that one.

With all that out of the way, here's...

The Honkai Star Rail Au. (It begins)


We're starting with Shenlong, she is the Ice ability, and The hunt path. I based her outfit on this , I just changed it from pink to blue to fit the ice element. She has a panda robot with blades for limbs as her weapon.


And now, Jiaolong in the Honkai Star Rail verse. He's Fire and The Abundance path. His outfit is based on han dynasty China fashion. And I tried writing out the Chinese character for medicine on his jar since he's an herbalist. I envision he would kick the jar to attack enemies with bitter burning herbs.

Jiaolong Jinzi you do things to me that no other oc does. I mean...what? Nothing.


Next up, Feng. They are the Quantam element and are on the Erudition path. Here's the cheogasm they're wearing what they're holding are called chicken sickles...they're a type of Chinese hook sword.

I'm proud of this design, tbh. I really like how it came out.


Next up, here's Soie in the Honkai Star Rail au. She's Fire and is on the Nihility path. As usual, in circus clothing. Don't ask me why I think she'd want to be a part of the circus. That's just what I, as her writer, think. As you can see, she is shooting bullets from her chest. Move over Wren.


Next up Qiulong. She's the Quantum and on the Nihility path. Yes, no matter what universe she's in, she'll always be wearing pink. I looked up Chinese military outfits and drew her in this. Apologies if this one is a mess, my pen bled over my crayons again and that really annoyed me so I was trying to get the ink out.


Next up, here's Garran they are the Lightning type on the Destruction path. here's the outfit they're wearing.


Next up, Parisa. She's Quantam and on the Harmony Path. here's her outfit.


Here's Liath. It is the physical type and on the hunt path. source.


& Nousagi. They're Imaginary & the destruction. source.


& Eau. She's Lightning and the abundance path. Here's the outfit she's wearing. I imagine her to be on the Jarilo VI planet, which sucks for a sea lion since it's in an ice age.


& of course, Yinlong. They are the wind type and are on the preservation path. Here's the outfit I drew them in. In case anyone is wondering what weapons those are, they are called fire and wind wheels. They're a type of Chinese weapon. Not sure how well it fits him, but my HSR au versions could be different circumstances, you know?

And with that, we're moving onto Siorc.


Hoo boy, where do I even begin... alright, in the first one, I drew him in this "French Blouse" or something. I drew this rather hastily, though, I guess? Not sure what else to say here. In a Brown "French Dress. Only because they did the Fontaine stream today. No other reason. The third one is based off an Adobe stock photo, but he's sitting on top of the moon. Hoo boy let me tell you This almost an hour and a half to color. So, to any onlookers, I would like a comment. Last, but not least, he's sleeping in a hammock.

I'm really trying to do more experimental pieces lately. But, I can't make any promises on how many I'll be doing. I don't know if I've improved on the pictures where I'm drawing backgrounds. To the zero people in here, let me know.

For now, that's it. I'll be continuing the Honkai Star Rail Au until all of my characters are in their respective roles. I'll be doing all 49 combinations possible. (Siorc's already been done awhile ago btw) So, look out for it.

Goodbye, for now.


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New week, new update. This week, you're mostly only going to see the Honkai Star Rail au again. & some Siorc. This will continue for awhile. With Fontaine around the corner, I'll also probably be working on some new ocs, but those won't be seen in here for quite awhile.

As a reminder, if some of these drawings don't have sources, my computer exploded, or something, while trying to get this out here.



As I said above, almost everything in this update is the Honkai Star Rail Au again. So, starting off, here's Shunko in the au. She's the Lightning type and is on the Erudition path. Not sure what era this outfit is from, however.


Here's Pulao for the Au. She's the Ice type, and the abundance path. Her outfit is kinda based on a Chinese wartime outfit. You're probably going to see a lot of "wartime outfits" in this thread because, for most of these, that's what I ended up going with.


Wow, Cloch this soon. Amazing. Anyway, in the Honkai Star Rail Au, she's the physical type, Nihility path. I imagine she'd be in Jarilo VI and probably spar with Luka. This is what i based her outfit off of. I just can't really imagine her as anything but physical since in her Genshin version she has no vision.


Next up for the au, Velours. Ze is the wind type, and is on the Erudition path. Yes, that's a circus ringmaster outfit he's wearing. Don't ask me why I often think Soie and Velours would be in the circus in other universes outside the main verse. I don't know.


The day I drew this was the second anniversary of Siorc. So, I drew him as a quick break from the au. He's wearing this outfit.


But, back to the au, here's Shiroka. She's fire, and on the Erudition path. Not sure who this outfit was originally supposed to be for, but here's what she's wearing...it doesn't really fit with "fire" but, oh well!


Hoo boy, this one is a mess of colors... anyway, Loba in the HSR Au. She's the Ice type, Nihility Path. This outfit is supposed to be Jekyll and Hyde, by the way as Loba herself is a Jekyll and Hyde. But, maybe the black half and red half makes this more obnoxious than I'd like.


Next, Chiwen. Ae is the Quantum (I think I spelled that right this time) and on the Abundance path. Ae is wearing a variation of this.


Next up, Holly (Hollander). She's the Lightning type and is on the Nihility path. I feel like I'm knocking most of these out of the park...wow. Her outfit is based on this. It's a Russian winter coat. She's probably from Jarilo VI.


Next up is Hase. She's the Physical type, on the Harmony path. Because I envision she's from Punklorde she's wearing the punk aesthetic, just colored green instead. Don't have much to say about this other than that.


Moving along, Hatsu, as well. He's the Ice type on the Destruction path. This looks like Xingqiu's outfit...jesus. I redesigned this a bit, though because I didn't want it to be the same as what it was here.


Next up is Qiongqi. Wind type, Harmony Path. Viola, source.


Next up is Plata. Ey is the Imaginary type, and on the Abundance path. I believe this is a Spanish wartime outfit.


Leah next, she is the ice type, preservation path. This aesthetic is called pastel punk, btw.


Gris, as well, she's the ice type, and Erudition path. Somehow, I forgot where I found this outfit...


& Onur. Wind type, abundance. Outfit is based on this.


Aega, tm wind, the hunt. I feel like I could have drawn this a lot better than I did, oh well.


Finally, for the last hsr au, update for this week, here's Kouneko. She is the wind type, destruction path. Here's what she's wearing.

Speed round.


Siorc. In retro diner wear, some retro outfit, in a pink outfit, sitting on a rug, I guess, and bowling. here are all eight sources. Feat: Marble and Ceir because I didn't want the room to be completely empty, so I added them into the scene where he's playing with flower toys, I guess?

I don't want to talk about the last one. It sucks.

Bye. Next week, I'll probably wrap up the hsr au then just draw the ocs that aren't in the au.
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Going to be quick because I'm playing Genshin. Not explaining anything today.

TL;DR: Honkai Star Rail Au.


Here's HSR Savon. Fire, The Hunt. outfit.


Robin. Lightning, Preservation. outfit source.


Strix. Lightning, The Harmony path. the outfit.


Mysi. Imaginary, Nihility. outift.


Coiote. Wind, Nihility. outfit.


Waiola. Physical, abundance. outfit.


Pira. Fire, preservation. outfit.


Krysi. Ice, Harmony. outift.


Linggui. Quantum, preservation. outfit .


Wren. Physical, destruction. outfit


Dove. Physical, Erudition outfit


Niesha. Physical, Preservation. outfit.


Bogart. Lightning, the hunt. outfit.


Kylling, Quantum, destruction.


Lang. Quantum, hunt.


Raven, Imaginary, hunt.


Tegne. Imaginary, erudition


Rede, Imaginary, preservation.





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I know barely anyone looks in here, and I'm talking to a void of which no one can hear me or cares when I update, but yolo. We're doing this like we do every week for the grand audience of zero and unlogged in users.

Anyway, this update is just...mostly whatever. I finished the hsr au, so I'm drawing whoever isn't in it in whatever couture I feel like drawing. I suppose it doesn't matter either way, though. I don't know how brief I'll be and if my computer will even last to post all the photos, so...let's get this over with.


Like I said, the Honkai Star rail Au was almost done, so here's Naofa for it. The fire type and Destruction path. ider what inspiration this is Norse probably. As you can see, instead of having star shaped pupils in this world, Naofa instead, has two snake eyes. I don't plan on elaborating.


And finally, Kaiser. He's the fire type, harmony path. Some people (absolutely no one because no one ever bothers to look in here, now do they) might notice that this Kaiser is drastically different from his normal portrayal. That's because he's the opposite in this universe. A knight, masculine, and couldn't care less about beauty. Different world, different circumstances.

Now that the au is done, I more or less went back to whatever I normally would draw. Anyway.


I feel like I say this a lot, but I don't draw Rys a lot. Here she is in a swiss outfit, I think. That's...what it said when I looked it up and that's just what it is.


Even though Ceir already made her appearance in this thread a few weeks ago, I drew her in my notebook this time. She's in this coat, I guess. Don't have a lot to say.


...Man, Faxi's hair came out weird here. Um. Anyway, he's in French pirate clothes. At the time I drew this, I had been on the cusp of reaching the climax of the God Job book, so I drew a very quick Faxi on that particular Sunday.


I honestly regret not putting Regina in the HSR Au. Oh, well, too late now, right? I guess she's gone goth. Not like I haven't drawn her goth before, but it is what it is.


I also regret not putting Nathair (Natalie) in the HSR au. So, here xe is in this dress that I messed up while coloring. Also, I discovered my photos app has a magic eraser and tried using it for the first time to hide lines I can't erase in real life.

The results? ...Not very good. You'll see in the rest of these that I tried using the magic eraser a few times and it's going to look bad.

I really need to buy actual erasable pens.


Here's Varg in a beatles shirt. I again used the magic eraser to erase any extra lines in post. But, to be honest, it came out pretty crappy. I guess Google Pixel 5's magic eraser isn't good.


...This is a joke drawing, if anything. This is Deigr in this shirt of the You Are an Idiot Virus. Which, in itself was a joke virus that would double windows every time you close it and the window would proceed to say you are an idiot. This doesn't work in 2023, btw because Flash is dead.


Why am I so bad at drawing Uxi...ugh. He's in armor. That's all I'm going to say because I am not good enough for him.


I drew Irpa in a watermelon dress. Honestly, I really need to stop with the red frame glasses. But, I just don't feel like doing different framed glasses. This is why I don't draw Siorc with his most of the time, lol.


With Irpa comes Xena since you know they're two of the four quadruplets quintuplets, I just said it was a cute outfit, I guess it is. Your mileage may vary.


At the time I drew this, in my real life, my father was constantly telling yellow jackets to shoo, go away, etc. So, I drew Argenta wearing a bee sweatshirt. The moment has been immortalized in my drawwork...


I drew Goma in a robe, but let me tell you the source looks like freaking ai art and I hate that. I don't know if it's ai art. Maybe it isn't, but it looks so...bad. Like that this outfit isn't even real. It's hard to explain.


I feel like I don't have to explain this, but I will anyway. Prinz is in another vest. You know how I said certain ocs have a certain aesthetic and I just live by that and draw them in that all the time? Prinz is one of those. He dresses very preppy. Also, some transparency: I used magic eraser to get rid of some of the excess lines, and I think it worked here. ...However.


...I can't say the same for this Isamu I drew. I think the magic eraser failed me here. Here's the outfit he is wearing. It's nothing special. Wild I didn't include him in the HSR au when the other five were in it, but too late now.


There's no magic eraser in this one. Laine is wearing a sweater dress question mark. I didn't color this one in since the original was white. Usually, I use a white crayon, but I opted out this time.


I don't have much to say about Cordon. So let's just move on, here's the dress she's wearing.


Okay. Siorc wearing one of Saki Mizushima's outfits, a blue Chinese dress, in a goth outfit, feat: boob peekout, just assume he's wearing pads under there or something because this is probably the pjsekai verse. Also, I guess the last one is a strawberry picnic with Yinlong. Idk. I don't feel like listing the sources as a separate thing so here's the post on the platform formerly known as twitter. I hope that loads.

That's it this week. I'm going to finish drawing the rest of my ocs in my current notebook. I'm thinking of buying a 400 sheet/200 page notebook soon so I can go through them less quickly. But idk would my parents be mad at me for that...probably.

Goodbye. I think after this post I'll be on the fourth page so no more page crashing for a little while, hooray.


Silence is Purple
New week, new page in the thread, new update. For this update, I finished drawing all my current ocs in my notebook, and debuted three new ones. Just so everyone knows: my goal is to reach 100 ocs. With that being said, my public count right now is 81, so as I have more, I might have to start buying bigger notebooks. I have discovered the highest notebook count that exists is 820 pages... Of course though my parents are like "you don't need notebooks we have plenty of them...whatever.

Also, I have a new rule now. Every Friday I will be drawing experiments as I really need to learn how to draw more backgrounds and stuff.

That being said, let's get this update out of the way... *prays someone is actually looking in here*


We're starting this update with Marble in an idol costume. I don't know who this is that I got this outfit from, but maybe a stan of whoever this person is supposed to be can tell me.


Speaking of which, I drew Gloine in a soccer uniform again. He's waiting for Garran to get him. Although, in the project sekai verse, he's older, at around ~15 years old. I hope there's no copyright police over showing an image of a shutterstock photo btw, but if that ever does me in...I didn't know.


Also, Miotal as a mathlete. this is from depop, I think....I think. I don't really know. I need to look more into it.


I drew Olann in surprise, another vest. Like I've said a few times, certain ocs have a specific dress style.


Same with Zephyr being in a military outfit again as in canon, this character died a long time ago. So, I just draw them in a lot of the same things, just different style of military clothing, if that makes any sense.


On another note, here's Valaha in a white dress. I don't think I've drawn this one before, but I really do want to draw more open leg dresses. Maybe I will as I have some more female ocs that I think would.


As usual, speaking of "a certain style" Elenk in yes, another military outfit. I don't have to elaborate on this choice as that's all I draw him in.


This is just a redraw of Rasa in that orange shirt. I think I failed again, though. Maybe I'll redraw this a third time.


Also, I drew Lechi in this fancy shirt, I guess. I'd wear it irl if I could find this shirt at a cheap price...maybe?


I drew Kigyo in yet another ancient greek outfit. Even though the name is Hungarian. But, I really don't care I just like to draw this character in the Ancient Greek outfits.


I have like nothing to say about this other than that Konig is wearing an Abraham Lincoln costume. That's it. I should have drawn the beard. But, I choose not to. Come to think of it...only one of my ocs has facial hair. It's not that I don't want my ocs to have any, I just can't imagine any of my ocs besides Rede growing any.

...Most anime characters don't anyway.


I have again drew Riyad being smug, as usual. This is the outfit I drew. I don't have anything to say about it.


I also drew Ulka in a half shirt, I guess. But, I didn't feel like drawing her belly, so it's no longer one.

By this point, I had drawn all my 78 ocs that were public, so I decided to draw my other ocs for a bit.


Like Feng wearing this pink qipao & a hairpiece. For the most part, I really like how this came out. Although, I really need to look more into Chinese fashion to see what else it has to offer so I'm not always drawing the same thing.


And, of course, Parisa in another pleaded skirt. This one is purple and green because that's what colors the one I drew was. Didn't feel like shaking it up.


And Qiulong in a different hairstyle, and of course, you guessed it: pink again for the millionth time. I don't have to elaborate again. She only wears pink.


The man, the myth, the legend, the crop destroyer, the water supply thief, the children killer, Jiaolong Jinzi. The man who ruined my life. /Joke. Behold, the outfit he's wearing.


And, Gris in another Frog dress, woo hoo. I don't know why this looks good on her, and why I want to draw this so many times.

We now break your regularly scheduled update with stuff I drew back in July but kept private.


...With Malika Gefroren, Earl Gefroren and Baron Gefroren, my three latest ocs. They're Kaiser's cousins from Fontaine and run a boutique. I made them public on Thursday, so they finally get to see the light of day in here.


Also drew him lovestruck because, of course. I had to do that.

And now.


TL;DR: Siorc in a pink dress, a nightgown, in Evernight temple in Enkanomiya, and camping with Yinlong. Although, the fire scared him. Here are my sources for the outfits and whatnot. If these don't load, Twitter is being dumb, I think.

That's it this week. I don't know what I have in store for next week. But, more of my ocs in the queue will be made public, so that'll be fun. Anyway, I'm going, for now. Maybe I'll buy that 820 page Big Huge Notebook I saw, but I'm wary because it's not labelled...

Anyway, starting a new book on Sunday, woo hoo. Expect at least some new faces in this thread next update.



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New week, new update. I've mostly only been drawing two pieces a day so I don't have to start a new notebook yet in these trying times. So, here's 16 new pieces. I don't have a lot (if anything) to say. My computer has been garbage lately. So, let's get this going as fast as possible.


To begin with, since it had been awhile since I had actually drawn my first Malika piece, I decided to draw a new one of her in this outfit. I honestly think it's pretty, but my white ~glitter crayon~ does not do it justice.


First of all, sorry for that little scribble in the corner, my crayon got freaking pen on it again... Alright, anyway. Baron is in this brown suit-like outfit. I think of all my ocs with a posh style like this, I'm liking Baron more than I assumed I would.


Here's Leah in I already forget what this dress is called... shame on me, tbh for forgetting.


You know exactly what to expect. Waiola is a ninja, in all black, surprise! Here's the costume she's wearing, in the original the person is covered up, but I don't feel like drawing a hood that covers the face because I don't know how to really...do that yet? I guess...?


I also drew Shenlong wearing a banbi I believe this is called. I don't think this is something that's worn in China anymore. Even still, this is a really nice outfit.


Speaking of nice outfits, here's Loba in a nice outfit. Original outfit is far more purple than the original, though, as you can see. I just colored it in slightly lighter than the original because I didn't want it to be exact.


I ended up drawing Kouneko, too. In this outfit, with the skirt. I usually draw her in a suit, but I didn't feel like it this time.


Wow, extra Siorc this week! Shocker. ...Zap. Okay, kidding...? Anyway. Siorc is wearing a diving suit, in case it wasn't obvious.


These are Brume Bulles & Eclater Bulles. Might not be obvious at a glance, but they're sea lions.


Finally, Siorc in various outfits + playing softball.

That's it. Goodbye. Until next week.


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Alright, hello. This week was the 2nd anniversary of the fanfiction. On September 12th, 2021 I posted my fanfiction. I don't have a lot to say this week, though, I just drew whatever I wanted. That's all I have to say, though. In any case, let's get this started.


Starting with Aega. It's pronounced aye-gah, btw. I learned that recently. She's wearing denim. I had fun drawing this. I mean, I guess I always have fun drawing? But, I like trying to experiment more with her.


Sometimes, I roll the number 30, and skip to 31 since that's Strix's number. So I drew him as James Bond...does anyone in the modern day know who that is, though? Not really sure.


I think I ended up drawing a random Hatsu, so there's that. But, I forgot to post a source when I posted this, it would seem? Yeah. Forgot. So, we're moving on.


Here's Jiaolong as Luppi from Bleach. I miss my Arrancar boyfriend. Come back bby...


I drew Ceir in a green maxi dress because I just thought she'd look good in it. I hope that the source is visible.


I drew this on the fanfiction anniversary. Here are all four sources, as I don't feel like posting them separate I'll just link the tweet itself. Post...whatever.


I ended up just drawing Pira on Wednesday. It's just a white shirt, nothing special.


Been a long time since I've drawn Regina with her hair down. I am not sure what this aesthetic is, honestly. Academia? I have no idea, tbh. Don't think it says on the original source, either.


I wanted to draw Argenta wearing a modern prosthetic, so here it is, tey are wearing a cat hoodie just...without the hood, as usual.


And finally, Siorc. He's an origination XIII member, in a red dress, in a version of a shirt I own irl, and in Super Mario World. Here's all four sources.

That's it this week. I don't have a lot more to say. I'll keep drawing whatever. This week in the fanfiction, I'm writing a chapter about a weird ice rock alien incident, so maybe I'll draw alien shirts. That's all.



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To those of you who have left likes on my most recent posts, thank you very much. I appreciate it. I always feel extremely buried and ignored, so the fact there have been some people in here is nice to see.

In any case, this week, I started a brand new au. Welcome to the Food au in which all my ocs are themed around fruits, vegetables, and various dishes. Only some of these will not be in this au, as some were drawn before, or new characters that debuted this week.

Also, only one Siorc drawing in this entry because I was writing a short story today instead of drawing. I guess I'll make up for it by drawing Siorc on Saturday instead.

Let's get this going.


Starting off, here's Zephyr in a maid dress. I just drew this because when I originally assigned my Food Au dishes to the characters, but I accidentally closed out of chrome while writing out the characters who won't be in the au. So, out of anger for losing all that and having to retype everything, I drew this.


Same with this Shenlong drawing of her in a Cheongsam. I recalled Shenlong wasn't going to be in the au anyway, so I drew this since she...usually is towards the beginning of new notebooks.

Anyway. Now the food au begins.


On the day I drew this, it was Yinlong's birthday, 9/17. I started the food au. So, Yinlong's theme is dragonfruits or pitayas, the outfit is based on this. I decided to draw their hair down since I almost never do.


Here's Jiaolong. His food theme is the bael or wood apple, which I believe can be used in herbal medicines. His outfit is based on this. Now that I look at this again, I wish I had drawn more of the fruit on him. I also messed up the outfit.


And here's Loba in the food au. Her theme is almond blueberry bruschetta and well, blueberries. This is the outfit she's wearing. I wish I had a pen eraser. I still don't.


I think this one is my favorite so far. Parisa's themed after the lychee. I don't know where lychees can be found in the world...probably not anywhere where I live, tough. Here is the outfit she's wearing. I think it's pretty.


By the way, I rolled 23 twice when I had to redo the numbers again. And got Marble. Her theme is chocolate raspberry rollcake. I drew this outfit on her. Maybe I'll write a short story in the pjsekai verse of her wanting chocolate raspberry rollcake...hmm.


Hoo boy. Okay. Waiola in the food au. Her theme is, spinach cobbler and I guess spinach pie (greek) As usual, to the surprise of no one: she's wearing all black again. Never change, Waiola.


I also drew Lechi for this food au. Ne is holding I think this is called rhubarb. I've heard this veggie is poisonous? I am not sure. Here is nir outfit. Ne looks so angry, but that's the point.


Here's Leah (Lewod) in the food au theme. They are holding pink cinnamon rolls Here's the outfit they're wearing. This was one of the few rng numbers I didn't have to reroll when I had to do it all over again.

Quick break from the food au. New characters, incoming.


Here's Bain Bulles. She's from Poisson, Fontaine and is one of my new ocs for my Fontaine book.


& This is Kali Bulles. I'll post her entry in my oc bios thread someday. Not sure when, though.


Here's Aigre Bulles. I might redraw this, though.


This is Vidame Gefroren. Tbh, I will be honest I really want to try drawing this character again. Penguin bodies came out kinda...meh? I guess?


This is Domini Gefroren. I'll be honest, I really think I should have not colored his face in because it looks jarring, doesn't it?

Anyway, back to the food au.


Coiote for the food au. She is holding a papaya galette. I think that it's a type of pie. This is what a papaya looks like. Here's the shirt she's wearing.


And, here's Isamu. He's holding snow rabbit mochi, and that's what he's themed after. I ended up actually writing a short story of him making snow rabbit mochi for his estranged twin, Shunko who lives with his divorced mother. This is what he's wearing.


Here's Hatsu in the food au. His theme is carrot cake. I definitely have drawn this before, but it's fine, drawing it again I can learn how to better drawing it. I kind of like the rabbit hairclip I drew here, even if it's a little big.


Here's Dove here theme is hazelnuts. Don't sue me Adobe for linking your stock footage. And here's her outfit. I added nuts to her dress too to add to the theme.

Finally, Siorc.


He's themed after purple bell peppers. And here's the dress he's wearing. Sorry I didn't draw more of him this week. I was busy writing a short story. Maybe while I'm pre writing tomorrow (Saturday) I'll draw extra Siorc stuff to make up for only drawing him once.

That's all this week. The food au will be continuing for the next few entries as I rnged for 50 of my now 88 ocs. I plan to reach 100, btw.