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[Showcase] Kory's oc Drawings Thread


Silence is Purple
Bonus because I asked Twitter about Halloween costumes & fairy won.

Feat: Yínlóng because why not?


I gave Siorc a different hairstyle for this one. Even if no one is looking at this thread, I do think I did okay without lined paper.

His hair is kinda pink in this, but just imagine he's wearing some sort of hair gel, maybe.


Silence is Purple
I got a burst of inspiration to finish out the Ingne family, so I did.


First up is Deigr. She looks young, but she's a 32 y/o woman. Well... She's a hyena chimera, as you can see.


This is Coiote. I promise her hair isn't nearly as long as I drew it. It's about waist length, I just was attempting to emulate her Picrew to the best of my ability.


This is Nathair, or Nate. Xe's pretty, aren't xe? I hope people like what xe is wearing because I had to base it off an npc, but changed the colors to black and red.


And finally, here's Pira. I hope his outfit doesn't look lazy.

I still have plenty of other ideas & have many ocs to still draw, but my mom's colored pencils are beginning to get thin tips. I may have to switch back to crayons again...

I don't know when I'll update next, probably after I've accumulated four new drawings so I'm not posting too many new drawings day after day.


Silence is Purple
Hello, boys, girls, enbys, and chimeras + every other gender or identity in between.
Got a big drawing dump for this week.
please god can someone actually comment I work hard on these drawings


Let's go. Here's six new drawings.


While looking up stuff for cute, girly Halloween costumes, I found a steampunk dress and just had to draw Siorc in it. here it is, if anyone is interested to know the resource I used. I just changed some things up a bit and colored it green. If you look closely, you can see he's wearing nail extensions and mascara. (The green eyelashes).


This is one of my other ocs, Bogart Hakimi. As you can see, he's in an egyptian queen outfit inspired by this costume I looked up on Google which I drew because he likes to dress in women's clothing while calling himself a queen.


This is Aega Kawu. Which, Twitter decided to hide from the timeline. Probably because she's showing her belly button? I assume that's the issue here? I don't know. She's Loba's twin sister, in case someone wasn't able to guess. And her outfit is inspired by something I found on Google while looking up African dresses and this is what I decided to go with since Aega likes to show off her skin and is proud of her own body.

Alright, moving onto the main attraction, I suppose? The Gefrorens.


This is Konig Gefroren. A Knight of Favonius, or I guess if non-Genshins don't know, we'll just say he's a knight. His uniform is based off of this character from Genshin Impact. An NPC named Lawrence. Since he isn't high ranked, I did the NPC Knight uniform with custom gloves.


This is Regina Gefroren. I'm so sorry she looks so goofy... that wasn't my intention at all. It's the teeth and big penguin crests, isn't it? Somehow, I can't find the source for this outfit I drew anymore, but here's a tweet of the resource in question I suppose. That's what I get for not actually clicking on the webpage... But that's just how it is. I like how her outfit came out, but I'm upset how goofy her face is, and I apologize if anyone hates it.


This is Prinz Gefroren. He's basically a genius prodigy tutor penguin boy. Which is why I decided to take inspiration from The Royal Tutor to draw his outfit, but somehow, I think he looks like a a cuter looking Mortiarty from Mortiarty the Patriot. But, maybe I'm getting way too ahead of myself.

Last but not least for this week...


The youngest Gefroren, Hollander Gefroren. But, she prefers to be called Holly, so I will be calling her Holly from here on out. First and foremost, the source for her outfit is Ella Musk from Genshin Impact and I take no credit for just drawing the girl!NPC outfit on her, as it's just that with no modifications.

She's about the age of...15? I think? But, at the point in the arc I'm writing right now, she's probably about 13. And is an Adventurer at the Adventurer's Guild, but I didn't feel like drawing that uniform. In the future, maybe I'll draw her in something "unique" but, sometimes I would rather just draw NPC outfits since modifying outfits to be my own thing is honestly tiring after drawing a few in a row.

What's next...? Well, probably Siorc in Nurse Joy's outfit, since someone asked for it. & Probably Rede. I have 23 ocs left of my 54 to draw.

I hope someone is looking in here, but I won't get my hopes up.


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Oh yeah, something I was wondering: why lined paper exactly? I don't think I've ever seen someone choose to use lined paper for their work.

also I like the dress design in this one, 10/10 would wear
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Sometimes lined paper can help with plotting out anatomy and making sure character designs stay consistent from drawing to drawing. It's kinda nice to more or less have a ruler printed right on the paper, haha. Plus, when that inspiration hits hard, well, "any port in a storm" as they say lol. Got a couple on the back of paper plates myself!

Though I do think your style is consistent enough to migrate onto dotted paper, if ya feel like it! You might find that the tactile difference between drawing on different types of paper to be rather enjoyable even.

What I love here is the clear and obvious improvement from the first handful of drawings till now. The clothing design choices are much more ambitious! I like that you seem to be much lighter with your pen technique now too, whereas your earlier pieces seemed like you were really digging into the paper, ya know? To me this demonstrates a lot of thoughtfulness being applied to each newer piece and I respect the hell out of that journey. Coming into your own as an artist is a process, lol.

You should be incredibly proud of how far you've come and, moreover, your capacity to create, Kory. It's nothing short of impressive to say the least. Keep drawing, keep posting, keep pushing yourself, and keep having fun! It's a delight to view and I'm excited to see what you do next. ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧
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I like the designs, especially of the dresses! You definitely have improved.

One thing I appreciate is that you still draw the hands. Hands are very difficult to draw (I constantly struggle when I get to the hand part). Most people just try to hide them by either making them disappear in the back or in pockets. But that usually just makes the drawing look really awkward.
It does help envisioning the palm of the hand as a circle (or an ellipse when drawn in various angles) and the fingers stuck on it are also just a bunch of very small ellipses. Also most importantly: you already have the perfect reference object for hands. That is: your own hands.

Also, if you have trouble positioning the eyes properly: the space between the eyes should be about as much as a third eye would need. Smaller eyes need less space and bigger eyes more, of course.

Hope I could be of help. And of course: I hope you continue to draw! :3


Silence is Purple
(I believe I answered everyone in DMs already)? But, I basically used lined paper because I draw on a budget, and have very few resources available to me except copy paper & marble composition notebooks. If I had more resources, I'd probably switch it up here and there and use multiple mediums.

Anyway, since the last update, I kind of exploded somehow and drew...well, a lot. Normally, I don't draw every day, but I kind of have been lately during the lead up to Halloween, so there's a lot of Siorc dresses & costumes I ended up drawing. Warning that some of these kinda will look grainy, my phone camera hates me.


This was a suggestion someone had for me. I got a suggestion to draw one of my ocs as Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny, so I went with Alola Nurse Joy but, tbh I changed the colors and gave him stocking because I don't think Siorc would want to show off his legs all that much, so I had to modify it. The Clefairy is Just a direct drawing of this version of Clefairy, but shiny. I apologize if Clefairy looks like its baby form, Cleffa.

Moving right along, and my camera is really grainy in this one too, sorry?


So, I found a galaxy dress on Google while looking for new drawing ideas, but I didn't think I could draw that pattern, and ended up just doing something simpler. Maybe this suffered for that? I don't know. I also do have a source for the hairpins since I looked up shooting star hairpins on Google. But I don't have any of my history saved on hand since I cleaned out junk on Google chrome the other day...aha. So, make do with these twitter links.


So, I decided to try drawing a hoodie again, and ended up drawing Siorc in a bear suit. For the most part, it's based off of this one, but I did different colors, mostly cadet blue. But, maybe the hair is sticking out in a weird place?

Now, to step away from Siorc for a second (I have a lot, trust me).


This is my other sea lion oc, Eau Bulles. I ended up trying to draw her in two poses, her sea lion form and human form with a Waster Greatsword because I wanted to try to draw someone holding something. I'm also trying out different eyes for some of my other ocs.


I also took a minute to draw one of my other ocs, Naofa in various other outfits throughout Teyvat, including: Chongyun's outfit, One of the Millelith outfits, and The Swordfish II outfit, because Naofa is a manipulative individual who worms its away into Teyvat's militaries and other bodies of power. For the first one, I changed the colors, but for the other ones, I just drew them as is without modifying them, really.


And this is Nousagi Hougo. A rabbit chimera. Please don't call them cute, they're a (trans) dude, aha. Here is the inspiration I took from their suit with Bits and pieces of inspiration from Zhongli's coattails to make a stunning blue suit out of it. I think Nousagi came out good, but I think the next one below came out even better. Oh, yeah, that orb is the prototype amber.


This is Nousagi's twin sister, Kouneko Hougo. I put her in the same suit, but made it green. The orb she has next to her is The Emerald Orb I just forgot to color the rest of it , oops.


While looking at more dresses on Google, I found This gothic dress while looking for more things to draw, but I changed it a bit and made it various different pinks, purples and reds. And...kind of accidentally made it a shirt. Maybe I'll redraw this one.

Siorc looks like such a diva in this picture, lol.

From here on, I decided to experiment more with hands a bit.


Attempted to draw Siorc holding a wand, but I wasn't able to get it right the first time with holding something. Practice makes perfect, though. I was drawing him in Dark Magician Girl's outfit, by the way. I modified it, though.


I saw a cotton candy dress while looking for new ideas, and just decided to draw it as is with Siorc being in full hyena mode.


I again tried to experiment with holding things. Should be obvious that this is Alice in Wonderland, but I tried drawing Siorc holding an Ace of Hearts in his left(?) hand, despite him being right handed. But that's not really important.

Getting into today's drawings now.


This is my goat oc, Rede Luge, who is wearing A green version of this outfit that is just generic NPC clothes. I will admit that Rede was extremely hard to draw, so this was my first attempt at it before this one (like fifteen minutes before) and I think the first attempt at him was just awful. But, I think the one I colored looked betters.


This is Feng Baise, which I am going to probably redraw because I messed him up a little. this is the male adventurer guild's uniform, but pink. And he's wearing lipgloss, so that's why his lips are blue. Maybe I need to improve my lip game? I'll see what I can do to improve that.

And, finally,


I drew Siorc in one of Sakura Kinomoto's many outfits, but drew it as is because I didn't think it needed any modifications to suit Siorc. For the most part, I like how this looks on him and I'd like to draw him in more of Sakura's outfits.

Right now, I'm looking to finish up drawing my ocs so all of them are represented in some way, and maybe...learning how to draw hands better? But, I don't know if my hands will ever be super consistent since I always end up just drawing them in haphazardly, I suppose?

I will also continue to maybe try to experiment with drawing backgrounds on copy paper, but none of those will likely be posted here.

Next update will likely be a lot smaller, though, I just drew a lot over the past week.


Silence is Purple
Alright, I'm back again. Ultimately, I decided it was best I completely redraw Feng, so I did:


I really don't like how the first drawing came out of him, and just... had to do it again with adjustments. He has less freckles now & the hair needed to be fixed so I didn't have to draw his eye in such a weird looking way. I also decided to do something to make his lips actually look like lips, somewhat. Since I very rarely draw actual lips, I decided to see how it'd look if I did.

They're not there yet, but I suppose I can always try drawing him one more time after I've looked at lips long enough for them to realistic, but for now, that's all I have.

I think this one looks better than the first one, but maybe people will think "they look exactly the same".

But, I guess when in doubt look at resources and try again, right? I don't always get something right on the first, second, or even third try.


Also, I want to say that sometimes my pen loves to bleed on my paper and that is...really annoying, especially when coloring in the ears. So, if sometimes people see blue stains where the ears should be colored in, that's because my pen bled in that particular spot, making it impossible to color over there. Ah, the world of using a pen that's probably twice/three times older than I am.


Silence is Purple
Good news, my mother found a whole set of old crayons with metallic and glitter varieties. So your boys has a whole new set of purples, pinks, greens and even other browns to play with. I finally don't just have two of the same purples all the time, so you're going to see a ton of new colors in the following 22 new drawings.

I did some experiments and also finished up all my ocs. So, now all 54 of my ocs have been drawn by me.

I ended up drawing a lot over the past week, or so this'll be a big update. To either people's dismay, or pleasure, since I don't know who looks at these.




This is Soei Piosa. She's a frilled neck lizard chimera, and I tried my best to convey a frilled neck lizard through drawing. I used Kemono Friends as a reference and attempted trying to draw her tail to make it look like it's coming from the back of her. This is the outfit I drew and honestly, it's just exactly what it is and I didn't modify it.

Sorry there's feet, her shoes melted away, as she lives in a place that has lava everywhere. This was before mom discovered the crayons in her room, by the way.


And this is Velours Piosa. Same sources for his frilled neck and tail as above. This is the vest I drew it is again, just the exact thing. Sometimes, I feel like things don't need to be modified, so I just draw them as is. But, this isn't...the actual one I drew? Because somehow, after I closed out of the page, I couldn't find it again.

I think ze (hir pronuns are ze/hir/hirs btw) came out pretty good. And the tail looks better on hir than Soie.


Meanwhile, I drew Siorc in a vintage 50s dress because why not? Only difference is is that it's yellow because I very rarely put Siorc in yellow outfits.


Throughout the week, I wanted to try and get my more difficult to draw ocs out of the way, and ended up drawing Riyad (Saber). He's wearing a robe that described him in in the most recent chapter I wrote him in, (this is just a link to the picture of the robe I referenced, not a chapter of my fic) but I ended up not being able to find the exact source I was looking at while drawing him. Also, this was when I tried drawing pointy chins on men. I think he actually looks like a man, for a change.


Speaking of difficult ocs, I also drew Kigyo Tuzes. The person was actually pretty...easy to draw when I actually went and did it. I drew the snake in a Greek Toga, because the chapter the person was in was described as to be wearing an ancient robe.


I also drew Siorc in a witch costume but changed the colors entirely because I didn't want to draw just exactly what I was looking at. As you can see, he's wearing nail extensions again and he's rock it. #/slayqueen.


On Halloween, I drew Siorc in biker gang attire. I don't have the exact resource, but this is pretty close. I also drew ripped jeans and I started using the crayons my mother found, so his hair is actually dark purple, for a change. I'm also practicing hands again.

Also sparkly, glittery pink shirt.


This is Jiaolong Jinzi, and he's Yinlong's cousin. Well, one of three, anyway. What he's wearing is known as a Hanfu, since Liyue is based off of China, I had to look into traditional Chinese clothing. I figured drawing a Hanfu could work, for now. I started using the crayons my mother found to get more varieties on blue since I definitely don't have enough in the 64 crayon box.


Would you look at that? Another panda. Wow. This is Qiulong Jinzi. I forgot to color in her eyebrows, but I found a whole tone of pinks in that crayon barrel...thing my mother found. Her dress is inspired by this, but I don't know what it's called in Chinese... aha.


Wow, so many pandas, who would have thought! And none of them are named after pandas at all, shocker /sarcasm. This is Shenlong Jinzi. I'm sure people looking at this picture think she looks like a tsundere. And, oh my, what's this? Kory drew boobs? Yes, he did, he drew boobs. /wow. can someone be proud of me please.

This is, believe it or not, a ball dress. But, the shadow crayon somehow just looks terrible and not grey. Don't know how that happened.


No more pandas, I promise. I only have four panda ocs. This is Zephyr Piosa, and they're a ghost, so I left their skin completely white. And this looks a lot creepier than I thought upon looking at this again. It's definitely the pitch black eyes and pure white skin. While this may not be obvious to some people, I just drew them in the Owari no Seraph Moon Demon Company clothes, but I don't know what Natlan clothes look like, so when Natlan comes out in 2024, I'll draw them again. Coming soon to a thread near you!

...Or not, because 2024 is probably awhile away?


This is Olann Piosa, and whoops, he's dead, too. I don't have to post the source for his clothes because it's the same source as Velours. Ze liked to copy him, so it'd be redundant to post the same vest twice, now wouldn't it? I hope he isn't too light skinned. People really scare me with their "fixed it for you" bull.


& This is Cloch Frama, whom I hope isn't too "light" for a dark skinned person? ...Well, partially human person, she's a chimera. Tbh this is just another exact drawing of an outfit I found on Google, and just drew it the colors it was with some things nixed because I'm not really that good at drawing butterflies.


This is Faxi Pictiur. I'm sorry if the skin has some weird bits of orange in it, the Apricot crayon I used must have some bits of other colors in it somewhere...when I drew him, I wanted to try using light oranges because I rarely, if ever, use orange. This isn't the exact source, but it's a viking outfit that I drew on him. And his tail is a lynx tail, but I messed up the colors a bit when coloring it in.


This is Uxi Pictiur. His outfit takes inspiration from Halfdan from Genshin since he was a black serpent Knight, credit where credit's due, I took inspiration from fanart for this one for the bottom half of the outift. Please check out Anilyan on Twitter, they are absolutely amazing.


Wow, the Pictiur family is just everywhere in this thread... leave. Okay, this is Irpa Pictiur. She's an alchemist. I somehow lost the original resource, but here's one that's close, she's supposed to be in a female viking outfit. But, I found some really pretty reddish-pinks and decided to color her in with a cerise crayon. I think she came out pretty good, but maybe her hair is a bit too much.


Last Pictiur, I swear, there's only five of them. This is Xena (Sylvi) Pictiur. She's wearing generic npc Mondstadt clothes with no modifications made to it because I didn't want to. Sorry if she looks like a pencil, I made her hair too much in the way.


More Siorc? More Siorc. He's in this sundress. I wish I could have made it look as poofy as the actual dress, but I can just learn how to do it next time.


Finally, here's the last batch of my ocs. This is Marble Frama. Won't lie, I just took her outfit from Banu from the most recent Genshin event. Since Marble is seven, I drew her much lower on the page to convey a child. I hope she actually looks like a kid, I don't know.


This is Ceir Frama. I took inspiration from Dunyarzad's dress and just colored it many shades of green, including metallic crayons. I think it came out pretty good. Except for some errors I made with the shape.


This is Gloine Frama. His outfit is just the generic npc boy outfit but with metallic colors because I wanted to try the special effects crayons. Tbh, I just didn't want to draw it exactly as it was since I didn't want to copy 1 for 1.


Finally, last entry today. This is Miotal Frama. His outfit is also a generic npc outfit. The same one as above, but I used a different version of it. But, I can't remember the name of the npc I took reference from. I'll edit it in later.

Anyway, that's it for now.

I've drawn all 54 of my ocs! Wow. I plan to keep drawing, but roll a number between 1 and 54 to draw my other ocs at least more than once.

And I'll continue practicing eyes and hands, and probably shoes...I'm still bad at shoes. I don't think I can call myself an artist yet, since I feel like that'd insult people who are better than me, but I hope people enjoy these drawings, at least. More are coming, probably once a week in update posts.


Silence is Purple
.... I hope these updates aren't bugging anyone? Aha. Have a mini update today.


If anyone recalls from the earlier stuff, I had an oc named Yinlong. I decided to draw them again since it's been awhile since I've seriously drawn them outside that fairy costume piece I posted a few weeks ago. They're wearing a Ming jacket collared suit with a Glaze lily design. You might be wondering, "why are they wearing green moon hairpins"? that's because: Liyue can mean glazed or Jade Moon, and jade is green, so it's a reference calling back to the meaning of the region they live in.


I also wanted to practice holding poses. Yinlong is wearing a waitress shirt, and men's bottoms. Yinlong is genderfluid, for those wondering. They are holding the Black Tassel and I modeled their pose after Xianling.


But, I honestly felt that pose could have some improvements, so I decided to try a second pose. Yinlong is wearing a wedding suit in this, it's just fancy, and I liked the look of it, so I put Silk Flowers as a design point. I like taking outfits I see and changing them to be my own thing. As for the pants, That's Violetgrass, the stars are custom. In case anyone is wondering about their Vision it's A Liyue Anemo vision, like Xiao, who is also an Anemo Polearm user. Yinlong is wielding a weapon Inspired by Favonius Lance, but it isn't the Favonius Lance, it's a weapon I'm going to call "Bamboo Cutter's Spear". His pose is taken from Zhongli and the The original tweet has a script style story in it using + alt text (please click alt text to read it).

That being said, I plan to redraw more of my ocs in the coming weeks so I can improve them. Here's the original Yinlong drawing for a comparison sake.

Aha, I hope this update a day later isn't...breaking any rules, I just really worked hard on these and don't want to wait an entire week to post them, is all.


Silence is Purple
Another update because it's around a week since I was last here, I think. Doing some sort of Drawvember event. And have been doing various experiments. Since I finished up all my 54 ocs, now I'm drawing some other ones again and attempting to draw characters holding things, and the like.

I hope whoever looks in here enjoys, I do often feel overlooked by the masses.

Without further ado, there's about... 22 drawings to go over.

Most of the resources are just going to be linked from my Twitter because I don't feel like finding the exact places I found them rn.


It occurred to me that it was honestly time to redraw Parisa. I drew her for the first time quite awhile ago and wanted to update some things like her ears and tail because they were pretty inaccurate the first time around. The clothing is inspired by something I looked about Persian casual wear and it showed me an article with this outfit. So, I drew it while changing it somewhat. I changed the design to be Sumeru Roses & she's stepping on her Akasha Terminal. I'm still afraid of getting told her skin isn't "dark enough", though.

Maybe it's good I draw physically, no one can "fix" my drawings. (....Am I even allowed to say art? Probably not.)


I decided to attempt something in where I'd actually try to color in the whole page. So, I drew Siorc meditating. Needless to say, I don't want to do this again for awhile. This took forever. Shirt is this Sanrio shirt I saw online, but I didn't add in Hello Kitty for this one. Didn't feel like it.


This is Lewod in a bikini. Since I want to be able to make it easier to differentiate Siorc from Lewod, their hair is different from his in various ways. There's no square in the bangs, for example. The bikini is based off of this one and it's as you'd expect, I suppose. I just added something to it so it's not the exact same thing as what's on the actual thing.


Recently, it occurred to me it's been awhile since I've drawn Hase, so I intended to fix that. I don't really draw Hase all that often because I don't know what to do with her sometimes. This takes basis from the Crux Clan fleet NPCs, I just colored it with blues.


Since I tasked myself to redraw more of my ocs, I redrew Liath in my Project Sekai verse idea that I'll probably never get to at any point in time. I am also practicing having my characters hold things, so, I thus, drew Liath holding a guitar. I have no source for the shirt, as I forgot. But, it's pretty basic anyway, so maybe I don't need one. I honestly thought I'd fail to draw a guitar, but I think I did pretty decent with everything but the top.


...And here is Garran in that same verse, but holding the guitar wrong! They're a menace, okay? What can I say. The shirt they're wearing is something that keeps getting recommended to me while I look at Ebay, so I had to draw it. I didn't mention that when I posted the resource, but you know what? I'll just expose myself out in the open.

Dual entry here.


I'm still at it with experimenting with my characters holding things. I'm also attempting to learn different angles from viewing like from the side, and the back, but I won't be posting my test drawing of drawing Siorc from his backside. I probably need more practice drawing bows. The dress is yet another thing that keeps popping up in ads when I'm looking at stuff on my phone. That's what I get for constantly looking at clothes to draw my ocs in, I guess.

Speaking of the Project Sekai au...


Drew Regina in it, as well. And attempted to draw her with a keyboard. For the most part, I think she looks much better this way than in her original drawing. Her eyes don't look as derpy, and now that her pointy teeth are gone, I think she's improved a lot! This is the outfit I drew. She looks like a punk, though, I'm sorry.


Waiola is also in this verse as the drummer, and I'm proud of how the drums came out. I know it looks like she only has one leg, but it's probably hidden behind the drum in the center. Her outfit borrows inspiration from Tenma Saki which might be weird to some people since she's the pianist of the Leo/Need band, and not the drummer.


While on the topic of redrawing, I finally redrew Siorc from the first ever time I drew him. And I think this looks much better and more refined than the original. His uniform is a combination of two things and I think this is definitive now and I won't have to redraw him in this again. Hopefully. I'm satisfied with how this came out.


Normally, I don't draw stuff like this, but I drew Loba before she transitioned, and honestly, I hate it here. She looks kind of sad. I wanted to again practice my characters holding things, so she's holding makeup. On my twitter, I put a story in the alt text.

I don't have any resources to share, I just looked up hoodies on google and drew that.


Now, I know I said "I drew all my ocs" but I forgot I never actually gave my heavy lore oc a design. So, I finally went and did that. This is Flosshilde, the chimera scientist (it took me FIVE tries to spell this word right, I hate it here). Their outfit is just taken from their picrew, really. I just designed something on there really quickly the night before I drew them, honestly.


Meanwhile, I wanted to try again with my ocs holding weapons, and chose to have Pira hold a sword. I think Pira looks better than when I drew him the first time. I also changed his chin to be pointier so he looks more manly, I guess? His sword is taking primary inspiration from Skyward Blade and his pose is taken from Bennet.


While looking for more ideas, I saw a nightgown on google and decided to put Bogart in it because he's a queen, so I'll take any opportunity I can to draw him in queenly attire. I took inspiration from clicking this ad on google that lead me to a Shien page, but the only difference is some of the colors, really because I liked the original that much already.


On my Twitter, I joke about my other ocs not being welcome in the Oc Mickey Mouse Clubshouse, so I thought, you know what, I should probably draw Siorc in like a Minnie costume or something, so I did. I have some errors here, though, ended up not being able to exclude the polka dots and colored over some, so you may see some inconsistencies in that regard.


Also attempted to draw Siorc in a lacy red dress. But, this could have been done better. I suppose I just didn't feel like drawing the lace on the entire outfit and settled with some at the top and bottom and ribbons in places, but this is also for an upcoming chapter I'm writing on Sunday in my fanfiction since he wears a lacy red dress on a nature walk.


I also decided to redraw Gris, but I messed up on the end of her scorpion body and the shape afterwards. But, I now think her mouth doesn't look goofy and weird. Sorry if one eye is bigger than the other. That seems to happen much more often than I'd like when I draw.


Also redrew Linggui in a great looking turtle shirt that I almost completely changed from the original source which was a bird shirt that's a matching couples thing. Linggui is the spirit turtle, and my otter man's gotta play the part of the Turtle Man. He is Branded in Turtles. Contrary to his first version where he was angry, I made him happy this time because he's a teaser in all later appearances in my story somehow.


Did I mention recently I found ~glitter crayons~ because I did and they are the best thing ever. Whilist googling wedding dresses that aren't white I came across a wedding dress that was still white anyway, but I decided to make it blue because ~glitter, so sparkly~. Is it weird that the ~glitter crayons~ color much brighter than the normal ones? Lol. That's a tulip in his hair, by the way, I just made it into a barrette.


Also drew Siorc in a suit, and I don't know if it shows but I think he doesn't like wearing it, lmfao. Not that I think he cares about "the gender of clothing" but I rarely draw him in men's clothes. I saw this suit on Google and felt like drawing it on him to see how different I think he'd look in men's clothes. And yes, there they are, broken heart hairpins rip, lol.


And finally, Lewod in a tank top drawn because I messed up Siorc's bangs so I turned it into something for Lewod instead.

I'll have much more to come, I'm still doing Drawvember, after all.


Silence is Purple
New week, new update. This week, we have a lot of experiments which might mean...more mistakes here and there.

I draw in pen on purpose so I can learn from my mistakes, but in some cases, that might not always be good. It's good to see where I made a mistake so I can try to avoid it in the future, you know? But, anyway, this week, a few things I drew are large objects, but mixed results ensue. I'm trying my best! I intend to continue to draw the rest of November, if I can.


To begin, I started a new notebook, and I ran out of paper in my old one. I feel like I'm beginning to fill these out extremely quickly because I'm drawing a lot....too much lately. This is a European bard outfit, and I drew it exactly as is, with long nails again because I'm trying to practice them a bit more.


Next is Loba again. I don't have a bias, or anything, I swear. I saw this pretty outfit when looking for new things to draw so, I decided to draw it with some of the red violets I rarely use! There are so many red violets I didn't even know existed. I ended up using fuchsia for this, which is a color I don't think I've used in years. "Why are her eyebrows yellow" that's supposed to be eyeshadow, but anime character don't seem to have eyelids.

On a more angsty note...


Drew Varg in women's clothes and not being too happy about it because the men's clothes "don't fit him". I'm, once again, experimenting with breast lines. Although, I think I need to keep trying with this because I don't know how well I'm conveying breasts. The outfit he's wearing is based on Freki's. Also, Eggplant is a really nice accent color, but I definitely do not like it as a main color, so yeah. It's too dark of a purple, imo.


It came to my attention I've never drawn Savon in human form, so I decided I wanted to try drawing her like that. Sadly...she's sunburned in this picture. Yes, even sea lion chimeras can get sunburn. #/losingbattlewiththesun. Sadly, I lost the resource I used for this bathing suit & I think I messed up part of the chest area and left arm. Well, I can just redraw, honestly.


This one might be a little blurry, apologies. On Sunday, I decided, "I'll draw one of my ocs drinking wine because I misspelled so many words while writing on Sunday" & one person voted Kaiser... so I need to provide for the one person who probably voted by accident. Outfit comes from Etsy. Kaiser looks so done when he's not in makeup or his usual explosive clothes. But, I have plans to draw him in drag soon, I think, if I feel like it.


And, obviously, I'm always trying to find reasons to draw Siorc. I saw some lolita fashion I think he'd wear, and drew him in it. I think I saw this on Devil Inspired, but I'll put the real link here later. You may notice my black is thicker this time, and that's because I used marker. ...The green one bled onto the next page, though. Marker, how could you?


Decided to try drawing Nousagi in a different hairstyle and this is the result. This is a kimono that they're wearing, and they're wielding the Everlasting Moonglow a limited 5* Catalyst. I may have forgotten to color in their earring, though...


Decided to try my hand at drawing Strix again in a dress, but I'm sorry, I don't have the source. Somehow I forgot to post the resource like I always do...but I suppose, I can always look for it later, right?


Decided to draw Siorc in the female akademiya uniform with painted nails. The girl students probably did it, lol. Somehow, I don't think Siorc would mind if someone painted his nails.


Also drew Siorc as a Matra with a Cryo delusion and a Prototype Archaic. Also, featuring: a different eyebrow expression than usual! Hooray! I think some of my lines are a little messy, but I can improve.

Now, for an experiment.


Scarlet and Violet came out and I can't play yet, so I decided to draw him laying down on a couch with a Nintendo Switch Lite, although slightly simplified. Yet again, I took inspiration from Shein, which is honestly my go to for fashion for my ocs nowadays. Thank you Shein, please stop showing me ads of your clothes...lol.


Moving right along with my experiments, I drew Krysi dancing, kinda? Kind of maybe made her dancing leg too fat. I will probably have to try again in the future. Outfit is based on this, but I changed some things to make it more custom. I really want to try drawing more dancing in the future, but I need to learn how to draw two legs that are the same size when doing different poses than I'm used to.


I drew Deigr again and it's because I needed to try and draw twin drills better. So, in order to do that, I used Kasane Teto as a reference, and this time, I think I did much better than my first attempt where I just drew spirals inside already existing pigtails. The trick is drawing the twin drills as twin drills, not pigtails. If it's not obvious, I drew overalls as Deigr is a construction worker in the pjsekai verse, and a miner in the genshin verse. So, I thought "of course Deigr would wear overalls, she definitely gets pretty dirty from construction work!"

Last but not least for this week...


Siorc sitting on a reclining chair wearing a sweater I saw on Burberry. I admit I should...probably, next time, not draw the lines where I put Siorc's head because it looks like the recliner is going through him, but I don't have an erasable pen, so it just looks like that, sadly.

For the next while, I plan to keep experimenting with drawing my characters sitting/laying on big objects in a room. If I keep on trying, I may improve. I think, at least, I hope to at least make it look like my characters are sitting down and not sitting on air. And maybe learn leg distance a bit better because I would like to draw one of my ocs riding a bike and both legs reaching the pedals, since I recall drawing fanart one time where only one foot was on a pedal, so I would like to try learning how to draw sitting on things and leg positions better.

...And drawing around objects so my lines aren't as messy. That's a goal, too.


Silence is Purple
New week, new drawings. This week, I've been trying to work on hair a bit more. Been trying to draw it around the edges of the body rather than drawing all of it, and I think my hair is seeing some improvements now that all the lines you aren't supposed to see are no longer there. But, for the first few drawings, you'll still honestly see the lines you're not supposed to...

That being said, Drawvember is almost over, but I think I might keep challenging myself to draw at least once a day unless I don't feel like it some days.

This week, you'll be seeing a mix of my Project sekai AU, a lot of Loba and my darker skinned ocs. And, of course, as always, the main attraction, Siorc.

Apologies if there's any mistakes in these drawings, or if the "they're holding things" still looks pretty bad, I am still learning.

Let's begin, this is a 26 picture update. I tend to draw about maybe 2-4 drawings a day, atm.


Starting with a drawing with a few mistakes, this is Yinlong in a dress, but I wish I knew what this dress was called, since it's Chinese. Since Liyue is China, I want to try to look into that fashion to draw outfits for them. But, they don't like it. I messed up their hair length and mouth, though, but it was a waste to not color it in, so I did. Don't really like how this one came out, so I tried again.


I tried a second time with drawing Yinlong in a dress, and this was honestly around the time I really
started thinking, "I really need to try to draw hair to the side and not the entire thing, it's unrealistic." So, I might redraw Yinlong with his hair down in the future now that I've changed how I approach long hair. Anyway, this is a dress I saw on Amazon, so I decided to draw it. When I originally colored this in, I used a very light teal colored pencil, but it barely came out, so I had to color over it with green. Even then, I think the coloring came out kind of poor with those unlabeled colored pencils. Never using them again.


I drew Yinlong in a men's hanfu, and I think he looks a lot happier than they do wearing those dresses. But, I made a mistake when I was drawing their eyes...again. Almost made it too small before I tried fixing it. But, my eyes are never the same size...I'll keep trying to work on that problem.


Yinlong in a blouse holding tea they likely brewed themselves. But, instead of the flowers on the actual blouse itself, I drew Qingxins instead. I'm still working on having characters hold things. Fingers are hard.


This is Rys in the Project Sekai au where she's a hiphop group called Poached Crystal Butterfly and in the sub-unit Crystal Butterfly Dust. In the original tweet, I wrote a tiny rap, but I'm not a rapper, so I'm definitely not really sure how to make a good rap. I drew her in hip hop clothes, and if you can't read what her pants say, it says "Deal w/it". I also tried doing something different with her hair this time. Drawing it above her clothes.


I also drew Raven in that same Project Sekai au where he's also in Poached Crystal Butterfly, but is in the sub unit Poached Birds. He's wearing hip hop clothes, surprise, surprise. But, he's wearing Robin, his boyfriend's shirt, which has the number 7 on it since Robin's number is seven. I also attempted to draw his wings a bit differently this time so they at least look near even in size. But, I suppose they still don't.


If I had to pick a favorite out of my new drawings I'm posting, this would be it. In this, Feng is exploring his femininity and is very unsure with himself, suffering body dysmorphia over "not looking cute in his gruff, manly body". I really like the dress I drew him in, and Siorc would probably be jealous. I also think this is the best looking hand I've ever drawn? I gave him nail extensions that are blue as well as girly shoes, which I think came out okay.


Continuing and finishing up the Poached Crystal Butterfly Project Sekai Au, we have Robin in hip hop clothes and what I assume is Vans. I still need to work on his wings, but I can just draw him again. This is when I started working on trying to not draw the entire hair and only drawing it off to the side. By the way, he's wearing Raven's shirt.


This is Naofa in a sage outfit and with the eye of Jormungandr. I'm still drawing hair to the side right now rather than the entire thing of hair, and I think it looks better than seeing the lines you shouldn't.


Siorc in a sailor outfit, French style. What does the paper he's holding say? Use your imagination, to be honest. He's also holding a pocketbook, but I still need to practice fingers holding something. I guess I'll just have to keep drawing to everyone's pleasure or perhaps, dismay.

And now, the big Loba update. (This is the Pjsekai verse version)


Normally, I don't draw pre transition Loba, but for some reason, I wanted to draw her transition story. In this one, it's before she started transitioning and started experimenting with makeup and nail extensions. I drew this outfit but mostly left it white.


Before anyone asks, "what made you decide to draw Loba during her transition timeline"? Well, she's my character, and I can do as I wish, but sometimes, I want to do things I want to convey through storytelling of drawings. This is Loba probably...1 or 2 months into HRT. I cannot say for sure if it's accurate or not. At the moment, she's padding her chest, and has barely any confidence she'll look cute or girly in a swimsuit. Because the first few months of HRT are definitely the awkward times as it's like going through second puberty. Or, that's what I've heard. I am not on HRT. (I haven't started transitioning yet irl), but this is about Loba, a fictional trans woman not me.


This is Loba probably around...6 or so months into her transition. She's in a modified Nekopara cosplay to have her name on the heart instead, and the in universe story is that she, Kaiser, Lewod (Leah) and Feng are doing a cat maid dress song with Miku in their sekai. But, she's still not confident fully in herself, and is embarrassed to wear something like this. To the point, oops, her jackal ears are sticking out!

I will not be drawing the Miku version of this, but in this Project Sekai verse, Miku is also a trans woman in their sekai since in Project Sekai, Miku appears differently in different worlds. And since Miku has no set personality, anyone, even in the real world, can do as they wish with her.


Wrapping up the Loba stuff, this is maybe around a year or so into her transition, and she's so happy, she's crying. I drew this dress as is and I think this one came out pretty good. I think she looks so soft here.


After that, I attempted to redraw Rede, and I think his neck looks better than a lot of the times I draw them, but I really messed up his hair color because I originally tried electric lime and it looked gross, jesus christ ate a cracker. So, I had to color over it. This is just generic Inazuma clothes, nothing special. I was too busy on Wednesday to draw anything complicated.


Yesterday was White People Food Day...I mean Thanksgiving. ...Ah, who cares, I am not fond or warm over the fact I'm American, and don't really care.

Anyway, I drew Aega on Thursday, and would you look at that boobs. Tater tots, big potatoes, breasts, shazam...

...I tried drawing breasts again, and for once in my life, I think I actually drew them correctly, almost. Outfit she's wearing is based off of this one, and I promise she isn't bending over to get attention, and I hope that's not how this drawing comes off.


I wanted to draw another scene, so I decided to draw Siorc on a tree swing in a random outfit I saw on Google. But, I need to improve on how I draw trees and scenes. This one feels average at best, I'll keep trying.

We now have a "pair costumes" thing I decided to draw in the next two drawings.


Siorc as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, but I think he'd much rather be Poison Ivy, you know? Maybe that'd suit him better. This is probably the Project Sekai universe, but it could also just be random, really.


And this is Parisa as Harley Quinn's version of Poison Ivy and a different hairstyle in the spur of the moment. I know that Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are dating in the Harley Quinn show, but shh, Siorc can be an honorary lesbian, lmfao.


Velours in another vest suit because I said so. No, I didn't take inspiration from Kobeni with hir, ze just looks as nervous as she does, I suppose. Honestly, I really need to represent my tan ocs more, so that's kinda why I drew hir.


Bogart in a nap dress, because...why not, am I right? But, I don't like where I placed the tail, I should have drawn it onto the other side, and there's some mistakes in the eyes here, I apologize for that extra line.


Double Garran feature incoming, here's Garran in a annoyingly brightly colored shirt solely to annoy Liath. This is the PJSekai verse au where they play bass guitar and they're purposely wearing nail extensions so they can't play so they can be the lead singer of their new song...man, you're so devious, Garry, lol.


And, Garran in frog form. Garran is a poison dart frogupine chimera, and I have never drawn them in their frog form, so there we go, I have finally done that.


Ceir as a model in the Pjsekai verse, but she's probably malnourished...but in truth, I messed up her chin and head when drawing the usual half circle. I drew a simplified version of this outfit I saw on Google and attempted to draw boots. I think they look arlight, for the most part.



Waiola in the pjsekai verse in Kido's hoodie from Kagepro as Kagepro is one of my favorite series, and like Kido, she also has green hair, so it was a match made in...purgatory, I guess. Also tried a different hairstyle for her in this drawing in particular.


Finally, Waiola in a black dress that Bogart secretly bought for her. I suppose she looks embarrassed to be wearing it, and she's wearing makeup over her face scar. Bogart taught her how to cover it up. My store of choice to look at fashion was asos, by the way and I think I'm going to continue drawing hair around instead of all of it from now on, since it looks better this way, for sure.

As drawvember comes to a close, I might draw...more Dc character cosplay, maybe? And the rest of the pjsekai au when I feel so inclined to. I have to finish up Siorc's group and Naofa's group in that regard, as well as Kaiser's, so maybe more of the Project Sekai: Colorful Stage Feat: Hatsune Miku au drawings will be coming in the near future.

I don't know what has improved, or what has stayed the same since I started this Draw once a day in November challenge, but I'm sure if anyone sees this, maybe they'll tell me.
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I am back again with a weekly update. I'm thinking of just continuing to draw every day until January 1st. I didn't really do that many experiments this week, but I did attempt to draw some knees. And, by knees, I mean circles on the legs. But, it's a modest attempt, I suppose.

I mostly drew the Project Sekai AU this week, tbh. Sorry if some of these photos are low quality, it's really dark in the room I take photos in since the sun sets at like... 4pm now. (gross).

Nothing too extreme this week, and there will probably be some repeat ideas here and there. There's also considerably less Siorc this week. But, of course, he'll always be included in every weekly update.


To begin this update, I continued drawing the pjseskai au. Featuring: lips because I was able to draw lips somehow after failing to do so last time. In this au, Kaiser goes by they/them and explores their femininity through fashion and music with Leah, Loba, Feng Nathair (who goes by Natalie) is their mentor. They're wearing false eyelashes. And this is what they're wearing, a fluffy dress. There's some mistakes in some of the lines, though.


I also drew Kaiser with breasts and different false eyelashes because why not? This is probably something I saw on Shein. What can I say? It has a lot of good outfits. Also, a different hairstyle.


I also drew Hollander in a private school uniform feat: safety pin earring, much to her parents dismay because they don't want her wearing that to school. The only thing I modified was the color because I don't like plain white on uniforms sometimes.


This is Lewod, well, Leah in men's clothes being dragged to a sports bet club by her mother. Should be obvious, but this is the pjsekai verse. In this verse, Leah is a trans girl who was secretly training her voice to sound female and is exploring her femininity through Nathair's (who came out as non-binary in this au and goes by Natalie) clothes (xe still makes clothes in the pjsekai verse) and through Sekai w/Miku and Meiko who are mtf trans and mentors to the girls.

In this picture, Leah has had enough, and came out to her mother. But, I drew another picture of her below. At any rate, this is something I saw on Old Navy feels very masculine, which Leah definitely doesn't like.


But, after, I drew Leah in a really gorgeous red dress which I layered with glitter crayons and colored pencils. I also attempted to draw knees, but I need to learn how to draw them more accurately. So, for now, all that's conveyed as knees is...I suppose? Ovals/circles. I'll keep practicing.


Finishing off Kaiser's group in the pjsekai verse, we have Feng. In this au, Feng isn't happy with their asab and tries exploring femininity, but they're scared to come out after their brother did, despite it going well for him. Their dress is based off of this, I just changed the color of the front part to be light grey.


Now, here's Eau in the pjsekai verse in the Lynx Troupe, a musical theater troupe. I saw this on Macy's and just had to draw it, I just used radical...red? I think that's the color of the crayon I used. It looks very pink, though.

Speaking of Macy's.


Drew Siorc in a poodle skirt. I probably had to wear this when I was a kid in dancing school, or something... It probably feels like a random drawing to some people, but I just wanted to draw it, tbh.


I also drew Prinz in the pjsekai verse, in which he is a prodigy who went to college at 15 and became a professor at 18. ...Negima but not gross, I guess, lol. I looked up professor outfits, and decided to draw this, I think he looks pretty professional in this.


And it only occurred to me recently I've drawn Coioite a singular time, so I decided to draw her again. I drew her in construction worker's clothes since she works in construction in the pjsekai verse. Damn, it's so bright orange, help me.


Also drew Nathair in a strawberry nightgown. It's from Shein again, by the way, which is my go to for fashion when drawing, I suppose. Sorry if the drawing looks too dark, my camera was acting up a bit when I took this photo. It couldn't focus.


Moving away from the pjsekaiverse, I drew Linggui in a different outfit. I drew this, but made it green instead. Sorry if it's too hard to see I don't know why my camera decided to not focus when I took this photo.


I also decided to draw Tegne in an aristocratic outfit since I hadn't drawn him in quite awhile. Tbh, I feel like he looks better than last time, but drawing horns is tiring sometimes, if I'm being honest.


Also drew Kouneko in an aristocratic outfit because I felt like it. I know this might look similar to another drawing I drew with Kaiser in it. Sorry if it disappoints anyone I reused an idea. Kouneko is just very business casual.


I also decided to draw Shenlong again, her outfit is based on this outfit, but I made it orange and yellow instead to match my overall idea of her color scheme. Also, one of my followers on Twitter drew Shenlong, as well, which surprised me. My ocs are finally making some traction, that makes me happy.


Sorry if this picture is hard to see it was raining when I drew this. Siorc in a lacy dress. I tried to do my best with this, but I honestly think I should have colored it differently. But, moving along...


Drew Aega as harley quinn from the Harley Quinn show because she enjoys showing off her skin. So, I figured, "why not"? Think it came out pretty decent, but I still need to work on the concept of holding things.


Also drew Aega in the pjsekai verse in a theater dress. In the Pjsekai verse, she's in a musical theater troupe known as the Lynx Troupe. Sorry, I don't have a source for this. My dumb ass kinda...closed out of the picture after I finished drawing it. I couldn't find it afterwards no matter how hard I looked through my browser history... if I ever find it, I'll edit this post.


Also, Gris in the Pjsekai Verse. She's also in the lynx troupe. She's wearing a Victorian Dress maybe it's for a show. She's also crying. I'm trying to draw more emotions lately.


Naofa in the pjsekai verse. It started the Lynx Troupe, and is the defacto leader, but it might have some secret ulterior motives... Assume its ears are behind its hair since I straight up forgot to draw them, for some reason. That's a plague doctor costume, by the way, and as they should because its just a villain, lbr.


Siorc in a Dolls Kill x Hatsune Miku outfit, but I changed the colors because the original is black and I didn't feel like coloring in with black crayon after coloring in his hyena paws and tail since my black crayon is wearing down as well as the colored pencils not being dark enough. I changed it to blue and purple for his color scheme since purple is Siorc's theme color.


Today, I decided to do "rng decides who I draw" and I rolled the number 34, which is Soie's number assignment in my head. She's wearing a shirt I saw that was considered French, and she's holding The Bell in Noelle's pose. She's not wearing any pants, sorry. Also, I drew her lizard tail again.


I also rolled a 45, which is Jiaolong's assigned number. He looks rather worried about something, if I'm being honest. I drew him in this outfit, but mixed it with Herbalist Gui's outfit and didn't draw the flower on the bottom. I don't know what he's worried about, though.


Also rolled the number fifty, and decided to redraw Irpa, so the outfit is the same as last time. I was drawing her crying based on a scene from my fanfiction where she was on Wuwang Hill and upset over how mean Naofa was being towards them. If I could draw the exact scene from Wuwang Hill, I would have, but drawing Genshin scenery is really hard and tbh, maybe it would be better if I learned digital art and paste her into a screenshot since I can't draw that much field of depth...but I'll try to learn.


Finally, I rolled a 51, so I redrew Xena. I didn't like how she came out the first time, tbh. In this picture, it's supposed to be her sitting in a cockpit in Devantaka Mountain, but I didn't draw the scene behind her. Maybe next time. I just wanted to redraw her hair, I hated how it came out the first time around.

For now, that's it. I'll probably keep drawing. I don't know if I've improved. Maybe I'll keep drawing knees because I never drew them before. I will keep with the anime art style, though, Realism isn't my thing. I'm bad at it.
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What a week, Twitter decided to kill moments, so now all my drawings are completely unorganized and a mess. That's very annoying. Anyway, this week, I mostly did "rng decides what I draw" and drew based on the numbers I rolled, or rolling over to the next one if I didn't feel like doing that one. With some exceptions, obviously, because I draw Siorc whenever I feel like it.

Sorry if the image quality is poor in some of these photos, my camera doesn't like to focus.

There's considerably less Siorc this week again, I suppose it's because I'm doing the rng decides what I draw challenge right now? But, yeah.


Starting off this update, I drew Qiulong in casual wear. Sorry if the quality of this source is low, I didn't realize how tiny it was. I normally try to avoid "hands aren't visible" but I thought this looked better if her hands were behind her back rather than in the front. I honestly like how pink looks on her overall.


I also redrew Liath because I haven't really drawn it in human form for the Genshin verse. The source is the same as last time, so I won't be relinking it. Same generic Mondstadt child NPC wear as before. I don't think it looks any different than last time, just no scorpion body.


While rolling random numbers between 1 and 54, I landed around Pira's number, which is 28. So I decided to draw him in a biker jacket because I don't know, I think it suits his look a lot more than I originally thought. This came out pretty okay, tbh. Still experimenting on the triangular, pointy chin, though. Bleach has taught me well!


I also drew Siorc in a cute shirt I saw on Madokawa's website which, honestly, that website has adorable clothes I want my ocs to wear. While I don't think Siorc would like that his skin is showing in the heart shape area, I really liked drawing this, so I did. Featuring: knees.


While my parents were away in California, I thought about drawing Siorc in a Green Day shirt, but honestly decided to do Varg instead. since I don't think my handwriting is that good, this is the source, it's American Idiot, I think I did good on the white hand holding the heart grenade, but the position isn't the same, I apologize for that.


Since I drew Varg, I also decided to draw Strix again in a fancy red suit, but I made it pink instead. His hair is a little...inconsistent sometimes? I don't always draw the part near her ears correctly. I'm trying.


Also drew Strix in a classy black suit, but I feel like I messed up on the hair here, too. Well, I can always redraw, I have many ideas for Strix as a whole.


Meanwhile, my random number generator rolled a 19 after that. Tbh, I don't care much for Konig, but I didn't want to try rerolling to another number. So, I drew him in military attire? I think this is the prince of England...or something. Have no idea. England please don't sue me I'm just a guy in America. Featuring: false eyelashes. /nail polish emoji.


And this...is sadly where my moment died because they disabled editing moments on the 7th of December and the last time I edited it was the 5th. Rip. So, I decided to draw Parisa in a school uniform. I pray chronically online people don't yell at me and tell me "shE's nOT darK eNOuGH, I swear to god.


Drew Siorc in pajamas, and a different hairstyle because I just felt like it. First one is based off of this one, but I changed the balloons to emoji ones because I didn't want it to be the exact same thing as what was there.


Also drew pajamas on the basis of this, but changed everything rather drastically. I based the colors off the pansexual flag and the non-binary flags and wrote out the text "sleep like a rainbow" in bubble letters because I said so, and he's my oc, I can do what I want. Also, the teddy bear is just there. I probably should have made it bigger. Maybe next time.


Hase in gardening clothes. Yes, another photo with hands in pockets. I was lazy on this day, I guess. Wednesday is usually my rush out a drawing after writing out my notes, so I drew just this.


Naofa in a Fatui agent uniform this was difficult to draw on the first try I had to figure out just how much of it was shirt and how much of it was pants, so this was the second attempt that came out better.


Yinlong in a custom shirt based off of this this character's outfit and used the Starconch as a design basis on the shirt. Are the colors too chaotic? Maybe orange and blue don't look good together.


Bogart in, you guessed it yet another dress just blue violet instead of blue and a simpler design because I didn't feel like drawing it exactly as it is. Also made an attempt to... draw the tail underneath instead of to the side because there was space for it this time.


I also decided it was time to make haste and draw Siorc's mother. Ended up just drawing her in generic npc clothes. I think Siorc resembles her quite a lot. I based it off of her Picrew which I can't dig out right now, it's hidden away in my dms on twitter somewhere. Who knows how long those will still work? Time is ticking.

Finally, today's entries that I drew this afternoon.


A twitter mutual gave me the number 12, so I drew Garran in a fanmade cosplay of Abyss Aether because Garran lives in the abyss. They're holding a knife... I'll leave it to people's imagination to assume why.


Nousagi in a somewhat modified version of Kamisato Ayato's outfit with the rabbit shield Hougo family crest on the side. And a ponytail. I want to work more on this sort of things in the future where the ponytail is higher up, though.


Why is this picture so blurry... rip, my camera on my phone sucks. Raven in a vest suit because he's a classy gay man. He's also put his hair down much to Robin's...well, pleasure, I guess? I'm really sorry my camera didn't focus properly on this.


And hoo boy, another really blurry photo. I apologize. Robin in a suit as well, blushing, but I guess my camera decided to be anti Robin today. That's annoying. This is the last drawing in my current notebook, so I'm now starting a new one. By the next update, I'll probably have started filling that.

From here on, I'll keep doing a 1-6 drawings a day, but I'm thinking of upgrading to 150 colored pencils so I have more colors to mess with. We'll see. Right now, I have no eta on that.

Maybe I'll draw more Siorc next week? Who knows? The chaos now that Twitter moments are gone is going to making it a pain in the ass to find all my drawings for the week. Gj, Twitter, you messed up yet again. I feel bad for any artists who relied on moments. Writer's, too.


Silence is Purple
Phone post this week because my computer is being a piece of shit and has been all week. I will be angry if I have to deal with it on Siorc Sunday.

Anyway, it's Sak's fifth avenue week. I. Which almost everything comes from Sak's fifth avenue as a source.


This is Siorc as la strega from comedy dell'arte. this dress is $750 dollars... Jesus. Drawing this took awhile. I'm still bad at roses.


Not SAK's, this is from Walmart. But, Siorc with a Delusion Claymore. the dress & claymore pose reference are here. I just wanted to draw him holding a weapon.


Siorc here is giving silent commands to his flower friend in the corner. Which is a silk flower, he's fighting a Hydro slime. Links later when my computer cooperates.


Faxi in a viking outfit again, but Green. Technically Norse, but same difference, really.


Leah in a...25,000 dollar dress. Yes, really. I'm being completely serious right now. Saks fifth has wild prices... Why and how?


Not Sak's fifth this time. Just here to push the black panther in in all black agenda. Look, Waiola looks great in black. I can't refuse.


Velours in a pink vest suit because I said so and I felt like it. I mostly draw hir in vest suits. That won't be changing any time soon.


Siorc in a blue Saks fifth avenue dress it's 725 dollars irl... that's wild.


Fèng wearing a dress from lacemade. Drawing this, I feel like he's kinda slanted... whoops.


Marble in frogupine form. I already drew Garrán like this, so cntrl + f to find that, tbh. Same source as that picture.


Uxi in full lynx form, and a viking outfit. full sources should be here I can't separate the links rn on phone.



A slightly older Miotal and Gloine in adult npc clothes from Sumeru. I don't know if they'll make it to 18, though.


Siorc in you guessed it a dress from Saks Fifth Avenue feat: flowers. This one is pretty expensive. But, free to look at, am I right?





More Siorc wearing expensive dresses from well...Saks fifth avenue again because I have an addiction called drawing expensive clothes. Siorc looks really good in these. Also, I'm experimenting tail position.



Loba early in transition, then her a couple years after wearing a dress & then a nurse outfit she's a doctor so yeah.
Well. Medic.





Siorc in multiple outfit from Sak's, and one from Madokawa. The first one is just something I draw in him normally. all sources are here.




Loba early and later transition in a cardigan and low cut dress. source here featuring: boobs, breasts, tatatas, tater tots, tooty toos... I hope they don't look like crap.

That's it, for this week. I hope my computer isn't acting up next week so I can do a laptop post.


Silence is Purple
So, it's been a week. My computer is still being pretty bad at the moment, so I'm hoping that as I write this post out, it would give out again. Let's see...this week, I finished up Saks Fifth Avenue week, and then decided to try drawing multiple sports because I just...felt like it. So, 90% of the stuff that'll be showcased this week is my ocs doing sports.

With that being said, let's begin the update.


Starting with, I drew Nathair in a 25,000 dollar dress I saw on Saks Fifth Avenue at the time I drew this, it was still Saks Fifth Avenue Week, so I thought it'd be a waste if I didn't draw Nate in at least one Saks outfit.



And of course, I'd have been kinda... regretful if I didn't include Bogart into the mix. Here are the dresses I drew. Yes, they're from Saks Fifth Avenue, too. They're pretty expensive outfits.



I ended up drawing Yinlong in Saks Fifth Avenue as well as stuff from Madokawa, and they're...well. Binding their chest. The source should be here since I now usually group two drawings of the same character drawn on the same day in the same post.


I drew Shenlong in that exact same outfit as well because I think I need more boob practice. Haha, boob practice...uh, anyway? It's the same outfit as Yinlong's, just periwinkle. Shenlong looks pretty mad, but that's her permanent face, I guess.


And thus begins sports week. I drew Cloch as a boxer because I had only drawn her once at the time, so I figured I'd draw her a second time, and that's where I got the idea to draw all my ocs playing sports.


I ended up drawing Parisa as a soccer player that next day after thinking about the sports week idea. I ended up drawing a uniform, cleats and I think it came out alright, but honestly the lighting of this photo makes it hard to see. I really need to remember to turn off the flash.


Regina as a basketball player from some sports illustrated thing. Maybe next time, I'll draw the ball dribbling, I don't know. I'm not sure if I can do that yet.


Raven as a baseball player, what I drew was the Oriels uniform but I made it red because apparently... the Oriels have a boring uniform? Also, did you know Delaware has no baseball team? They should have and named it The Firsts. Missed opportunity, oh well.


"Where's Siorc" he's here. In a tennis dress of some stock footage I found online. Tennis is not a team sport, nor does it require a lot of running, so I figured Siorc could be a tennis player.


Yinlong as a volleyball player. As for which one, indoor, or beach, I don't know, I can't answer that. Honestly just drew this uniform but red I suppose it's not that bad.


Also drew Varg playing golf because I think it'd be funny if in universe that he heard a tip that men play golf, so he ran out to the golf course to do so. I drew just the source exactly golf clubs are surprisingly easy to draw.


Sorry, bad camera flash strikes again. I have no idea why I have it set to auto... Lewod is in a leotard and doing ballet. I thought that would be pretty simple and in character for them, so I went for it.


I'll replace this photo later, but moving away from sports week for a minute, I made a new oc, her name is Lang Afstand, and she's Tegne's cousin. She also has a girlfriend, she'll be below. I forgot to link the source when I drew this, so there is none, I'm sorry.


And this is Kylling Luge, Lang's girlfriend. I believe I sourced this outfit from Dr. Livingstone from the Genshin game itself, but I again forgot to leave the source for some reason, so I apologize for that. She's a goat, btw.


Back to sports week, I drew Riyad in football gear, but honestly, don't think this came out all too well. I forgot to post the helmet source, I guess I just wanted to rush out the post. I think I made the tan skin a little too dark this time. I need to sharpen my colored pencils.


Kigyo playing lacrosse...which I still don't really know what lacrosse is? I just drew it as I saw it so it came out as expected, if you ask me.


Olann riding a bike that I just ended up drawing from clipart because doing a realistic approach made it impossible for me to draw the person and the bike. So, I had to do it like this so it'd work out for me. I know I drew the pedals on the wrong side, I'll try again some other time.


Zephyr roller skating. Yes, roller derby is a sport, sorry if this photo is blurry, my camera hates focusing. I'm getting a new phone anyway, though.


Siorc ice/figure skating, I need to learn how to draw these kinds of poses, I don't think I did well. But, I can always just try again in the future.


Drew Siorc as a cheerleader, too, holding pompoms and everything, but I messed up multiple lines, I feel like. Sometimes I draw lines too far after drawing around them, so it's always a mess.


Soie doing rhythmic gymnastics which I'm not sure if that's an olympic sport or a normal sport, but I ended up drawing it anyway.


Savon is playing water polo. Which, I guess is...water volleyball? Don't normally draw half-body stuff, but ended up going for it anyway to get a feel for it.


Pira as a racecar driver. This was honestly a pain in the ass to draw and I never want to draw a car again of any kind. It's way too complicated.


And finally, drew Linggui surfing, and man this was really difficult. I originally drew the surfboard first, then the person, but I decided to draw the person first, then the surfboard, then the later because that's probably how it's supposed to be done... I ended up referencing a dead franchise Wave!! for this and I think I was very ambitious with this one and I would do it again.

For now, that's it. I'm getting new colored pencils, by the way! 150 of them, so more colors are coming, and I'm getting a new phone, so better pictures, too.


Silence is Purple
Hello, I have some very good news, as well as bad news. The good news: I got a new (refurbished) phone with an excellent camera that isn't grainy and have trouble capturing photos in a dark room! The bad news. I did not receive my colored pencils yet. So, I have no new colors yet.

That being all said and done, I have finished up sports week. I didn't really do anything...especially extravagant this week Pokemon Violet got me all busy so, I just have been drawing random, and simple things. But, with this year wrapping up, I have plenty of plans in store for drawings.

In case anyone is wondering, "where are the holiday themed drawings"? I'm Jewish and refuse to draw Christmas anything, so you won't be getting anything like that.

Anyway, there will be a considerable less amount of drawings this update. I still have been drawing daily, featuring: my errors in full blown hd. Anyway, without further ado...


Nousagi in karate gi with a green belt. I didn't want to do black because I thought that might have been a little op, I guess since black belt is the highest you can go in karate.


Robin doing some archery based on this guide picture. Robin is already an archer, so I figured I'd include him some way in sports week. I don't like drawing side profiles, honestly.


Loba doing some flamenco which if I recall correctly, is a Spanish style of dance. I don't know a lot about it. I just thought it'd fit her since her name is Spanish for wolf.


Liath in wresling gear. No, not the WWE, I suppose regular, not tv acting wrestling where someone is the hero and someone is the villain. Don't ask me how it can pull off wrestling with a bone hand. I don't know the answer.


Very self indulgent, but I drew Strix in a Hannukah sweater. No source for this, I just based it on another Hannukah sweater I saw and drew it how I felt like it. I'm Jewish, and refuse to draw Christmas anything, so I indulged myself on the 25th.


Gris in a nice pink dress & a walking cane for the blind, as, well, Gris is blind in the next chapter I'm writing in my fanfiction, so I decided to attempt drawing a walking cane.


Aega in a sexy race car driver outfit because I'm going to be honest, she'd wear something like this where her breasts would be visible and her legs. Featuring: a new style jackal tail. I'm starting to try to draw tails underneath clothes as opposed to the side. I don't know if it's for the better, or worse, though.


Drew Siorc in something advertised to be an Irish dress as Siorc is Irish for shark and his last name is Irish, as well, so I wanted to go all out and actually draw something labelled as "Irish" on him. I even colored his eye that's green the Shamrock crayon I have for this one.


From here on, all my photos are from my brand (refurbished) phone. So, I drew something extremely quick on this day as I was busy setting up my new device by copying everything over to the new one to have the same data.

Anyway, Lewod in a Japanese sailor uniform with no source because I just drew from memory for this one. It was just drawn on the fly, like I said.


Since I wanted to have a better, not blurry photo of Lang, I drew her again. tbh, the suit is just using the basis of this but heavily simplified because I didn't feel like drawing the whole thing.


Garran in a shirt I found on a website known as battle blade, I looked up "devil shirt" and this was what came up. The pants are from Dolls Kill I wonder how many dolls were slain to make these pants?


Kylling in a very fancy red dress I found on Google, and it's extremely posh and expensive, but it's not from Saks Fifth Avenue, for hose wondering. I'm taking a break from looking at Saks for awhile.


Hase in an arpon, featuring hyena ears since I've somehow never actually drawn them before. Now, I have. Whether I will again, we'll see.


Siorc, Krysi and Yinlong as powerpuff girls. This was really had to draw, ngl.


Siorc in a bread dress I saw on Google but I just drew it simpler because there were too many different breads, if I'm being honest. Yes, I have a Fidough btw that's why I drew this.


Eau in a sea shell dress I don't have much to say it's just something I drew on the fly, was busy playing Pokemon while I drew this, so.


Finally, Krysi in a cute red dress apologies for the terrible quality of the source I got it from amazon and it only had it in 160 pixels or something.

That's it this week, I think I'm going to keep drawing for awhile every day. I hope, so, anyway.


Silence is Purple
It is now 2023. Honestly, over the past week, I've mostly just been drawing multiple things for a singular character and random things. No experimentation because my colored pencils still haven't come yet... And as Siorc puts in my fanfiction that is "absolutely ludicrous nonsense". Anyway, I'm going to group most of the stuff I drew for one particular character into one entry & anything that's a one-off as a singular explanation on the thought process behind the piece.


Starting this update off with Feng in multiple feminine outfits.I imagine in the second one he's padding his chest to make it look like he has boobs. For those who don't know, Feng is questioning his gender, and in some of the chapters I've written him in, he's wearing makeup and is presenting feminine. I still have to write his lore poem about how he's actually not happy being male, but we'll cross that bridge whenever my computer doesn't hate being on for more than 44 minutes.


Bogart in Outfits that were labelled as Persian as Bogart's last name, Hakimi is Persian and I really want to look to inspiration for more outfits for him.


This was the last thing I drew in 2022. This is Siorc in a Alice in Wonderland style dress. I know I've drawn him as Alice Liddel before, but that's fine. Reusing concepts isn't that bad.


Lewod cosplaying as Kagamine Rin. Seems I was too busy to actually remember to post the source of the outfit, but I suppose it's not that hard to find it, anyway. I'll be honest in that I was rushing through my Project Sekai dailies while preparing for Siorc Sunday writing, so I didn't remember to post the source and just quickly rushed out a drawing on this day.


Waiola, yet again in all black because it should be no surprise to anyone at this point that this is just Waiola's fashion sense. I almost can't even imagine her not wearing black.


Rys wearing a pizza and cookie shirt. After I drew this, I realized that Rys would definitely read If You Could Give a Mouse A Cookie and then give Krysi...a cookie while she's in her rat form.


Siorc in two outfits from Madokawa. This website has a lot of outfits that I think Siorc would wear, so I drew him in more, honestly.


Ceir in surprise, all black. Honestly, I guess it was just "dress my characters in all black week". Really, I guess I was just tired this week, so I went all minimalistic.


Because, as you can see, Velours is in all black, too in yet another vest because I guess that's all ze wears. Also, this was me trying out different hand poses on my characters.


Qiulong in another dress with a dragon on it that is bright red. I wish I could write this character more, but for now, I'll just draw her when I feel like it.


Hollander (Holly) in a black winter coat sorry there's so many black outfits this week, I guess that's just what I ended up feeling like drawing.


Jiaolong in a suit from Madokawa, but I feel like this is a little...too feminine for him? I don't know, I just wanted to draw this on him.


Nathair in a pink nightgown with a thumbs up because I suppose xe likes it. I want to draw Nate with different hairstyles, but we'll see.


Yinlong in a feminine Qipao, I think, I'm not sure which one this is. They don't seem to happy about it, though?


Siorc in multiple different outfits one that is apparently Italian. One that is a gladiator outfit, and the last one being some gothic dress I found on Amazon with failed attempt at drawing scissors correctly...

That's it for this week. I'm not sure if I'll plan any big weeks or do anything ambitious for awhile, but I'll try. I would like to do something different than what I normally do again, but I have nothing in mind atm. We'll see. I'll keep drawing every day. I hope my colored pencil comes soon, though. I don't know.