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Let's Discuss the First Nintendo Direct of 2024 (Before It Happens)

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    • Seen Mar 31, 2024
    Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far. I thought it would be interesting to talk about the first Nintendo Direct of this year. Statistically, there is a good chance for a Nintendo Direct happening in February. If said Direct happens this month, presumably sometime in the first two weeks of this month. What announcements would you like to see? Are there any franchises you would love to see featured? Perhaps a specific genre of game you enjoy? If you wish to make predictions about the announcements feel free to do so as well. The Pokémon Company usually makes announcements on Pokémon Day. But don't let that discourage you from talking about Pokémon. Let's share our thoughts/interests and get this discussion going.


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    I'd love to see a February direct, the directs are always exciting for me. I'm not entirely sure what I want to see besides something like how I'm still desperately clawing for anything on Metroid Prime 4. I'd also love to see any announcement or confirmation on if Prime 2 and 3 will be remastered like the first game was.
    I'd like to see more in-depth gameplay details on Princess Peach Showtime, since I'm not entirely sure if I'm interested enough just yet.
    While I still haven't played much of it, something like bonus DLC levels for Mario Wonder would be pretty cool, or maybe even a big update to Mario Maker 2 including elements from Wonder. I wanna see more good things come out from such a good game.

    My "shoot for the moon, totally not gonna happen" dream for the direct would be something like a new Bravely Default game since I believe BD2 was announced in a direct?

    In terms of Pokemon, I don't remember if we know what games we're getting this year, so I'm honestly expecting Pokemon Day to drop something like a Gen X teaser or mentions of a BW remake. I think it's way too soon but Pokemon has had such a bullet train trajectory for so long that I think it's just going to happen. I'd prefer if we didn't get any Pokemon news during the Nintendo Direct and had the Pokemon Day announcements completely separate from that so we can get more of both, but I'm sure something will catch my eye from either of them. Looking forward to it!

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    I wouldn't expect Pokemon. Pokemon Day and the Pokemon Presents normally associated with it will likely be this month. No reason for it to be there. Though anything is possible obviously.

    More and more rumors/leaks/reports/whatever you want to call them continue to suggest it will likely be the very last 'Direct' for Nintendo Switch due to Switch 2 or whatever they call the Switch successor likely for release sometime this year. Also... I wouldn't expect them to announce Switch 2 here either. Again anything is possible... but there was a completely different event when the Switch was first announced. I'm expecting the same here. But like I said... anything is possible.

    Probably solid release dates for Paper Mario TTYD and Luigi's Mansion 2 HD. Other than that I have no clue. Maybe Silksong (lolclownmoment), maybe confirmation of Hi-Fi Rush port, and maybe Metroid Prime 4 (super hard maybe for that last one). I'm not good at this sort of thing lol.

    If it's more remasters, ports and remakes though... just more confirmation of Switch 2 I guess without Nintendo actually coming right out and saying it. Holiday season going to be bad this year lol. (not that I'm going to try to get one. I'll likely wait until maybe March of 2025 to start looking for one. Assuming it happens of course)

    But yeah idk lol
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    It'll probably be pretty small unless they choose to announce the Switch 2, similar to the 2016 Directs. We'll almost certainly get more news/release dates for the new Peach game as well as the TTYD remake; and maybe a few updates from other projects like that new Layton game. But other then that, it's pretty clear that Nintendo is almost done with the Switch. Pokemon stuff will be announced on its own as it has been for the last few years.
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    Goes with updates on announced games, as said above. Doubts Pokemon or Switch 2 news/games for this one. Needs some kind of headliner, however. Bets on a port or remaster. What do people want remade or ported? Ideas:
    A. Chrono Trigger. Ported this to the DS (and Steam). Should be an easy cash grab.
    B. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Sells for a steep amount. Would be a shame for that and Radiant Dawn to be on different system again, though. Doubts a combo pack deal unless ported.
    C. The original Animal Crossing. Contrasts enough with New Horizons to find some footing.
    D. Kirby Air Ride? Was this popular? Ported other Kirby games.

    Will not even give the super long shot Mother 3 a letter.

    Would not mind Virtual Console games available for individual purchase, also. May hold off on that until Switch 2's release, though.
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    @Devalue I really hope the original animal crossing will get another release. Wild World was on the Wii U virtual console.

    But there's slim chance they keep the NES games. Especially when trying to push the online service. Collecting those and being able to play them was such a neat reward.