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Most attractive hair length?

What hair length do you like the look of most, long, short, somewhere in the middle?

I think any hair length can look good, but I especially get excited when I see people with long hair, women, men, doesn't matter. I think it looks striking and timeless. I also admire long locks because it's a look that I have never been able to pull off myself. I haven't grown it out much beyond shoulder length before. It takes more time and work than I am willing to put in, and plus I think my face kinda fades away when there's too much hair, and I don't recognize myself in the mirror. I like the look on other people though :p
  • Age 23
  • Seen today
I don't think of hair in terms of 'attraction'. In personal opinion, wet hair touching the back of my neck makes me uncomfortable. When it starts bothering me, I know it's time to cut.
Having been through chemo and lost all of my hair, I don't really care. I don't factor it into my opinion on how "attractive" a person may be because I've had every type of hair there is. I'm kind of put off by body hair though.

My own hair now is thin and short, I want it to grow more so I can style it.


My preference is when a woman has long enough hair to have in a ponytail or braided. But, I've seen different people successfully pull off all kinds of different hairstyles, long, short, no hair, hell, even mohawks can look beautiful if done correctly. I'm not entirely sure how to explain it, but I think a person's type of face plays a big role in what the best style of hair is for them.

As far as my own hair, I used to let it grow a bit between medium and long, but I was pretty grungy then, didn't really take care of it in my teenage years. At some point, I learned to buzz my own hair, and so ever since then I've been cutting it myself to either really short or no hair at all. From what I've seen, I seem to look best with it that way.

Side note: Also kind of relevant to this thread... I've actually been shaving the middle part of my uni-brow since I was 11. If I don't, I feel it makes me looks like a caveman, or it looks like some big gnarly fuzzy caterpillar crawling across my forehead. XD
For hair that I have, middle is good! Not too much longer past the shoulders. I think it looks best this way while still being easy enough to maintain. Back in the day I used to have hair going down to my mid-back and can barely even remember that lol. Never again probably.
The maximum length of long hair I choose to wear is the length that I can brush from head to end of the strand in one brush stroke. That maxes to the middle of my back. Any longer than that then I have to break up the brush stroke. I have decently thick hair and do not take the time to untangle the knots, so this is really more about making my morning routine as quick as possible.

There isn't a specific hair length that I find attractive. I can appreciate well taken care of hair on any kind of person at any length!
I don't particularly care. I think I might have a slight preference for longer hair, but it's not like I'll find someone unattractive for having short or no hair.