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PokéCommunity Forums Guide

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PokéCommunity Guide
This guide was made to help you navigate the PokéCommunity, and learn about all the features of the forum. Feel free to also make a thread over in the Feedback & Support section for question directly related to the PokéCommunity.
PokéCommunity Features
Registration Before you can post messages, you must first register an account. Registration is quick and easy. Just enter a valid email address, your desired account username, and a secure password and you're all set! If you ever forget your password, reset instructions will to sent to the email you provided. Security When you've registered your account, please be careful not to share any personal or sensitive information on your profile or in posts. This can include your full name, address, phone number, or passwords. If we find you've shared anything that may compromise your personal safety, expect an administrator to remove it. Posting, Replying, and Reports Starting a Thread: If you ever want to start a topic/thread, navigate to any section and click "New Thread". Replying to Threads: Open a thread that interests you and scroll to the bottom. There is a textbox that you can put your thoughts into. After you're finished, hit the "Post" button to send your post. Responding to Posts: Found a post you want to respond to? Click the "Respond" button and click the pencil icon. This will automatically enter your quoted post into the textbox. Just add your response below the quote tags. Reporting a Post: Found a post that breaks the rules? On the post you want to report, find three vertical dots that look like . Click that and find the "Report" link and click it. Just fill in any information you deem necessary. Any post reports will be sent to the appropriate moderators. PokéCommunity Features All of these options can be found on the main navigation bar. A dropdown menu should appear and you can make your selection from there. Dashboard: Here you will find your most recent unread Private Messages, most recent likes, updates on your Followed Threads, and much more. Settings: Everything to do with your PokéCommunity account. You can change your password, edit your profile/avatar/signature, change PokéCommunity settings and more. Profile: Your profile is how other members will see you. You can edit your biography, interests, location, Pokémon related details, and other miscellaneous things. Please note that these things will be public. Avatars/Signatures: Avatars are shown on any content you post on the forums. Signatures display at the bottom of your posts. If you decide to use a signature, please be sure to take a look at the signature rules. Private Messages/Visitor Messages: Private Messages allow you to have private conversations with other members of the forum. Visitor Messages are messages that are posted to a users profile. These messages are public and anyone can see them.
To send a Private Message, head to a the users profile that you'd like to message, and click "Send Message". To send a Visitor Message, go to a user's profile, then use the text box provided to write up your message. If you wish to not receive any of these messages, you may turn them off in your Settings.​
Post Flairs: Post Flairs allow you to create a unique design for the author information that appears on all your posts. You customize your post flair by using CSS, or known as Cascading Style Sheets.
To learn more about post flairs, head over to the FAQ. Need help with CSS? The CSS Help & Resources thread is the place to ask questions.​
Areas of Interest PokéCommunity Rules — These are the global rules for the PokéCommunity. Feedback and Support — Need help understanding how PokéCommunity works? Feedback & Support is the place for all questions directly related to the PokéCommunity. Staff List — This has the entire staff team listed as well as what sections they are in charge of. Donations and Supporter Information — It takes quite a bit of resources to keep the PokéCommunity running. You can find information about donating and what perks come with it. Keep in mind, this is not mandatory. ROM Hacking/Fan GamesThe distribution of ROM files (.GBA, .NDS, .CIA, etc.) is illegal, and completely forbidden on the PokéCommunity.
ROM Hacking Discussion (rules) — Discuss everything related to fan-made games. ROM Hacks Studio (rule thread) — For more complete hacks Progressing ROM Hacks (rules) — Fffor hacks that are in progress Sideshow Showcase (rules) — For those smaller projects with minor game enhancements ROM Hacking Help (rules) — Get help with your hack. Games Showcase (rules) — Looking for a fangame to play, or maybe you'd like to share your game? That's what this forum is for! Game Development (rules) — Discuss game development practices, help with questions about game development, recruit team members, and share scripts, graphics and audio for others to use.​
Trade Corner — Posts looking for a specific Pokémon or posts offering your own for trade belong in this section. Battle Server — Battle, talk, and strategize with other players. Discord Server — Looking for new friends or just a place to chat? Join our Discord server and join in the conversations. PokéCommunity Daily — Read opinions, news, fanwork features, and analysis of all things Pokémon, written by members of the PokéCommunity. Questions? Concerns? Ask your Meet & Greet moderators, Fact Checking Gardevoir or Alex_Among_Foxes.
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