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What’s your latest guilty pleasure?

Milk tea. I just love it so much, as unhealthy as it can be (depending on the order). Fortunately I usually get it without the boba so it's at least a little bit less calorie and sugar-dense lol. But it's the kind of thing that I enjoy so much and can't really say no to when I get those guilty cravings. ;_;
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My music sense is bizarre and I'm a little hesitant about sharing my playlists because of this. So I guess this could be considered a guilty pleasure.

I'll turn on 1940s jazz while driving. Then turn on Metallica, then skip to some cheerful anime music.


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Hard to think of one but I'll probably answer with my music taste as well? Obviously playing Jrock/Jpop is strange to people who don't listen to it or aren't open to it, but I'm kinda embarrassed about my love for 2000s pop music? I have good memories with some songs from that era or just think some of them are really fun. My bf mentioned to his mom that I'm a Ke$ha fan and I had to embarrassingly deny that statement because she's really into Taylor Swift and I don't think I'm anywhere near the level she's on, much less for a different artist? I just think songs like Die Young are good and I like listening to it. I'd be too embarrassed to mention that to people openly... ;;