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[Discussion] What do you currently have to research?


Silence is Purple
For my writing, at the moment, I have to research a lot of things, but here's what I have to research at the moment for my Genshin fanfiction:

-a cardiopulmonary endoscopy.

Have to do extensive research on this procedure because I have to write one. And since I'm not a doctor, I have to read up on it and how I should go about describing this. I understand the fundamental basics. (tl;dr: a doctor puts a tube down your throat with a camera and it looks at your heart). So, I have to research this so I can at least describe it in prose. I might end up having to tell instead of show this one, and hope my research will pay off okay.

-scorpions and their biology.

I have an oc that's a scorpion. So, I have to do a lot of research on how scorpions shoot their poison.

-Norse mythology animals.

For my Khaenri'ah Genshin oc. I have to research Norse mythology since that region in Genshin Impact's etymology and characters all fall under Norse Mythology. (We won't get into that here). So, I have to do some research so I can craft that oc. I've settled on the Lynx, meaning. I have to research lynxes.

-Poison dart frogs and porcupines, and Croagunk.

I have to research poison dart frogs for my Frog, Porcupine (with a birds of prey brain) chimera oc so I can accurately explain them. And research Croagunk because I consider that Pokemon the closest to what this oc's body would look like when transformed into a frog body.

-Select/elective mutism

As I'm writing a silent character who barely talks, I'm doing on and off research on mutism. It's always important to familiarize yourself with certain things when writing a character. It's good to know certain terms in case someone might interpret my main oc that way.

-Sign language.

As my character goes out of his way to not speak in certain situations, it has become necessary for me to research sign language for me to describe him doing it. Although, I've only done sign language scenes twice so far, and don't know when I'll be doing it again. But, since I might write more again in the future, it's on my research list again.

-Various stuff about hyenas and sharks.

Even though my main part of the fanfiction has about four main sections to go, I'm still constantly researching hyenas. I will say that, when I started writing my fanfiction, I honestly didn't know some things about hyenas that I do now: ie, female hyenas have more testosterone than males do, but was writing a male hyena chimera that wasn't masculine at all, in any way and hadn't done any research prior.

But, for the most part, I have to do a lot of research on hyenas. Because I'm writing a hyena chimera character.

Sharks, as well. But I won't say much on that regard.

-Genshin enemies, canon characters, canon locations, and Genshin Lore.

My fanficiton is entirely in a fanon verse, but it's important for me to know the canon lore and characters, too, since I've been writing many of them into the story. I play the game, and am caught up on the story, but looking up information on the canon characters helps me to be able to describe their appearance and better articulate how they behave.

-Stuff involving mental health, such as ptsd, anxiety and paranoia.

Just in case people interpret my character this way. I'm writing a story about a traumatized character as someone who has trauma himself. But, like I said above: it's always good to familiarize yourself.

And much more. I have a lot I have to research for this fanficiton. Such as Persian, Arabic and Greek names for Sumeru since I'm going to writing maybe one more thing there at one point in the future. Eventually look deeper into the other animals my ocs are, which are: penguins, panda, rabbits, gazelle, falcon, hawk and a jackal.

and probably culture in all of Genshin's nations so I can be creative with some stuff there.
I actually don't really need to research anything right now. I'm pretty caught up on that. Granted, there's always something to stumble on without realising so I'm sure it won't be too long until I'm furiously Googling again.


One thing I've been constantly researching because it pops up often in many fics are mental illnesses. The former I tend to write characters that have some form of mental illness. For Foul Play, I also occasionally research Hawaii: not just the culture and history but also how well tourism is going there.
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how long time it takes to walk from one side of Manhattan to the other lol


Princess Era 🎀
might as well bring it up because it's fun but how do I explain it... it kinda has to do with electricity, static, but also reflective / rave clothing, bold fashion styles, and obviously, Pokémon! What could it be...

if it happens, and I'm still not sure, it will be in one of my future RP posts :)