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  1. Research: Pokémon R/S/FR/LG Tileset Overview in Advancemap
  2. Research: Fire Red Songs List
  3. Research: (Repost) Advance Text Colours
  4. Development: Mastermind_X proudly presents: The Shiny Hack
  5. Research: ARM Code tutorials
  6. Research: The Map System(R/S) only
  7. Development: Useful G/S/C ASM routines
  8. Research: Dealing with Colors! (Gameboy Advance & Gameboy Color)
  9. Research: Pokémon Gold/Silver Script Codes online
  10. Research: Some Pokemon Gold Data
  11. Research: Quick command overview (194/213)
  12. Research: Bit Numbers / Flags List (Gold / Silver)
  13. Development: Display the IV of a desired Pokemon (ARCode)
  14. Research: Pokemon RBGY Town Map document
  15. Research: Sound Effect IDs (Fire Red)
  16. Research: Special Message codes..
  17. Research: behaviour and background bytes.
  18. Development: Changing The Water Animation
  19. Research: Script Animations for Fire Red and Leafgreen
  20. Research: RGBY Map Headers & Stuff That Goes With It
  21. Research: A document on Fire Red voice groups and the instruments they play.
  22. Research: Advanced Map Movement Permission List
  23. Research: Pokemon D/Pe/Pl Offsets Collection
  24. Development: Fancy Knowledge #3 - Using Two Different Musics In One Event
  25. Research: A document on RSE's voicegroups and the instruments they play.
  26. Research: [Scripting] Command Database Naming
  27. Development: The Miscellaneous Script Thread
  28. Development: Special XSE Scripts
  29. Research: Pokemon's Hex Number Convertion
  30. Development: Weather Hacking for 3rd Generation
  31. Development: Take/Return Pokemon
  32. Research: Pokemon data decrypting (asm code)
  33. Research: All about Sprites:
  34. Development: How to bypass truck script in emerald
  35. Research: XSE Movement Codes Define List
  36. Research: [Document]Pokemon encounter ratio in Adv-map
  37. Research: Study on the Special and Special2 commands
  38. Research: [Document] FFTA Equipment Editing
  39. Research: ASM Tutorial document
  40. Research: Ram Offsets
  41. Development: Pokémon Fire Red Hacked Engine
  42. Research: [GENERAL THREAD] Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver Hacking
  43. Research: unLZ numbers
  44. Research: Movement Permisson
  45. Research: [Document] Hex Editing Pokémon GBA
  46. Research: [Document]Tile Animations in Pokémon Emerald
  47. Research: Document of Sound Raws
  48. Research: RS Major Tileset Hack
  49. Research: [A little useful tablefile]Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rot(Red) for GBA
  50. Development: Christmas Present for PC! Your very own RTC for FR and LG
  51. Rules: Research & Development Forum Rules
  52. Development: RNG and Weather
  53. Development: The Follow Me Script
  54. Research: Instrument Changing
  55. Development: A Way To Check Pokemon Levels
  56. Research: Items
  57. Research: Interesting TrainerBattle Command
  58. Development: Different pokemon at night
  59. Research: Scripts
  60. Research: Pokemon D/P/Pt Music Replacement research thread
  61. Research: X and Y positions of textbox?
  62. Quick Research & Development Thread
  63. Development: Wild Pokémon Double Battles
  64. Research: Castform Forms
  65. Development: Taking Pokémon away
  66. Research: Extra Custom Names for Characters?
  67. Research: [Gold/Silver] Running Shoes
  68. Development: Full control of the Hoenn Pokedex in R/S/E?
  69. Development: Champion Being Named to Rival
  70. Development: Running Shoes inside buildings
  71. Development: I'm Fixin' It: The Pomeg Glitch
  72. Development: Getting the min/max level of your Pokémon party
  73. Development: Checking POKEMON LEVELS without ASM
  74. Research: Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver Hidden Hex Values
  75. Research: A tag team battle perhaps?
  76. Research: Yet another question I'm posing: Pokédex Glitch
  77. Development: Berry system for Fire Red with RTC
  78. Development: I'm Fixin' It: The Pokédex Glitch
  79. Research: XSE Header Files
  80. Research: Sound Effect Numbers for Fire Red
  81. Development: "Release" Specific Pokémon from Party Script
  82. Research: Instant change of camera with WBTO
  83. Development: More TMs/HMs
  84. Development: Custom Multiplayer Events
  85. Research: General GBA Graphics
  86. Development: New map names in FR
  87. Research: HG/SS land_data_release info
  88. Development: I'm Fixin' It: The Roaming Legendaries IV Glitch
  89. Research: Battle Scripts
  90. Development: Set Catch Location Command
  91. Development: Modernizing the FireRed field engine?
  92. Research: Editing Move Animations
  93. Development: I'm Fixin' It: Emerald's Broken PRNG
  94. Research: Gen IV text encoding/lookup table
  95. Research: The art of Z80
  96. Development: Cutscenes
  97. Research: Pokemon Firered Drum Sounds
  98. Research: Asm-scanner
  99. Development: Animated Sprites in Ruby and FireRed
  100. Research: Expanding the FR Pokedex...
  101. Research: What is up with the fanfare command?
  102. Development: Reverse Engineering original Pokemon Red, difficulty
  103. Research: Battle Tower Pokémon Offsets (Pokémon Ruby)
  104. Research: Pokemon Sounds
  105. Development: Time Limits
  106. Development: Set Disobedience
  107. Research: List of Firered Game-modes
  108. Research: weather map level
  109. Research: Implementing the Battle Tower/Frontier into Firered.
  110. Research: Advanced Item uses.
  111. Research: Useful Emerald Stuff
  112. Research: Palette 12 in Pokemon Ruby
  113. Research: [General] 5th Generation Pokémon Hacking/Information Consolidation
  114. Research: Memory allocation system
  115. Research: Hacking Nintendo DS .sbnk files
  116. Development: The 4th gen class split in 3rd gen
  117. Development: The Ruins of Alph Puzzles
  118. Research: Poking around with generation 5 music.
  119. Research: Pokémon Yellow Map Headers
  120. Research: [Firered] Hex Values for Trainer Classes
  121. Research: Legacy
  122. Development: Animated Trainer Sprites in Ruby and Fire Red
  123. Development: Hacking the PokéNav (map data, phone data, etc.)
  124. Research: Tahaxan Plug-ins
  125. Research: ds music discovery
  126. Development: Day/Night Switching of Wild Pokémon
  127. Development: Firered PokeScript in IDA
  128. Research: Let's research the OAM-System
  129. Research: Font color depends on overworld sprite
  130. Research: UNLZ-GBA Image Indexes
  131. Research: Diego's Miscellaneous Finds
  132. Research: Special Abilities
  133. Research: Seasons in Fire Red
  134. Research: Pre-Battle Mugshots in FireRed
  135. Development: Sideview Battle Style
  136. Research: Emerald unLZ Numbers
  137. Research: (Eventual) complete map of the Script area and beyond of Leaf Green.
  138. Research: Pokémon Black and White locations of important files
  139. Research: Scripting Compendium for 3rd generation ?
  140. Research: A-Tack (Attack Editor Advance): Attack's Effect Listing
  141. Research: Looping .SSEQ files is possible! However, offsets may set you off...
  142. Research: Fire Red / Leaf Green World Map Research and Dev
  143. Development: Animating the FireRed titlescreen.
  144. Research: 9-tile-animation-feature
  145. Research: C-Gear Skins
  146. Research: FireRed Pokédex Hacking
  147. Development: Uncatchable Pokemon
  148. Research: un-LZ GBA Deep Scan Offsets
  149. Development: Why the really tall grass doesn't work in firered and how to fix it.
  150. Development: Wild double / triple battles
  151. Research: Experience Hacking
  152. Research: Music Hacking Info from the Fire Emblem Community
  153. Development: Extending the Script Engine
  154. Development: Multiplayer possibility?
  155. Development: Game Boy Player for FireRed
  156. Development: Making Dive Work in FireRed
  157. Research: Hacking Evolutions
  158. Development: Sideways Stairs
  159. Research: Pokémon Gold/Silver (Jap): Graphical Debug menus
  160. Development: Secret Bases
  161. Research: Pokémon Black/White mapping engine
  162. Development: In-Battle Evolutions
  163. Development: Adding New Moves to Gen 3
  164. Development: Pokemon above level 100
  165. Development: Adding [a] new type[s] in gen 3?
  166. Research: Mugshots
  167. Research: Chaos Rush's 649 on Ruby Project
  168. Development: Hex Editing - Gen. 4 & 5
  169. Research: Choosing the battle music (Ruby)
  170. Research: Custom Pokémon Global Link Musical Songs
  171. Development: Changing Fire Red intro rival sprites/names and texts depending on players gender
  172. Development: Editing the Move ReLearner
  173. Research: Pushing Buttons
  174. Development: Porting RS Tile System to Firered
  175. Research: Pokémon Ruby Debug
  176. Research: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time info
  177. Research: Third Gen Mystery Gift and Mystery Event
  178. Research: Emerald Info Archive
  179. Research: Pokewalker, Hacking and General Info
  180. Research: Editing wild Pokemon in HGSS
  181. Research: Pokemon Plus Nobunaga's Ambition Research
  182. Development: Gen V TM routine in Gen III games
  183. Research: [Ruby] Changing a Pokemon's species without ruining the checksum
  184. Development: Pokemon - GBA - IDA idb files
  185. Research: Script Raws Compilation
  186. Research: Sprite variations based on personality values.
  187. Development: Creating New Battle Animations
  188. Development: Darthatron's Hacks
  189. Research: [IDB available] Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced Research Thread
  190. Research: Pokémon Data Structures (Firered)
  191. Research: Battle Platforms: Adding and Switching
  192. Research: [NDS] Pokémon Black Version 2/White Version 2 Opening Cinematic
  193. Research: "Background" Scripts
  194. Research: The FR Script handling with behavior
  195. Research: Emerald's Battle Frontier
  196. Development: Port of the BW2 Repel system to GBA...
  197. Development: Transparent Textboxes
  198. Research: [EMERALD] WWMB's List of Things
  199. Research: Loading DS rom resources[c++]
  200. Research: Restoring R/S/E item fanfares in FireRed
  201. Development: Using Berry Bag as Berry Selection Screen
  202. Development: Lua? In MY emulator?
  203. Research: BW Overworld Sprite Hex Values
  204. Development: Emerald Clock Fix!
  205. Research: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (text markup & stuff)
  206. Research: FireRed: Map Headers and What They Mean
  207. Research: Displaying Custom Tilemaps / Hacking the Diploma Screen
  208. Development: Move Resource Thread
  209. Research: Fire Red Overworld Unknown Byte
  210. Development: Battle Subway Modifications
  211. Development: Japanese Rom Music Hacking
  212. Research: [R\B] Pokedex Expansion
  213. Research: Songtable Sounds Listing
  214. Research: Hex codes in Advance Text
  215. Development: [FR] Replacing the GameFreak Intro
  216. Research: Catching trainers pokemon issues (Pokemon Emerald)
  217. Development: pokemon game should altered Technique Points rather than Power Points
  218. Development: Porting JPANs save_block_recycle to Emerald
  219. Development: There, I Fixed It: Game Freak Presents in FireRed V1.0
  220. Development: Trainers with EVs
  221. Development: Auto-magic mugshots.
  222. Development: Custom Title Screen Written in C
  223. Research: Adding new types to Firered without replacing
  224. Research: Adding new trainer sprites to Pokemon Fire Red
  225. Development: [FR] Inverse Battles
  226. Research: Keeping TMs After Use
  227. Research: Footer IDs
  228. Research: Pokemon Bank Protocol
  229. Development: ObjectScript-Engine v1.0
  230. Development: Second Message Box [Emerald port]
  231. Research: The Pokemon Cry compression algorithm and how they are stored
  232. Research: Exploring Ruby and Emerald
  233. Research: Pokéman FR/LG: Research on the wildpoké pointer routine.
  234. Research: In-Battle Message Research and Discovery
  235. Development: BETA RELEASED 19/06/2016 | PRHE (Pokémon Ruby Hacked EINGine)
  236. Research: Hacking Emerald's Animations
  237. Research: 3rd generation's multiplayer capabilities
  238. Development: ipatix' High Quality Sound Mixer | V2.1 released!
  239. Development: The object Animation Engine
  240. Development: Mega Animation for 3rd Gen
  241. Development: [FR] Triple Layer Tiles using Block References
  242. Research: ProjectROM - Unused ROM Items
  243. Research: Pokémon Emerald Special and Special2 Commands (Fire Red As Well)
  244. Research: Pokemon Emerald Flags List (90%)
  245. Research: Feebas tiles in R/S/E
  246. Development: [FR] Initiating and Manipulating the Overworld and Camera from C
  247. Development: Extensible GBA Emulator
  248. Research: Calling All ASM Experts!
  249. Development: All-Instrument Patch (FireRed, Ruby, Emerald)
  250. Development: Participation Project: ROM Information