View Full Version : Are you a natural curser?

March 20th, 2010, 9:54 PM
Basically, do you curse a lot?

When I became 14, I began cursing. Not a lot though. However, as I grew older, I began cursing a lot, so much so I usually curse in each sentence, and it's progressed into when I type on computers.

Also, 2 more:

When did you start cursing?

What do you think about people who curse a lot?

March 20th, 2010, 9:58 PM
alot of the times i can be pretty foul mouthed but when i'm around certain people i'm smart enough to keep a civil tongue in my head.

March 20th, 2010, 10:02 PM
I'm about the same as you, man. Started cursing around age 13-14 cause it 'sounded cool.'
Now it's grown on me and I average one or two curse words per sentence.

It's been hard over here on PC compared to the other forum I frequent, and MSN. There are a lot more kids on here. I always think out my posts before I type, and most times I type them in this little message box, and without curse words they don't feel right so I don't post at all. Probably why I only have like, 3 posts. (Yeah, I'm weird.)

I can't dislike people who curse a lot. That would be hypocritical.

Ninja Caterpie
March 20th, 2010, 10:07 PM
Cursing makes people sound stupid, imo, so I try to avoid it.

Drop a faaaaaarrrr--- sometimes when I get screwed over or annoyed, but not much.

March 20th, 2010, 10:13 PM
I curse way too much, but idc. Its easier to drop an f-bomb every other sentence, since its the universal word. I started cursing when I was little now its just natural, gets me into trouble some times, but whatevs.

March 20th, 2010, 10:18 PM
i do not curse unless i am mad so the words have meaning and are not just filler in my sentences

March 20th, 2010, 10:24 PM
I hardly ever ever curse but if I'm angry I usually just actually structure together something accurately hurtful in real life. :/ I think it might have to do with my Scorpio-Snake nature.

March 20th, 2010, 10:33 PM
Context. I never swear around the wrong people, but when I'm around friends, etc, I tend to be rather bad.

March 20th, 2010, 11:26 PM
I learned all the best curse words from my dad. when I was a kid, he would curse like a sailer (this was, of course, because he was a sailor in the literal sense. XD). Under normal circumstances, I only really curse when I'm quoting something or to express emotional extremes (applicable to happiness just as much as anger and sadness). In certain social groups though, I tend to be more casual and thusly curse more often. XD

March 21st, 2010, 6:33 AM
When my friends all started swearing I then jumped on the constant swearing bandwagon. I eventually realized that using a swear every other word made me sound stupid. So now I only swear when something needs emphasis or if I'm really mad... or sometimes for laughs. :D

March 21st, 2010, 6:55 AM
Do I curse often? Not quite. I find cursing to make an unnecessarily belligerent atmosphere towards the people around me, so I usually avoid doing so on normal circumstances. Sometimes, when my anger reaches a high point, I might let out a curse word or two, though they rarely escape the realm of "hell" or "damn." I only swear around friends and people of my age when I do so, never around adults or younger people.

March 21st, 2010, 7:38 AM
No. Although I know every curse word in the book, all the different ways they can be used, I can't curse. If I want to, I really have to think about what I am going to say. The most I'll ever say is "Damn" or "Crap." Everything else is too awkward, it just isn't me. People laugh when I curse, because I'm apposed ta be the sweet kid, and well, everything is ten times more funny when the person you don't expect does it.

I say "Hella" but I don't really count that as cursing.

March 21st, 2010, 8:30 AM
No, I'm not.

When I'm angry, I prefer to shout out the names of foods rather than curse. So when I lose at a game, I yell: "Oh cheesecake!" instead of dropping an f-bomb.

March 21st, 2010, 8:38 AM
I learned all of my cuss words from my dad, AND ESPECIALLY my brother, when I am mad, I cuss about 3 times in a sentence, and just normally, about 1 a sentence.....

March 21st, 2010, 9:36 AM
I generally don't cuss unless I'm around people who don't mind it. Even when I do have my silly-swear-censors off because I'm in company that doesn't mind swearing, I don't swear every other sentence, I only swear when I feel really strongly about something, which isn't often. Yeah, I can swear when I'm stressed, exasperated or just generally cheesed off at something, but I rarely get angry at people so yeah...I don't swear at them often.

Sadly, even now in the comfort of my own home I cannot really swear because my aunt and uncle don't like it, so I don't swear at all, I come up with something creative on the spot, on the moment to take the place of a swear word. I actually dislike it when people drop the F-bomb willy-nilly. >_>

March 21st, 2010, 9:57 AM
I don't cuss super often, but sometimes I think I swear too much for my own good. x_x; Funny thing is, for years I wouldn't swear. It's just been slipping in slowly but surely since maybe 15 or 16.

I especially need to calm down at work, since I do have to deal with customers. Hahaha. ^^;; I think I'm learning, though. Slowly, but surely.

March 21st, 2010, 10:02 AM
Absolutely not. I abhor cursing and tend to feel quite filthy when I do spout any indecent words out in the open. The only reason I'd do so in the first place would be out of great agitation, but I rarely do have moments like that at all. If anything, I'd rather use more appropriate wording in speech at all times.

March 21st, 2010, 10:50 AM
Basically, do you curse a lot?
Oh yes, it's quite bad >:
I curse...a lot.

When did you start cursing?
Probably this past year. I was too much of a wimp before.
I still don't do it around my mom or important people.
But my sister and my friends aren't shielded from it.

What do you think about people who curse a lot?
Nothing. It doesn't matter to me.
It's just something they do, like some people bite their nails.

March 21st, 2010, 11:07 AM
I curse a lot, if not too much. I started at around age 11 maybe? I picked them up from my friends, and it just became a habit. I curse anywhere, EXCEPT for at home. I don't think mom and dad ever heard me curse except for the occasional "Shut up" or "stupid".

As for others... friends, I have no problem with, but adults... I get a bit annoyed when they say stuff like *Fudge you!* in the middle of the street. : /

March 21st, 2010, 11:25 AM
I used to not swear, not ever. I can't remember when that changed, but it was because people around me used curses and I sort of adopted them into my vocabulary. The older I get the more I swear and the less I care. Not that every other words out of my mouth in an f-bomb, but when I get flustered or upset they just pop out without my really intending to use them.

March 21st, 2010, 11:42 AM
I started cursing when I was in 7th grade lol xD I do it often when I'm mad.

March 21st, 2010, 12:32 PM
I swear all the time, and I don't give a frik frak about it. I've tried to stop, but in times like these where I'm constantly pissed, I'll swear up a storm. You can ask Ray and Klippy. C: It doesn't stop. And I do have a better vocabulary. Just cause I swear a lot doesn't mean I don't know any better words. I'd just rather not use them since, honestly, who would know what they mean anyway? You'd just get stared at awkwardly. I had enough of that in elementary school. Oh well.

I also talk about genitals.

March 21st, 2010, 2:44 PM
What can I say? I'm a foulmouthed kid.

So yes, I do swear alot. I can't help it, man. T^T

Gary, the Magic Fairy
March 21st, 2010, 2:49 PM
I curse... All. The. Time.

Around pretty much anyone. Though I do try to limit myself around some people.

March 21st, 2010, 5:37 PM
Hell yeah! >:D /wanted to F--- yeah

But I only go cuss-crazy around my friends and my step-dad. Certain cuss words around my mom. XD;

March 21st, 2010, 6:53 PM
I'm technically not allowed to cuss in front of my family. Though when it does slip out they can't say anything because they cuss in every sentence.

But I do cuss with friends all the time. Sometimes online. >:D

March 21st, 2010, 8:22 PM
I curse whenever I'm not at home.

March 21st, 2010, 8:39 PM
Hahaha.. >__>

I curse more than I should, especially when I play videogames, or MMOs. -rage gamer-

Oddly enough, I curse less online then I do in real life, and I'm more polite on here. Although offline or online causes, I try not to curse at all around other people. There are times when I don't care, and I'll curse up a storm when talking to close friends, but yeah. Whenever I start to let something slip, whether it's on the phone with someone or over IM, and I stop and re-think my wording. n n;

Although, a few days ago I was in the shower, which is attached to my mom's bedroom, and I said fairly loudly "Goddarnit I dropped the effing soap!" >_> Only with words that were worse than that, and I got weird looks from my mom later on.

March 21st, 2010, 8:59 PM
I try not to say anything classified as above G-rated as a general rule, but my in my head the f-bomb goes off all too often. I haven't really slipped up yet, but I'm trying to scrub out my skull a bit just in case. I'm not going to complain if you do, but still...

When did you start cursing?- Ages ago, back in like third grade, my cousins and I were playing some fighting game. I admit, it was pretty sweet. I won with some black dude and his victory line was "It's b----in'!" I repeated it and got silenced by the two of them, because I was about to walk in on my sweet old grandparents. In the same vein, my grandfather walked in on me and a different cousin watching Tenchi Muyo. Of course, it was a bathhouse scene... >.<

What do you think about people who curse a lot?- I think using them is generally stupid. People hiding behind words marked with a social taboo, or just showing off a big ball of apathy. It's very common nowadays, and lot's of people don't even give a second thought about saying them or don't take it seriously, but it's still disrespectful in my mind.

And yet, there's a little part of me that says that, in some cases, there's no better adjective than "badass".

March 21st, 2010, 9:42 PM
I started cursing back in highschool when I picked it up from other people around me >_<. I'm trying to stop myself from doing it now but it has become such a habit that I find myself saying it and not realizing.

March 21st, 2010, 9:44 PM
I swear all the time, except when my parents or other adults are around.

Elite Overlord LeSabre™
March 22nd, 2010, 12:22 PM
I swear quite frequently, though I do it less when the parents are around, and curb it entirely when I'm with my super-ultra religious friends.

March 22nd, 2010, 4:00 PM
Silently yes but there are people who would pay to hear me cuss

March 22nd, 2010, 4:09 PM
I do curse!!! ESPECIALLY in my head. I don't curse irl for some reason, probably cause I'm conscious about it. And I just feel weird cursing irl. o_o But when I'm on the internet, it's only sometimes, depending who I'm around and if they curse too. When I'm complaining or angry or talking to someone who also curses, I go all out.. ROFL

March 22nd, 2010, 5:32 PM
I'm a natural born curser. I'm from New York. It's what we do(my family at least).

When did you first start cursing?- My frist curse word was in 1st grade...I said s*** XP But then I didn't actually start cursing in like converstations or whatever until I was like, 12.

What do I think about people who curse a lot?- They are trying to get attention or show off. It's annoying.

Captain Riolu
March 22nd, 2010, 5:41 PM
Like a sailor!

I have a bad habit of a dirty mouth. Needs Orbit gum daily XD