View Full Version : Are you allowed to stay off school on your Birthday ?

November 3rd, 2012, 4:44 AM
Are you allowed to stay home from school on your birthday ?

I am not allowed to stay home on my birthday if it's on a weekday because my Mum/step dad don't think it's a good reason for me to stay home. My Step sister's is in the Summer holidays so no school for her.

November 3rd, 2012, 4:47 AM
My birthday isn't during school - it's in the middle of the summer. However, honestly, I think I'd have just done whatever I felt like doing on the day. My going to school was never exactly enforced.

November 3rd, 2012, 5:22 AM
Are you allowed to stay home from school on your birthday ?
i never asked my parents if i can have holiday on bday bcuz i always go school on bday!! bdays are fun and all my friends will be mad at me if i won't go to scul on my bday bcuz they get chocolates xD XD

Patchisou Yutohru
November 3rd, 2012, 6:31 AM
I'm 20. So if I want to stay home from school on my birthday, I will.

Before I graduated high school, I went to school on my birthday. It never really crossed my mind to stay home because of it.

November 3rd, 2012, 7:47 AM
Once my mom pulled me out of school early on my birthday. But I've never skipped the whole day entirely, except that one time, when there was a snow day haha.

November 3rd, 2012, 7:59 AM
Generally my parents do prohibit me from staying off on my birthday during school for obvious reasons.. however my 18th birthday coming up in January just so happens to be on a federal holiday that is observed by my local school district as a day off. :D

Overlord Drakow
November 3rd, 2012, 8:10 AM
My birthday is during the Easter break so yeah.

November 3rd, 2012, 8:39 AM
My birthday is at the ninth of January, so I don't think so. And my parents really don't let me stay home, they're very strict.

Shiny Celebi
November 3rd, 2012, 8:43 AM
No my parents always made me go to school on my birthday, yeah I didnt get many breaks.

Ven Bloodia
November 3rd, 2012, 9:29 AM
When I was younger sure, nowadays I ****ing wish.

o Pikachu o
November 3rd, 2012, 10:41 AM
I always get to stay off school because my birthday : November 11 is a Canadian public holiday. Also if November 11 is on a day like Wednesday we get Thursday and Friday off too :D

November 3rd, 2012, 10:59 AM
I'm not allowed to stay home from school unless I'm really really sick.
Recently I've had trouble in school, so they say I must get as many hours of school in as possible.

Hell, I have to run the mile on my birthday, too. I dunno if anyone else's school does this, but our school makes us run four miles throughout the week. I mean, come on, if I didn't sign up to run miles, I don't want to have to.

I wish my parents let me stay home. After all, school is a drag.

November 3rd, 2012, 11:09 AM
well,i used to take days off whenever i want till i get a warning i go to school and start my evil work...and keep taking days off again...man,those were just the days! :3

November 3rd, 2012, 11:24 AM
Mine's 3 days before Christmas, so I never had to worry about it. lol

November 3rd, 2012, 11:32 AM
My birthday is usually around the first day of school so sometimes I get lucky but not always >8(

November 3rd, 2012, 12:00 PM
Eh, never really thought about staying home on my birthday, but I don't think I'd actually want to. I mean, where's the fun in that, it's not like everyone else would have the day off. I have often stayed home on my birthday due to being sick though, and the last few ones fell on a weekend, so I'm perfectly fine with it :p

November 3rd, 2012, 1:02 PM
I'm in college and get to make my own decisions, but I usually do want to stay home on my birthday since I'd rather relax at home than go to school. But life isn't that convenient so I've been going these last few years. Luckily my next birthday falls on a Saturday. :3

November 3rd, 2012, 1:07 PM
How perfect I spotted this thread, since my birthday is Monday!

But anyway, in high school, I always had off from school on my birthday because it was teachers convention. In college, I haven't had the opportunity to decide yet. Last year it was on a Sunday, and this year I have off because of the hurricane damage to my college.

When I actually get the opportunity to decide for myself, I'll most likely stay home :3

November 3rd, 2012, 1:27 PM
My birthday is always on a long weekend/national holiday, sooooooooooo yeah, I stay home or go out regardless.

November 3rd, 2012, 1:37 PM
The only time I've ever missed school for something that wasn't important, was Chinese New Years. My parents always made us go to school, even if we were sick. My high school attendance was pretty much perfect besides the times I would be late to classes because I was walking with friends.

November 3rd, 2012, 1:39 PM
My birthday falls on what is considered a public holiday in the part of Australia I live in so yes, I do stay home on my birthday (even though I don't go to school anymore).

November 3rd, 2012, 1:39 PM
My birthday is at the ninth of January, so I don't think so. And my parents really don't let me stay home, they're very strict.

Well... answers exactly what I was going to say, same birthday and all. Only once when I had school did I stay home on my birthday, and that's because I had the flu.

November 3rd, 2012, 2:15 PM
Don't you think it's better to go to school and celebrate your birthday with your friends than staying home? Not so sure about people in college and university though, but for a person at a young age, I think going to school on your birthday would be more ideal.

Mine is during the summer anyways, so no need to go to school regardless.

November 3rd, 2012, 2:36 PM
As I post this, It is actually my birthday today... and it falls on a Sunday... so no classes... :3

But it really depends since usually, November 5 is where we go back to school after our sem break... So... it is usually no classes yet... :3

November 3rd, 2012, 2:50 PM
...people stay home for their birthdays?

For school, I would've never thought about asking about it. My parents would've said no. As for now, one of the exciting things about working a job is that I can ask for it off. I've only worked one birthday of the four I've had at my job thus far. 8)

November 4th, 2012, 2:34 AM
I've never really asked my parents that. Most of my birthdays fall on school days, but I still go to school. It's a lot more fun with my classmates than just staying home, waiting for my parents to get home from work.

Kikaito plush
November 4th, 2012, 4:14 AM
As I was growing up my Birthday/B'day always was on the first day after the summer holidays and was never allowed too stay home. I will let my daughter stay off school on her Birthday though.

November 4th, 2012, 9:57 AM
I'm 20. So if I want to stay home from school on my birthday, I will.

Exactly how I feel. On my birthday this year I skipped 2 of my 3 classes. In high school my mother gave me the option usually but as I got older I got less likely to take her up on it because getting the stuff you missed in school is a serious pain and I didn't like skipping school because of dealing with the day after.

November 4th, 2012, 1:03 PM
In the past I was only able to skip school if it happened to land on Memorial's Day because you had school off anyways. So with that said, unless school wasn't already off then no, I wasn't able to go. The past few years I didn't have school on my birthday anyways so it hasn't mattered.

November 4th, 2012, 1:35 PM
I'm not in school right now so on my last birthday I was home. Apart from that I have never stay home from school on my birthday. When I finally get into college I might do it once or twice.

November 4th, 2012, 2:00 PM
Often my parents were willing to let it go when I was younger. Come High School though I didn't even want the day off because one day behind would mean having to play catch-up. Never really was worth it.

November 4th, 2012, 2:25 PM
I work full time and I went into work for my birthday.. but even when I was at school I went in. Figured.. why not? Get to see my friends!

November 4th, 2012, 2:29 PM
I'm not living at home so it's not really a case of asking for permission, but when I was at home I never wanted to skip school anyway, even if it was my birthday. Catching up with missed work was always a huge pain and if I went into school I could spend the day with my friends, so it was the better choice for me. I can understand why people would want to skip school on their birthday, but it doesn't appeal to me personally :3

Ice Car
November 4th, 2012, 3:02 PM
When I was younger, sometimes, but my parents were good enough to not allow me to stay home unless I was really sick. Good parents, would always see through my lies and excuses for staying home from school. I complained about going to school on my Birthday as did a lot of other children, I'm sure. Right? Right?

November 4th, 2012, 3:09 PM
My birthday is on a monday this year (November 19th), and I only have one class that day, so it'd probably be pointless to go. But the downside is that I think I have a project due that day so I can't afford to skip D:

In terms of staying home during birthdays in general, I don't at all. I wouldn't want to be bored at home during my birthday, where I can spend the day with my friends! :D

November 4th, 2012, 3:25 PM
I don't think I've ever gone to school on my birthday. Inconvenient to do something I don't find enjoyable on a day I should be enjoying.

November 4th, 2012, 4:22 PM
Most years my birthday is on a Teacher Work Day, so no school for me. But if I do have school I would go for it, because it feels nice seeing your friends (and sometimes strangers) saying happy birthday to me.

(My birthday is on Election Day this year! Haha.)

Shining Raichu
November 5th, 2012, 4:17 AM
I was never allowed to stay home from school for my birthday, nor would I ever have wanted to! Your birthday is the best day to go to school, you get all the attention and stuff!

November 5th, 2012, 10:40 PM
I never really stayed home just for my birthday, I don't think. When I was younger, my parents would sometimes schedule a doctor or dentist appointment on my birthday and I'd get to take the rest of the day off which was great. Otherwise, I really liked going to school on my birthday! It's nice being able to share it with friends and most schools I went to would sing happy birthday or broadcast the day's birthdays over the PA during the morning announcements. You always felt extra special. :3

In high school it didn't matter as much so I don't remember anything specific there. In university, my birthday falls right near the end of the exam period and I've often had an exam either the day of my birthday or the day after so no time to relax and no classes to really skip anyway. :/

November 6th, 2012, 3:38 AM
Nope. I rather stay at school on my birthdays at the moment...(and they wouldn't consider a birthday for an excuse so that I can have a break...) 'cause I'm still living in an apartment...

November 6th, 2012, 3:50 AM
No. My birthday and school didn't relate to each other. I had no reason not to attend school on my birthday. It may be my special day, but it wasn't too special a day where I was allowed to skip school. -> Plus, I got to celebrate my birthday in school with my classmates. That was the best bit. <- If I skipped school, I wouldn't have anyone but my family to celebrate it with. That would be quite sad and dull for a school kid, wouldn't it?

November 6th, 2012, 7:10 PM
My birthday was often on Spring Break. If it wasn't, I tried using it as an excuse anyway. Didn't work.

Now that I'm out of school, I plan on taking my birthday off from work every year. As I don't drink, the day after will be back to work, even as I'm exhausted. That's life.

November 6th, 2012, 7:24 PM
Psh my birthday is in June so I dont need to worry about that. :3

But if it wernt I'd probobably have to go to school anyway, unfortunately

November 6th, 2012, 10:58 PM
My birthday falls in Mid December, but my parents never let me stay home for any reason (unless I was sick or had a doctor's appointment). Once every 7 years my birthday was on Friday the 13th so I had a chance to brag about it to friends and anyone I recognized.

November 8th, 2012, 8:21 PM
Realistically you need to go to school, but a lot of people blow off school because they think since it is their birthday they have a right to miss school. It is solely the student and their parents choice if one can stay home from school. It is always nice to have a day away from school, but friends give you goodies there too so why miss it?

If your birthday does not land on a school day then fantastic for you!

November 8th, 2012, 11:47 PM
This never happened to me when I was at school, much as I wished it did: it was my birthday, but it was the same as any other day of the week, and I was going to school, and that was that. I didn't get a choice until I went to University, and by that point I didn't much care either way, so I ended up going in anyway...although last year I did skip the day because I honestly didn't feel like going in. But my mother would have sooner let me dye my hair a neon pink before letting me skip school on my birthday.

Twilight Sky
November 9th, 2012, 10:47 AM
I don't think I would even want to. Staying at home is kind boring, I'd rather be at school celebrating my birthday. XD

November 9th, 2012, 11:25 AM
My birthday never falls on a holiday, so I only take a day off school on my birthday if it's the weekend!