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I noticed that despite being updated recently, the starting post is missing quite a few older modifications.
Here is a list of them:

Change the limbo slots' hardcoded Unown cry
Removing Badge Checks for HMs
"Move Pokémon" as first PSS option [EM]
Full National Dex [EM]
Gen. 8 Synchronize [EM]
Set Trainer's Levels Dynamically POKEEMERALD
Set Wild Pokémon's Levels Dynamically POKEEEMERALD 1
Set Wild Pokémon's Levels Dynamically POKEEEMERALD 2
Remove Pokemon Data Encryption [Pokeemerald]
Move Item [EM]
(POKEEMERALD) Set a Trainer's Pokémon's abilities
Make eggs hatch at level 1 instead of 5
Allow specifying multi-choice options in scripts (Pokeemerald)
Always inherit nature when holding an Everstone
Destiny Knot IV Inheritance Implementation
[Pokeemerald] Saveblock Cleansing
Change the title screen music [EM]
[Pokeemerald] Snow Weather Fix
Fixing Battle Factory opponent IV Glitch
Preserve Trainer Party Order
Headbutt tree for Pokeemerald
[Pokeemerald] Rock Climb
[PokeEmerald] Grindrunning For Easier Diagonal Movement
[Pokeemerald] Give Custom Mon
Pokemerald: Change bag sound with the ones from FR
[Pokeemerald] Repeated Field Medicine Use
Make reusable TMs unsellable
Obtain exp. points per catch [EM/FR]
[Emerald] Move camera to a coordinates and return camera to the player specials
Use variables with setmonmove
Flying Taxis
[PokeEmerald] Improving Switching AI
[PokeEmerald] Improving Switching AI #2
[Pokeemerald] Delete save file
Make text speed-up like holding the A/B buttons automatically
Make text autoscroll
[PokeEmerald] Improving the Pace of Battles
[Pokeemerald] Hidden Power type in summary screen
Make the game read the dynamic type of Hidden Power in battles (Em)
[Pokeemerald] Have the game display Hidden Power's true base power (for pre - Gen VI power calculations)
[Pokéemerald] - Register pokémon you battle at the Battle Frontier in the Pokédex
[Pokeemerald] Improved scrolling options menu with instant text, HP and EXP bar speeds and a metric unit option!
[Pokeemerald] Changing encounter groups with map scripts
[Pokefirered] Bag Sort Ported
[Pokefirered] Snow Weather fix ported
[Pokefirered] Auto-Run Ported
[pokefirered] Skip Controls Intro, First Battle Tutorial, Viridian Old Man, Flashbacks
[pokefirered] Remove redundant move grammar tables
[Pokefirered] Money Limit Ported
Adding the Fairy Type (Em)
[Pokeemerald] Auto-read signposts
Uniquely Shuffle Arrays
[Pokéfirered] Remove FRLG item use animation screen
Custom Battle Music Via Scripting (Emerald / Firered)
Implement a metatile behavior for Feebas encounters (Emerald)
[Pokeemerald]Spawn an invisible Player
Prevent Map Fade With A Flag (Emerald)
Curve low-leveled wild Pokemon (PokeEmerald)
Wonder Trade (Em)
Evolution moves (FR)
[pokeemerald] Feed any number of pokéblocks
Preset Playable Character Name (Em)
[Pokeemerald] Remove warp's fadescreen effect
[Pokeemerald] Flag to force Shiny Pokemon
Global Field Tints (Em)
Emerald Style Gender Select Intro, in FireRed
[Pokeemerald] Fix critical bug with wild land Pokemon encounter ratio
[Pokeemerald] Only change nicknames of self caught mons!
[Pokeemerald] TM Case ported from FR and custom one!
[Pokeemerald] Register items in a list menu!
Gender-based Field Textboxes [Em]
HM Items [EM]
[pokefirered] Native Real-Time Clock
[pokeemerald] Increase Text Speed Beyond Fast
Headbutt in the overworld [Em]
[Emerald] Let the player continue after losing a battle
[EM] Allow player to change direction while moving
[EM] Adding Footprints
Force load offscreen object events with a flag [Em]
Create Pokémon with Three Perfect IVs (Emerald)
Faster Soft Resets (Emerald)
[pokeemerald] Inherit moves from both parents
[Pokeemerald] Use Fly/Flash from party menu if Pokémon is compatible
Swap party screen slots using Select [Em]
BudgetNav [FR]
[Pokeemerald] Earn battle points from trainer battles (with a variable)
Get an event object's facing direction in an overworld script [Em]
[Pokeemerald] UI Helper
pokeemerald: Perfect IVs while breeding
Wrong Save Type Error Screen (Emerald)
Restoring the Shred Split Battle Transition [Em]
Remove Map Popups On Maps With The Same Map Section (Emerald)
Resume Game After Whiting Out (Scripted Loss) (Emerald)
[pokeemerald] Day/Night encounters
[Firered] Remove the Low Health Beep
Randomizing the Player's party's moves [Em]
Shortcut to run quickly from wild battles [Em]
[pokefirered] Upper To Lowercase Swap When Naming
Special that lets the Player choose an item from the bag [Em]
Mid-battle Evolutions (Emerald)
Item field effect functions to increase/decrease Individual Values [Em]
Move Relearner as an option in the Pokémon Party Screen (Emerald)
[Pokeemerald] Simplistic Battle Intro
[Pokeemerald] Better Reflection System
[Pokeemerald] Change the Clock Time
[pokeemerald] Power item and Destiny Knot breeding
Text shortcut to print a Pokémon's nickname [Em]
Smogon Stats [EM]
Multichoice2 - Improved Multichoice Command (Emerald)
Start menu Page turning
Increase bag item capacity(em)
Physical Special Split Icons In Battle (Emerald)
[PokeEmerald] Add a New Wallpaper to the Pokemon Storage Box
[PokeEmerald] Remove the "Green Flash" screen of the opening's background when the pokemon logo appears
[Pokefirered] IV Rankings On the Summary Screen
[Pokefirered] Nature Coloured Stats
Useful Scripting Specials[Pokeemerald] + [Pokefirered]
Prevent Roamers From Fleeing (Emerald / Firered)
Make Poké Balls usable outside of battles [Em]
Scroll Start Menu(Em)
[PokeEmerald] Recover the R-button's Letter changing function of the naming screen.
[pokeemerald] Running speed by default
[PokeEmerald] Enable the Opponent Trainers to throw Pokeball instead of dropping it directly to the battlefield.
Scripted Evolution (Emerald)
[PokeEmerald] Make the Edit of the "Copyright Text" and "THE END" screen in ending credits directly done by tilemap tools.

FIX/UPDATE TO: Move Item & Surfboard
FIX/UPDATE TO: New Movement Actions
FIX/UPDATE TO: Surfboard
FIX/UPDATE TO: Showing IVs/EVs in Summary Screen

Update: Now contains modifications up to page 17