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Originally Posted by zel View Post
By the way, I think I'll show one of the surprises I'm gonna be implementing for the next Beta...

Do you wanna guess?... No... Not... That's not it... Not at all... Wrong!

What is it? It's the Trick House!

Yes, the Trick House from RSE was one of my favorite locations in RSE, because of the puzzles they used. So now, it is time for me to give you a whole set of new puzzles considering we are now in Johto, and stuff changed. So, just like the trick house in RSE, the puzzles will be varying as you defeat Johto (and Kanto :D) Gyms!

Oh, by the way, that thing right next to the building is one of the many Phone Booths you'll see across the game (I said I was gonna talk about those things later, more specifically once I start to implement their script, so I can show you how they work)

Peace! (And this time... I really meant it )
Wow! that's a great idea! I would never have guessed that...

BTW I think people using old save should not be able to post glitches, because of the all the messed up stuff they get in the process. But it's your decision Zel.

All of the other ShinyGold banners

I did not make these, but if you want to use them pm me and I'll give you the code.
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