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    Well, it makes it's return!

    Pokemon: Secrets and Rumors
    The way WE PRETENDED it was supposed to be.

    Pokémon Silver Version

    Before we get started, lets start off with an anecdote of sorts. We can remember countless hours when we were in elementary school on the computer, at a friend's house, or in the library when we could play games, or on those old Maxpages sites reading up about Pikablu and all the other nonsense. It seems rediculous now, all those things we used to believe back then yet now we all know were just things everyone else made up. If I had a nickel for every time I tried to flip the truck over or get a Pikablue from the guy on top of Cinnibar Gym, I would be a very wealthy man right now.

    This hack takes place in Kanto 3 years before Pokemon Gold and Silver. Now that has you thinking, "wait just a minute. Red/Blue/Yellow took place in Kanto 3 years before Gold and Silver!" Well, you would be right! You see, what Pokemon: Secrets and Rumours is, is essentially Red version, the way we all pretended it was supposed to be, but with a twist. While it is essentially a "Red Remake" of sorts, it will not just be the same old story as before. We've already had Red and Fire Red, we dont need the exact same thing a third time now do we? Our name is SKEETENDO, not NINTENDO afterall, haha. It will be very similar to the classic Red Story so you will be familiar with it, but it will be a fresh take on it, and this is apparent before you even leave Pallet Town. Also the biggest thing will also be all the major Rumors that people made up and believed, from Pikablu to Brick Town, will be fully implemented in the game, as close to the nonsense as you can get.

    In a way, everything!

    - Practically every event (and EVERY major event) has been completely re-scripted from scratch.
    - New Items.
    - New Pokemon.
    - A few Johto Pokemon included in rumored ways.
    - New Region after Kanto. (Not any region seen before)
    - New TM/HM list like RBY but different.
    - New Team in the New Region. (Still TR in Kanto, it has to be authentic doesnt it?)
    - New features to be explained later(Can't give it all away now can we?)
    - New areas to explore in Kanto.

    - The original Kanto Gym leaders.
    - Everything you knew and loved from the games that started it all.
    - Cameo appearances by characters from other Pokemon Games.
    - Things you may have seen before but forgot you have.

    See Attatchment
    Patch to a clean Silver Rom

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