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    <:..:Hack name:..:>
    Pokémon Thunder Emblem

    <:..:Hack of:..:>

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    -Don't keep asking questions that already have been posted or answerd (like bug's)
    -DON'T ASK FOR BETA'S just be patient

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    Hello my name is Mitchel1 you may also know me as the maker of Pokemon Dark Cry and Pokemon Gengar's revenge. And now I'm presenting My new hack, Pokémon Thunder Emblem.
    With surprising new events,maps and scripts.I have more time to hack because I have spring break :) And the homework from my school has been decreased so I have even more time to work on my hack!.. ENJOY MY NEW HACK ;)

    After you have beaten the E4 you'd enough of POKéMON and you promised yourself to never take a step in the world of POKéMON again.
    But then you heard on the news that they found new POKéMONs outside the Sinnoh Region!

    But in the mean time the three emblem were active, the Fire Emblem the Aura Emblem and the Thunder Emblem. Because of this the three ledgendary dogs: Entei, Suicune and Raikou
    has awaked. Team Rocket are hunting the three emblems to control the three dogs. But the haven't had much sucess because the only emblem the have found was the Thunder Emblem. So Prof. Oak asked you to start your journey again,
    to stop Team Rocket and to retrive the thunder emblem and the other two emblems. before Team Rocket control the powerful POKéMON: RAIKOU!

    So you decided to start a new journey with another POKéMON. Not Bulbasaur or Charmander or Squirtle.You start with a Pikachu! And you start your journey with new Gymleaders, New POKéMON and new Maps!

    -Catch Munchlax in the beginning it will help you further in the game.
    -Stuck in Willsum city? Defeat first the team rocket grunts in Regran Valley after that you're able to defeat the team rocket grunt at Willsum City.
    -How to beat rotom? It's not that easy I know that. To defeat Rotom, you must train your pikachu to lvl.14-15 and buy a lot of potions and always use ThunderShock. it doesn't have alot of effect but it's one of the ways to defeat it, another way is to catch a Delibird in IcyWind cave.
    -How do i get my pokeballs?!, well it's easy, just go to reborn plains and there prof. oak will handel over the pokedex and pokeballs.

    <:..:one off Pokemon/Legendary Pokemon:..:>

    You'll get your pikachu at the beginning from Prof. Oak in Regran Valley.
    after you've recieved pikachu, you must know you can't catch pikachu in the wild.
    Train your pikachu well, because at the end it'll learn Volt Tackle and other strong attacks.
    You'll get your Pikachu at lvl.5


    Munchlax is hiding at Regran Valley, it's trapped by team rocket, who are trying to wake it up with a Poke Flute.
    A team rocket grunt will walk up to you and the battle begins. This grunt has a lvl. 7 Ekans so prepare.
    After the battle you able to catch Munchlax. Prepare yourself it's on lvl.7


    Bonsly could only been found at Black forest. You'll see Bonly in a deep sleep
    and the only way to wake up Bonsly, is to use Special Water.
    Beware, it'll be at lvl.30


    Tropius can onl be caught in one place... The Tropical Zone
    Here it will be at the Tropius Contest. Here you'll be able to catch a Tropius
    but first you must find it, it's not that hard you see it standing behind a tree talk to it and the battle begins.
    Prepare, it'll be on lvl.15

    Shiny Magikarp:

    Shiny magikarp can be found at Frozen pond on the easy way. but it's not that simple.
    Before you're able to catch it, you must first battle team rocket's: ''Jesse and James'' this will be a hard battle so train your pokemon well.
    After you battle them you're able to pass on this frozen pond. You'll see a golden magikarp and two other magikarps (normal)
    The golden magikarp is very special and can only found here. Prepare it'll be on lvl.20


    Lucario can only been found at Iron Mountain and is extreemly rare. He'll be in a secret spot somewhere deep in the mountain.
    Train your pokemon well, because there are strong wild pokemon and trainers.
    After you've found Lucario he'll battle you
    Prepare it'll be on lvl.34.


    Raikou is a strong pokemon and only can found at Thunder Valley, To catch Raikou you must first finish the 7th gym. Then you're able to go further in Thunder Valley. If you going to enter the Thunder Valley, there will be Giovanni and some other team rocket members. The are going to wake up Raikou with the Thunder Emblem, after Raikou woke up, Team Rocket didn't have the control of Raikou so he brought a time of Thunder and rain. Giovanni still trying to control it but without any succes. after you saw this you're going to battle Giovanni to control, defeat or catch Raikou.
    Prepare your self Giovanni has different types of pokemon so he doesn't have a weakness. after you have beaten Giovanni your are able to go, to Raikou. Now the battle will start. Prepare your self it'll be on lvl. 48

    ~Only after E4~

    Entei can only been found at Molten Cave.
    The first time if you there you'll not see entei, only after the E4 he'll standing there. If entei is not on his place after you've beat the E4. then you have possible not meet him, to fight with Entei you must first find it at a secret spot that could be everywhere like example: Caves, Routes, towns
    the first time you'll see Entei it'll flee and left the Fire Emblem.
    With the fire Emblem you are able to wake up Entei and battle it!
    Beware, it'll be at lvl.60


    Suicune can only been found at IcyAura cave.
    the first time if you there you'll not see Suicune, only after the E4 he'll be standing there. If Suicune is not in his place after you've beat the E4. then you have possibly not meet him, to fight with Suicune you must first find it at a secret spot that could be everywhere like example: Caves, Routes, towns.
    The first time you'll see Suicune it'll flee and left the Aura Emblem.
    with the aura Emblem you are able to wake up Suicune and battle it!
    Beware, it'll be at lvl.60




    (this only can onl be caught if you've beat the E4 and found the previous statues)

    Celebi could only been caught and found at Time Forrest (Past).
    But to come there you must find the other two statue's that will bring you to the past.
    First one: Violet city
    Location to find the statue: Tropical Valley
    Mission: Beat Falkner

    Second one: New Bark Town
    Location to find statue: ???
    Mission: Meet and Beat Silver and stop Team Rocket.
    Reward: You're avaible to choose a G/S/C starter

    Third one: Time Forrest (Past)
    Location to find statue: Time Forrest
    Mission: Talk to the altaar and Celebi will fly to you and the battle will begin!

    Beware, Celebi will be on lvl.30

    Event Pokémon: (You don't need items from Nintendo):






    *New hero/heroine: (Ash/Dawn)
    *New and beter scripts
    *Fake town's
    *Fake routes
    *Harder then Fire Red
    *Other story
    *New tiles
    *New palletes
    *New gymleaders
    *New pokemon from Sinnoh (4th grade)
    *Back to the past
    *Poke ride
    *And a lot more ^^


    <:..:Hacking Team:..:>
    Mitchel1 (me):Leader,Mapping,scripting,Overworld maker,Sprite maker, Tile inserter, tile maker etc.
    Zeikku SSJ7 and Metagross: Tilemap inserter/maker (example: New textbox, Dawn intro sprite, world map, titelscreen ect.)
    Zuaro: OW maker
    ¿TB Pro™: Grammar fixer
    JvG: Helps me sometimes out, when I need help with something in my hack
    Mac_Mini Scripting

    Green Charizard and PHO: For the rom base
    moebius: for the Ash OW
    WAH/Xiros: for the new D/P tree
    Elitemap: for that Dr.willy sprite (battle)
    WAH/Cloud: for the new heroine
    Sergio--:for the jesse OW + sprite (battle)(recoluored by me) + for the palmtree tile
    WAH/Pey: For the D/p traps/waterrock and other tiles
    kyledove: For the new D/P house (Big and small)\ Wooden house, Battle grounds and other tiles and the new pallet
    Don Patch: Water plants tiles, and other tiles
    Gary93: For the D/P gym tile
    Drevilg: For the jessie and james battle sprite (dubbel) + Celebi statue OW
    The people of Pokémon Platinum (G/S/C): for the Falkner OW + Unown tomb tiles
    Zel: for the blue sign tile/devamp world map tiles and some other tiles
    Alexmad: Some tiles/some pallets
    Thethethethe: For the titelscreen BG
    Balladofwindfishes: for the new Hero backsprite.
    NeoS: For the silver path tile
    Buizel 9: css layout

    First Jesse&James meeting:
    First Prof. Zeno meeting:
    The return to the past event:
    Unown tomb:
    Team Rocket script + shiny magikarp battle:


    made by Ryantjaa

    made by DarkCharizard257

    made by Zuaro

    Made by vinniej

    Made by ZapMolCuno

    <:..:Bug's/glitches list:..:>
    Beta 1.0
    If you leave Willsum city you'll see that a man/woman/thing... waiting for you by the water... DON'T TALK TO IT!!!! it'll freeze your game.
    -Don't fall trough the ice in the Icy Wind cave You'll come in a Glitch World...
    -In Kiioro city pokecentre do not speak with the woman who asks for your profile. if you gave her the answer the one that's there already (I'm a pokemon friend) if you do this on any questions, you'll lost control of your character. you coud only control the camera not the player.
    -Do not open your trainer card or any other options in start if you're in the lab of prof. oak, if you can't move your character any longer.
    -no bug's further.
    New glitch has been spotted in beta 1.0, you could try it out but i'm not responsible that you can't leave!
    The glitch You must begin here. You don't have to go to the past first! Walk now 1 step down Open now your trainer card. Close your trainer card. Do nothing further. Now you can look down, left and right. If you done with that, 'scroll' back to your sprite ,and walk up. And you're in! Have fun in Tropical Zone (Beware, there is possible no way back! and the map got many map bugs and the pokemons are at a high lvl. so just try this if you're done with beta 1.0, or not :P)
    Still have to make: -The OW from the hero/heroine are not done jet (and then I meen the set in pokémon OW) if the use exemple Flash. -Sometimes some little type mistakes. (almost never) -The backsprite of dawn -The new badges are not added yet i've already tried to add it but the my whole trainer card was on that moment a glitch.... :S -The keyitem icons still must be change. -The reflection of the hero in water/ice still has his old colors :S -The inner tiles (old for the PC) in the past still must be added so you can't enter it so only what i can say... buy a lot of potions. before you challenge FALKNER ((Those things will be added/fixed in beta 2.0 (i hope)) Info (City/routes/cave/towns) who are availble: Glow Shire Village Regran Valley Orginal Cave Willsum City Reborn Plains Cold Valley Black forest Icywind Cave Kiioro City Rocket Warehouse Tropical Valley Fossil cave Violet city (past) tropical zone (unavaible.. reason I don't have the time to script the scipts there if i did script it the beta 1.0 will never be released before it's avaible in beta 2.0) Black rock cave entery (End of beta) DON'T DO THIS!: English: Hello people now short information..... Do not steal the OW's + sprites (battle) from my hack! the same is by the tiles, Do not steal the tiles (tileset(s)) + pallets! So for your safety and all people around you Do not steal the tiles(tileset(s)) + pallets!!!! Dutch: hallo mensen ff ten korte informatie.... Steels niet ongevraagt OW's + sprites (gevecht) van me hack! het zelfde geld voor de tiles.. steel niet de tiles (tileset(s)) + de pallets dus voor je veiligheid en alle mensen om je heen steel niet de tiles (tileset(s)) + pallets!!!!!
    Beta 1.0:
    Beta 2.0: Don't know at the moment

    Q: How far does beta 1.0 go?
    A: It's going to Black rock cave entery, or to say it different it has 2 gyms in it.

    Q: None of those screens are in beta 1.0! You're fakeing!
    A: No I'n not fakeing, those screens are for beta 2.0, if you want to know what kind of things beta 1.0 has, look in this topic from page 1 t/m the last page.

    Q: When beta 2.0 come's out?
    A: I'll not answer that.

    Nothing for now ;)

    Attention: Sorry if I speak not so good engels
    I'm dutch you see ;)

    Translated by Satoshi Sugimori! Fixed up by Mac_Mini ;)

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