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Yo! Here's something cool that I've made. Fire Red with a new type: Sound! It's a Special type (goes off of a Pokémon's Special Attack/Special Defense stats).

All the sound-based moves (Growl, Hyper Voice) are now of the Sound-type. Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff, Igglybuff, Whismur, Loudred and Exploud are Sound-types, and Voltorb, Electrode are Electric/Sound.

Weaknesses are: Rock, Bug, Electric
Resistances are: Fighting, Flying, Psychic
Immune to: Sound
Uneffected by: Sound
Not-very effective against: Rock, Bug
Super effective against: Fighting, Flying, Water, Psychic

Now, if someone can go about telling me how to add Physical types, things could get interesting...
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