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    A New world....
    New tiles...
    This is...
    Project Orgine!
    Can you handel the tiles?

    Rom-Base voor:

    Nieuwe functies!:
    Non-Profit Warning screen
    D/P Boot-screen
    New Pallets
    New tiles
    New hero/Heroine added
    The old Kyledove tiles with new area.


    Kyledove: OW's, tiles (wooden houses)
    Pey: Tree tile, sign
    Alistar (Don Patch): Tiles en pallet (I think you know what tiles you've made right? Because I didn't had the time write it compleet :P)
    Harakan:Non-Profit Waring screen

    Not added:
    Hero en hiroine WALKING sprites are not finished. pallet from the OW's i've already added so thats not the big problem ;)

    If you're going to use this rom-base, give credits to Mitchel1 (me). don't use it without the credits, because I CAN FIND YOU! :P

    Download avaible!
    (IPS) Download (Sendspace):