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    Allright, hello guys, I have a little problem.

    I need to transfer my Skarmory from Platinum to White but that isn't possible to do without another finished B/W copy and a 2nd DS. B/W can't communicate with 4th gen via FC's.

    So I'm looking for someone with a LOW LEVEL (below 20) MALE SKARMORY in their B/W game to give it to me. Nature and moves don't matter one bit to me. I can offer the following in return:

    In my Platinum game:
    Snorunt lvl 32
    Porygon lvl 25

    In my Pearl game:
    Drigblim lvl 28
    Shieldon lvl 20
    Aipom lvl 10
    Porygon 2 lvl 25
    Eevee lvl 16

    In Heartgold:
    Ditto lvl 10
    Shuckle lvl 26

    I also might have some nice TM's you might want. If you want two Pokémon in return that's OK, I really want that Skarmory to my White game. But keep in mind that the Pokémon I offer can't be transferred to B/W, you'll have to do that yourself with a second DS!

    So anyone with a