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    Originally Posted by EdensElite View Post
    It's kinda annoying when I get repeatedly ignored >.<

    Anyway, I downloaded Sappy but when I try and run it, I get a runtime error 339. It says Component 'vbalCbEx.ocx' is not registered; a file missing or invalid. What's going on? How do I fix it?
    Look, I'm sorry if you got ignored, but apparently no one has an answer to your question. Reformulate it, and explain it better, maybe people will be able to help you then.

    I do however have an answer to your sappy question. You probably downloaded this sappy? That sappy only works if you have a previous version of sappy installed, because it misses all the runtime files. So, to get this version to work, first install this version (version 12) from WaHack. Then download the first version I mentioned (version 15), and run that one each time you want to use sappy. You now have a working sappy for Windows 7 and Vista :D

    Originally Posted by Gamer2020 View Post

    What is going on is that the "Component 'vbalCbEx.ocx' is not registered"

    You. Should keep quite if you have nothing useful to say.

    Thank you The Blueprint !!!