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    In my Platinum-Expansion-Exclusive run (which I have restarted after two months of camp), I have finally managed to defeat my rival in Hearthome City. Stupid Wing Attacking Staravias.

    I am currently in Solaceon City looking for a Defog slave so I can get HM Strength, and for some reason Gastly can't learn it. I guess I'll need to catch a Staravia, then.

    My team is currently

    Decibel the Serious Gallade, knowing moves Confusion (Almost Psycho Cut, just one more level!), Swords Dance, Double Team, Return. Final (planned) moveset to include Psycho Cut, X-Scissor, Night Slash and Swords Dance. (Lv. 30)

    Resonate the Quirky male Yanma, knowing moves Uproar, Detect, Double Team, Quick Attack, with planned moveset Bug Buzz, Shadow Ball, AncientPower, Air Slash. (Lv. 27) (I sent him in as an egg because Gallade alone wouldn't have stopped Barry.)

    Future teammates will be a Houndoom, Mamoswine, and Tangrowth.
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