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Hi pipz... Final patch is up.
The download links are on the first post after I finish uploading them, though.
Anyway, here are a few notes to bear in mind before switching from your previous game into the new final released game...

1. Save inside your house, or (in Bad Mode)inside your evil team's base...
2. If you just started playing the game, if possible, please start a new game if you wish to play the latest version.
3. Or if you don't want to start over, just make sure that you finish the event where Ryan gives you HM Rock Smash before switching the game.

And after you switched the game, please talk to the pyramid-guide-thing. Why? 'Cause I updated some old scripts' flags so berries will hopefully grow... =/

I am in a bit of a rush, so yeah...
I hope you'll enjoy the game.

If there are problems or glitches, please don't hesitate to post it here, and if possible, with screenshots...


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