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Hi joining c: I own tonnes of shinies but these are all traded, chained or from RNG, so it's about time to get some proper ones! SS keeps telling me how great it is and that I should hunt, so here I am!

Originally Posted by Razer302 View Post
Pick a shiny for me to chain from Diamond and I will get one for the contest.
Buizel! T'was my first ever chain breed <3

So yeah, started my first hunt a week or so ago. It's not been going very fast (since I'm incredibly lazy) but I'm doing REs in Pinwheel Forest. Aiming for a shiny Sewaddle but I wouldn't be too upset if I get a more common Pokemon instead. At just over 400 REs so far (I count using PP, there's probably a quicker way of doing it but at least I can train at the same time :p) and I'm aiming to do 100 or so a day, but judging by what G-Money said, it takes roughly 8,000 REs on average to get a shiny... -cries- Best get back to it then! c:
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