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    When two minds are one... This happens... (Well, generally, I would've posted a pic here, but........ My cam's just outta battery...)

    I hired my friend to hunt for a shiny Larvesta for me while I hunted too, so that's practically increase my chances... And lo! I (he got it) was surprised to find out it hatched this morning... Everstone DIDN'T work which is why I wanna sob at seeing it's Quiet Nature... Ah well, this is the last MM for this summer that I'm doing... I'm honestly tired now and I just wanna enjoy my summer before it ends... I'll start MMing again when B/W2 arrives or when I get my first semestral break for this school year...

    *inwardly* BOOM!!! SHINY LARVESTAAAAAA!!!! (Can't think clearly at all)
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