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Attention all new users:

Hiiyaa, I'm MidnightShine, rather than calling me by my awfully long name, just call me Mid for short ;D

We're really friendly, so don't expect us to bite or anything! Don't know how to make an intro? You can ask one of us here. :)
Leaf Storm, PokeCommunity's past New Users/Welcome (NU/W) moderator said that herself!

So.... you're highly encouraged to get to know us and be a part of our community. Kinda shy? Need help with an incomplete intro? Feel free to ask anyone of us senior ones who stop by this hangout!

Oh boy, here comes my long intro, so that you get to know me better ;D
I'm 13, don't get me wrong, and I go to school for 8-10 boring hours :P

Wondering why my username is blue & italic? That's because I'm a PokeCommunity supporter, not a mod :P What's that, you ask? I recommend you pop your head in here! They're all sorts of supporter perks, depending on how much you donate. I'm a tier 5 supporter, which costed me $25.

One thing you should know about me, that I'm a MAJOR brony! If you don't like animted cartoon ponies, you better watch out cause I'll eventually pull you into the wonderful world of Equestria, I've already successfully turned a few people into bronies and pegasisters here at PokeCommunity!

I used to be a hacker. In fact, that's why I joined PokeCommunity, for the emulation and hacking talk. But along the way, I've changed! I'm no longer a shy hacker, but an extrovert! I've accomplished all sorts of things here at PokeCommunity such as ranking 2nd place in 2012's Member of the Year, becoming famous among people here at PokeCommunity and plenty more!

I'm also a competitive battler, but a noob at it XD Our Black & White mod, Forever, is one heck of a competitive battler, but she only plays NU tho.

PC's battle server is right here! Don't forget to check it out, I go by many, many names there such as AzureHorizons, +Bonnibel Bubblegum, +Black Kyuremu, Xerveltal, Shiny Xerneas, +Rainbow Dasshh & Nica Celestia there. In fact, I gave you a whole list of the names I use there XP But be warned, if you step foot in the server, things might go crazy there, but in a 'good' way!

Oh, and I despite my friendly look, I can be really stern as well. I've had bad experiences with PokeCommunity trolls & spammers. If you are a troll, spammer or can't-accept-a-no person/hacker, please do me a favor and leave me alone, it's for the best...

And there you go, my intro! Don't forget to check out my blog, a nifty feature only PokeCommunity supporters get! Wanna chat? I love chatting most of the time, feel free to VM me at my page. Just leave me a message and I'll try to reply ;D I recommend getting to know me before you send me a friend request tho :)

Anyway, I hope you have fun here at PokeCommunity~ Don't forget to contact Cirno, Cid or any staff member if you got a problem/question/inquiry regarding the forum or you could post it here!