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I have a seething hate for Wal-Mart due to the horrible way they treat their employees. I mean, I've heard horror stories about people having to work two hours' overtime WITHOUT PAY so they could avoid being full-time. I've also heard about security guards being fired because they apprehended a shoplifter and knocked away his gun when he produced it in the interrogation room (they were supposed to just let him shoot up the store for everyone's safety - I AM SERIOUS).

So really, I don't like shopping at the mega-chains. I prefer going to Amazon and researching higher-quality products which I usually buy from there. Why spend $10 on something that'll last two months when you can spend $20 on something that will last two years?

I really don't care about brand names at all. I just buy whatever is the best quality for the price. I avoid Wal-Mart like the plague, though.
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