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Originally Posted by Cosmotone8 View Post
I can understand being fascinated by them, but I don't understand how you can possibly find them more interesting than people, who actually can hold a conversation with you and speak to you. But that's just me.
Well people can be cruel to you, they can say things to you to hurt your feelings. Thats happened to me a lot in my life by many people. Animals have never done that, they never make fun of you, they dont care what kind of day you've had, they arent going to make it worse for you on purpose, and are always happy to see you. I really appreciate that I have that kind of companionship with my pets. Humans can do bad things,on purpose and they often do. I know they can do good things too, but this is my experience.

I find it hard to understand people and all the things they do its too complicated and I find I dont really identify with a lot of people and dont really think Im a lot like others.