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Platinum's finished. I had fun with this challenge, even though it was done very quickly. I didn't really have a hard time anywhere, because I guess I had pretty powerful Pokémon. I used a Pachirisu from Floaroma to Pastoria, and then I dropped it. It was never meant to stay permanently, but it found its uses all the way until Pastoria.



Diana the Togekiss, Lv 57 (♀)
Item: Splash Plate
Return, Water Pulse, Flamethrower, Air Slash

Zedd the Gallade, Lv 56 (♂)
Item: Razor Claw
Psycho Cut, Brick Break, Night Slash, Swords Dance

Lambrini the Abomasnow, Lv 55 (♂)
Item: Soft Sand
Blizzard, Earthquake, Strenght, Wood Hammer

Electra the Froslass, Lv 56 (♀)
Item: Zap Plate
Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Toxic, Shadow Ball
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