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    Well, I guess this is a good time to introduce...

    ~Trainer Request 2013 Edition~

    For those that remember in the past, I opened a competition for people to submit a trainer, and have the chance of them being inserted into the game. Well, It's time to open that up again, but for the Orange Islands.

    Last time, I asked people to choose a location and point in the game for their trainer to appear. This time, you can submit a trainer and they will be placed somewhere in the Orange Islands. The moves will be up to the AI to decide, and the levels will be determined by where I place them.

    ~How To Sign Up~
    Fill out the form below, and submit via PM like before. If my box is full, then send me an email using the contact information for bug reports on the first post.

    Trainer Name: No silly names like "DaBoss7722".
    Trainer Class: Cooltrainer, Youngster etc.
    Trainer Items: Can have a max of 4 usable items in battle.

    Trainer's Pokémon: Can have up to 6 Pokémon.

    Before Battle dialog:
    Beaten dialog:
    After Battle dialog:

    So, let the Trainer Request 2013 begin!
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