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Squirtleeee! <333 Any Squirtle is awesome. And precious. And wonderful. (b'')b

But yes, hi there Ben! If it isn't obvious yet with how I reacted to your post, my favorite Pokémon of all time is Squirtle. <3 So you get brownie points for mentioning him alone! ;D If you don't mind me asking, what Pokémon game are you playing? I assume like FireRed or something, but I don't really know, haha.

You should make an intro thread, by the way! Just read the guidelines to know what to put in it, but otherwise, it's all up to you. :D If you're ready to make it, then click me! I mean it's certainly a good way to make yourself known to the community, methinks. But yeah, I hope you're enjoying yourself so far. And keep training that Squirtle so that it becomes the best of the best okay? Good. n_n Welcome to the forums. :3