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    I have two animes of 10/10 and they are:

    a) Death Note

    I love his history because they caught me, almost every chapter was so exiting, i see that anime 3 times. I haven't seen many animes like that, thats other reason of my love for it.

    b) Samurai shamploo

    The first reason is I like the things about samurais, and even when that anime is some bloody, the fights looks cool, and the constant rivalry betwen their main characters give that anime more emotion.

    Other animes near the 10 are:

    1) Dragon Quest Dai No Bouken (Las aventuras de Fly) Sadly they no have end, so i had to see it in the manga to know the end.
    2) Full metal alchemist, because the fights and magics looks cool, and have a lot of humor
    3) Pokemon series. Mainly the first three seasons, the kanto and johto league and the orange islands (Where appear Dragonite, one of my favorite pokemon)
    4) Saint Seiya. Because was one of my first anime that I knew it, besides the fights was great, and the idea of the saint Clothes was fascinating.
    5) Inuyasha. Great design of characters, and good battles, this one is the favorite of my sister.
    6) Robotech. I love that anime because the transformation of the ships into robots.

    I think for now is all
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