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    My main 10/10s are those animes that throughout make you feel. They draw out emotions completely, whether making you cry, laugh or rage because of one reason or another. You become immersed in their worlds. Warning - some will make you shed a tear or two.

    Elfen Lied
    - The plot is incredibly dark, and you feel every bit of it.
    - Great character designs and art style.
    - Many twists to the story in only 13 episodes.
    - Gorey (for those that enjoy a more twisted anime, 18+)

    Angel Beats!
    - Excellent plot line yet again. If you don't shed a tear at the end, you're heartless.
    - Full of humor AND drama. Strongly appeals to both of those sides.
    - Plenty entertaining characters and personalities in 13 episodes.
    - Has a decent amount of action stuffed in there.

    - Similar to Angel Beats! but without the action
    - A bit more depth is provided for characters
    - Emotional ride throughout

    Death Note
    - Basically a battle between intellectuals between a killer who's trying to do justice for the world by killing off criminals and men who are trying to capture him
    - Character development is amazing
    (I actually don't know how to sell this anime. If you haven't seen it though, it's a must for any anime fan.)

    Hunter x Hunter
    I'm not even going to give this one a listed description. This anime DELIVERS. It doesn't cut off into other arcs when one is getting intense. It doesn't shy away from big moments to keep you in suspense so that by the time they get back to it, you don't even care as much. It's a bit odd in terms of character designs, but they're all unique personalities. It also starts out a bit slow but they know how to build excitement and deliver grand scenes. You can really feel the characters energy and I found myself cheering someone on for the first time and I NEVER get involved in animes. I'd suggest this 10x over.
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