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Originally Posted by Antemortem View Post
Wanda Sykes,…and Jeff Dunham.
Wanda Sykes is kinda…too "big" for me. For me, black comedians always talk about how white people are inferior (like we don't understand enough!) or have an annoying little something. But sometimes, she can be funny. Though just like other comics, I would rather not talk about Bush or the current events. Keep the jokes ageless. That's why Louis CK and such are so successful - the only time they mention current events is when it's a national event that will be remembered for a very long time (eg 9/11) or just told in a way that the situation is explained to you while it's funny (eg Lewis Black and the Janet Jackson ordeal).

And Jeff Dunham…I don't know. His characters are sorta lame, though when he does it solo without the puppets he's pretty funny.


Margaret Cho is a good one, though her style is too "LGBT-community current events" and a bit slow for the laughs.

List of my favorites:

Louis CK
Craig Fergusson
Jim Gaffigan (though his older ones are already old farts to me…)
Tom Papa
mayyybe Brian Regan
50% of the time Mitch Hedberg
reminds me, Demetri Martin.

And one other that I love but I can't remember the name of. He's like Demet-

oh right! Dan Cummins.
did u no there r 21 letters in the alphabet
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