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My favorite teacher was my 11th grade English teacher, Ms. Brown. She was sweet, kind, and funny, but my favorite thing was how she continuously complimented my writing and let me know whenever she was impressed. She ended up photocopying a lot of my work, mostly my poems. Because of this, she encouraged me to do well in all subjects when I couldn't care less about school previously. She helped spark my love of books and my insatiable thirst for knowledge.

My other favorite teachers are all ones that have made me feel better about my self. These include my 11th grade History and Nursing/Health Education teacher (who both constantly complimented my memory), my 12th grade English teacher (he also loved my writing), and my 3rd-5th grade band teacher (he thought I was great at sax, got me into some all-regional band in 5th grade, and then inspired me to keep playing throughout my years at school).

My least favorite teachers were the boring ones. The ones that did nothing but preach their curriculum. This includes my 11th grade math teacher, and my 10th grade accounting teacher. I had issues with sleeping in their classes and I did not do well. My 10th grade chemistry teacher was also boring as hell, but I loved Chemistry so I still did well. None of them tried to connect with the students, which was a huge no-no for me.
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